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funny gifts for graduation
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30+ Best Funny Gifts for Graduation For Men And Women

18 Apr 2024
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These funny graduation gifts that match their personality from Personal House are here to help you show your appreciation on this special day. Ditch the diploma frame and browse our list that are perfect for both men and women. 

Funny Graduation Gifts For Him

Kick off graduation season with uproarious laughter and memorable moments with Personal House's collection of funny grad gifts for him! Our custom gifts selection is curated based on last year's sales and feedback from customers who've gifted them to their sons and graduating boyfriends, ensuring you find the perfect blend of humor and celebration.

  • The Bestest Teacher Ever Mugs
  • Personalized mugs with the teacher's image are the best-selling unique graduation gifts for him at Personal House. With microwave-safe material, these fun graduation gifts can be his companion in daily life when teaching, working or even conquering a new level of education.

    Unique Mug As Fun Graduation Gifts
    Unique Mug As Funny Grad Gifts

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  • Math Teacher Like Normal But Cooler T-Shirts
  • If he studies as a Math teacher, what could be better than giving him a customized t-shirt from Personal House. With airy 100% cotton material, this funny customizable gift will be his stylish outfit when working. You can easily customize the image and include funny quotes on these unusual graduation gifts to congratulate him.

    Custom T-shirt As Unusual Graduation Gifts
    Custom T-shirt As Funny Graduation Gift Ideas

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  • Proud Mom Of A Graduate Sweatshirt
  • According to our last year sale statistics, customizable sweatshirts are one of the most favorite products that many parents buy as a graduation present for their beloved son from Personal House. 

    With custom images and funny quotes, he will easily feel your pride with these funny graduation gifts for guy. Moreover, this sweatshirt is pill-resistant with a Spandex ribbed collar, cuffs and waist as well as fully double-stitched.

    Customizable Sweatshirt As Funny Graduation Gifts For Guys
    Customizable Sweatshirt As Funny High School Graduation Gifts

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  • Congrats Graduates Poster
  • Include a touch of humor to his graduation celebrations with this "Congrats Graduates" blurb. Highlighting a perky plan and witty message, with these funny graduation gift ideas, it's the culminating expansion to his dorm room or domestic stylistic layout to commemorate this extraordinary turning point.

    Personalized Poster As Fun Graduation Gift Ideas
    Personalized Poster As Graduation Gag Gifts

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  • Thank You Teacher Poster
  • Another poster product that also receives attention from Personal House customers is Thank You Poster. This fun graduation gift idea shows the appreciation and pride you have for him. Thanks to its sophisticated and unique design, he can decorate any space in the house, or even fold it up and bring it to work.

    Customized Poster As Funny Graduation Gift
    Customized Poster As Hilarious Graduation Gifts

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  • Before You All Your Dreams Tumbler
  • Keep him hydrated and spurred with a personalized water bottle from Personal House - the most asked about graduation gag gifts every time it comes to this occasion. With stainless steel material and a capacity of up to 20 oz, these funny graduation gifts for guys will be the perfect product to keep drinks temperature for a long time for him. 

    Don't hesitate to quickly design a personalized gift to congratulate him on completing a journey with many dreams and love around him.

    Unique Tumbler As Funny Graduation Presents
    Unique Tumbler As Funny Gifts For Graduation

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  • I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow
  • Witty hilarious graduation gifts that still show the spirit of graduation for him? This personalized package will be a great choice for him. With soft satin material and easy zipper, this pillow will cherish his sleep and provide a soft support for him after tiring hours of studying or working.

    Custom Pillow As Graduation Funny Gifts
    Custom Pillow As Graduation Gifts Funny

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  • "Adulting for Dummies" Survival Kit
  • This kit includes essentials like a tie that doubles as a napkin, a mug that reminds him to hydrate and a booklet for those days when he just can't be an adult anymore. It's a humorous nod to the challenges of post-grad life, wrapped in a package of practicality and laughter.

  • "Master of Procrastination" Diploma
  • Celebrate his achievement in the art of last-minute assignments and late-night cram sessions with this tongue-in-cheek diploma as funny graduation gifts. Complete with a gold foil seal of approval, it's the perfect reminder of his ability to pull off the impossible under pressure, all while eliciting a chuckle.

  • "Instant Adulting" Starter Pack
  • This kit comes with a faux leather briefcase filled with essentials like a fake mustache for those important meetings, a stress ball shaped like a screaming chicken for when things get tense, and a "Wheel of Responsibility" to help him decide what to tackle first as funny grad gifts. It's a humorous take on the transition to adulthood, providing him with a dose of levity as he embarks on this new chapter.

    Funny Graduation Presents
    Funny Gifts For Graduation
  • "Survival Guide to Adulthood" Manual
  • This humorous guidebook offers hilarious yet practical advice on navigating the murky waters of adulthood, from filing taxes to mastering the art of small talk at networking events as funny graduation gifts. Complete with witty illustrations and survival tips, it's the perfect companion for any recent grad who's feeling a bit lost in the real world.

  • "Officially Certified Adult" Trophy
  • This oversized, tongue-in-cheek trophy proudly declares him as an "Officially Certified Adult" for successfully surviving four years of higher education. With a comically large golden key to symbolize the doors of opportunity now open to him, it's a hilarious reminder that while he may be growing up, he doesn't have to take himself too seriously.

    Funny Grad Gifts For Her

    So what about funny graduation presents for her? Personal House has prepared a list of the best-selling graduation gifts according to our sales report. From t-shirts to mugs and pillows, let her receive your love with unique personalized gifts. Get prepared to bring grins and giggling to her extraordinary day!

  • Funny Graduation Shirt Gift Ideas For Her
  • Always appearing in the list of products that bring the highest sales for Personal House, unique shirts will help you make your funny graduation gifts more awesome thanks to the custom design tool. With airy fabric and a special dye process of mineral wash colors, your girl is guaranteed to have a wonderful experience.

    Customizable Sweatshirt As Humorous Graduation Gifts
    Customizable Sweatshirt As Fun Graduation Gifts

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    If you want funny t-shirts for hot days, check out this item:

    Personalized T-shirt As Funny Grad Gifts

    Personalized T-shirt As Unusual Graduation Gifts

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  • Funny Graduation Mug Ideas For Women
  • The 2nd favorite product from Personal will definitely be the customizable mugs. With the ability to replace character images on the product, these funny gifts for graduation are suitable for many different activities, whether she's enjoying a cozy night in, tackling her next big project, or simply reminiscing on her academic achievements with a touch of humor and style.

    Customized Mug As Funny Graduation Gift Ideas

    Customized Mug As Fun Graduation Gift Ideas

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    Unique Mug As Graduation Gag Gifts

    Unique Mug As Funny Graduation Gift

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    And if your girl graduated with a degree in nursing, then the graduation nurse presents below is the perfect piece for your funny high school graduation gifts collection. “My daughter was very excited about this gift and often used it at work after graduation” - according to Mr. John.

    Custom Mug As Hilarious Graduation Gifts

    Custom Mug As Funny Graduation Presents

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  • Unique Doormat For Graduation Of Her
  • A customized doormat? It sounds quite strange but these are other very well-received funny graduation gifts from Personal House. With its humorous yet motivating message, it's graduation funny gifts that adds a touch of personality to her new home or apartment as she embarks on her post-graduation journey as a teacher.

    Customizable Doormat As Funny High School Graduation Gifts

    Customizable Doormat As Graduation Funny Gifts

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    Personalized Doormat As Graduation Gifts Funny

    Personalized Doormat As Humorous Graduation Gifts

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  • Teach Love Inspire Phone Case
  • Graduation time is approaching and you still don't know what special graduation gifts funny to choose, but you have to be quick. Choose the phone case product that offers scratch-proof and shockproof protection from Personal House for the teacher women.

    Our shipping service will not disappoint you. Let your beloved teacher be cheerful with these custom images of her and some hilarious messages on the phone case.

    Customized Phone Case As Fun Graduation Gifts
    Customized Phone Case As Funny Grad Gifts

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  • Nurse Real Life Heroes Tote Bag
  • If you are considering humorous graduation gifts that are affordable yet unique and support your nurse girl in life, this product is for you. The product's spaciousness and durable material will ensure a lasting experience for her.

    Unique Tote Bag As Unusual Graduation Gifts
    Unique Tote Bag As Funny Graduation Gift Ideas

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  • "Emergency Chocolate Stash" Kit
  • This kit includes a stylish tin filled with an assortment of chocolates labeled with humorous emergency scenarios like "Breakup Brownies" and "Stressful Day Truffles” as funny graduation gifts. It's a sweet and funny way to show her that you've got her back, even when life gets a little crazy.

  • "Diploma in Sarcasm" Wall Art
  • Commemorate her graduation with this humorous wall art featuring a diploma-style certificate declaring her as a "Master of Sarcasm." With witty phrases and clever illustrations, it's a fun and unique way to celebrate her sharp wit and academic achievement in the art of sarcasm.

  • "Master of Netflix and Chill" Blanket
  • Help her embrace her well-earned downtime with this cozy fleece blanket featuring a playful "Master of Netflix and Chill" design as funny grad gifts. Whether she's binge-watching her favorite shows or taking a much-needed nap, this gift is sure to keep her warm and entertained with a touch of humor.

    Cozy Fleece Blanket as Funny High School Graduation Gifts
    Cozy Fleece Blanket as Graduation Funny Gifts

    Funny Graduation Quotes to Cheer A Grad

    Get prepared to celebrate with chuckling! Dive into our collection of clever graduation quotes to cheer a grad beside funny graduation gifts. From witty jokes to funny accounts, these cites are beyond any doubt to bring a grin to any graduate's confrontation as they set out on their another experience. 

    • Congrats! You've presently earned a degree in surviving bunch ventures... and unbalanced icebreakers.
    • Cheers to exchanging your cap and outfit for a cape and crown. You're presently a graduate superhero!
    • You did it! Time to put those graduation caps to great utilize... as nibble bowls.
    • Well done, grad! Presently you'll include 'professional nap-taker' to your continuation.
    Funny High School Graduation Quotes
    Funny Graduation Quotes to Cheer A Grad
    • Congrats on at long last graduating! Keep in mind, life's a travel, but your understudy advances are a marathon.
    • Yahoo! You've graduated from the College of Netflix Binges with respect.
    • Hats off to you, grad! Presently you'll authoritatively call yourself a ace of ceremonies... and memes.
    • Way to go! You've presently graduated from 'Google it' to 'I'll figure it out'.
    • You've crossed the wrap up line! Presently it's time to exchange in your textbooks for takeout menus.
    • Cheers to graduating! Keep in mind, life's as well brief to truly require... similar to this site.
    • Congrats, grad! You're now qualified to grant master counsel on everything... but your major.
    • Well done! You've presently earned the extreme adulting identification... in conjunction with a side of existential emergency.
    • You did it! You're presently authoritatively a graduate of the School of Difficult Thumps... and rests.
    Funny Sayings For Graduation
    Funny Sayings For Grad
    • Caps off to you, graduate! Presently you'll be able to include 'professional procrastinator' to your LinkedIn profile.
    • Congrats! You've effectively opened the accomplishment of surviving college without getting misplaced within the library stacks.


    So ditch the gift card route (been there, done that) and pick a funny present that they'll remember long after the graduation cake is gone.  These unique funny graduation gifts are sure to put a smile on their face and become a conversation starter at their new job (or well-deserved nap on the couch).

    After all, laughter is the best medicine, especially when they're facing that mountain of student loan debt. Happy gifting!

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