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what to write in graduation card

What To Write In Graduation Card: 80 Best Quotes For Graduates

17 Apr 2024
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Mark graduation with the perfect wishes for what to write in graduation card from Personal House. These unique and inspiring quotes for graduates will help to celebrate the grad's achievements and send them off on a bright future.

Short Graduation Quote

Along with some custom gifts, let’s celebrate your accomplishment (or that of a special grad) with the perfect short graduation quotes! These bite-sized nuggets of wisdom offer inspiration, humor, and a touch of inspirational graduation quotes to mark this momentous occasion.

  • Grasp the obscure, for it holds the key to your development.
  • Nowadays marks the conclusion of one chapter and the starting of another.
  • Set out to dream, and after that go out and make those dreams a reality.
  • Graduation isn't the conclusion; it's the beginning point of your journey.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments nowadays, but keep striving for enormity tomorrow.
Quotes For Graduates
Short Graduation Quotes
  • Your confirmation may be a ticket to unused openings; make the foremost of them.
  • Victory isn't measured by the degree you hold but by the effect you make.
  • As you step into the world, remember to remain genuine to yourself.
  • The decoration was worth the bother; presently go overcome the world.
  • Your instruction may be a blessing; utilize it shrewdly to shape a brighter future.

Inspirational Quotes About Graduation

As you step into the next chapter, here are some graduation quotes 2024 for what to write in graduation card to light your fire beside unique graduation gifts. These graduation quotes inspirational of wisdom from accomplished individuals will motivate you to chase your dreams and embrace the exciting journey ahead.

  • Graduation isn't a fair conclusion; it's a starting, a chance to modify your story.
  • Nowadays, you stand at the edge of unbounded conceivable outcomes. Grasp them bravely.
  • Your graduation could be a confirmation to your devotion, strength, and boundless potential.
Inspirational Graduation Quotes
College Graduation Quotes
  • As you get your confirmation, remember: the world is standing by your one of a kind commitment.
  • Graduation isn't the apex; it's a venturing stone to indeed more prominent accomplishments.
  • With instruction as your compass, explore the unfamiliar waters of your future.
  • Your graduation could be a celebration of your difficult work, but it's too much of a call to activity.
  • Nowadays, you near one chapter and open another filled with guarantee and opportunity.
  • Your graduation isn't a fair turning point; it's a testament to your assurance and tirelessness.
  • As you hurl your cap within the discussion, keep in mind: the sky's the constraints for what you'll be able accomplish. 

Funny Quotes For Graduation

Ditch the deep stuff for a laugh! These funny graduation quotes for what to write in graduation card capture the joy, the relief, and maybe even a hint of terror of this milestone. Get ready for some chuckles from fellow graduates and guests.

  • "Graduation: the cumbersome minute once you realize you've gone through four a long time examining for a degree you're not beyond any doubt how to utilize."
  • "Congratulations! You've formally picked up the right to be broke and overqualified."
  • "Graduation is like a long, ungainly family get-together, but with more robes and less potato serving of mixed greens."
Graduation Quotes Inspirational
Fun Quotes For Graduation
  • "Keep in mind, graduation is the starting of imagining you know what you're doing."
  • "Presently that you've graduated, welcome to the genuine world where 'C's get degrees, but organizing gets you employed."
  • "Graduation: the one day where you'll feel at the same time finished and totally clueless around the long." run
  • "Life is like a multiple-choice test. Some of the time, the reply you need isn't continuously there, and now and then, it's 'D' - all of the over."
Graduation Quotes Funny
Quote For Graduation Funny
  • "Congrats on surviving college. Presently it's time to outlive adulthood. Great good fortune!"
  • "Graduation is the day after you exchange the misery of composing papers for the misery of paying bills."
  • "The decoration was worth the bother. Presently let the genuine fun start!"

Graduation Wishes For Daughter

Send her off with heartfelt graduation quotes for daughter for what to write in graduation card filled with love, encouragement, and a touch of wisdom beside some customizable gifts for daughter. These graduation ceremony quotes will celebrate her achievements and inspire her to soar in the next chapter.

  • On your graduation day, my expensive girl, I couldn't be prouder of the mind blowing lady you've ended up.
  • As you step into the world along with your recognition in hand, know that I'll continuously be here cheering you on, my valuable girl.
Graduation Ceremony Quotes
Graduation Quotes For Daughter
  • Congrats, my sweet girl, on coming to this noteworthy point of reference. Your difficult work and devotion have paid off, and I can't hold up to see where your travel takes you.
  • Nowadays, as you graduate, I need you to know how much bliss and pride you bring into my life, my adored girl. The world is yours for the taking!
  • To my girl on her graduation day: May this be fair the starting of a lifetime filled with victory, joy, and perpetual undertakings.
  • Observing you get your confirmation fills my heart with overpowering cherish and reverence. Congrats, my expensive girl, on your graduation!
  • My dearest girl, your graduation day may be a confirmation to your quality, strength, and immovable assurance. I am pleased with you!
  • As you set out on this modern chapter of your life, my girl, keep in mind that the sky's restrained. Dream enormous, reach for the stars, and never question your capacity to attain significance.
Quotes For Graduation
Graduation Quote
  • Nowadays, as you graduate, I need you to know that I accept you with all my heart. You are predetermined for uncommon things, my brilliant girl.
  • Congrats, my valuable girl, on your graduation. May your future be as shining as your grin, and may you continuously take after your dreams with boldness and conviction.

Graduation Quotes For Son

These graduation quotes for son for what to write in graduation card capture the emotions of this special day, offering congratulations, inspiration, and a touch of fatherly advice. Find the perfect graduation cap quotes 2024 along with some customized gifts for son to celebrate his accomplishments and send him off into the world with confidence.

  • Child, as you graduate nowadays, know that your travel is fair starting, and I'll be by your side each step of the way.
  • Congrats on your graduation, my expensive child! Your difficult work and assurance have brought you to this minute, and I couldn't be prouder.
Graduation Verse
Graduation Message From Mother To Son
  • Nowadays marks the summit of a long time of devotion and tirelessness. Well done on your graduation, child. The world is prepared for your brilliance.
  • As you get your diploma, son, keep in mind that usually not the conclusion but the starting of an energizing modern chapter in your life. Grasp it with mettle and excitement.
  • Observing you walk over the arrangement fills me with pride, my adored child. Congrats on your graduation, and may your future be filled with unending openings.
  • Child, your graduation may be a testament to your versatility and constancy. I have no question that you'll continue to attain extraordinary things within a long time to come.
  • Nowadays, as you celebrate your graduation, you merely have the adoration and bolster of your family behind you, cheering you on each step of the way.
  • Congrats on your graduation, child! May this accomplishment be the establishment for a future filled with victory, joy, and fulfillment.
Graduation Quotes For Son
Congratulations Graduation Quotes
  • Child, as you set out on this modern journey, keep in mind to remain genuine to yourself and never halt chasing your dreams. The world is yours for the taking.
  • Your graduation may be a pivotal event, child, and I couldn't be prouder of the youthful man you've ended up. Here's to a bright and affluent future ahead!

What To Write In Graduation Card For Friends

Stuck staring at a blank graduation quote for your friend? We've got you covered! This section will give you some creative ideas and heartwarming college graduation quotes to personalize your card and celebrate your friend's incredible achievement.

  • Congrats, my expensive companion, on coming to this unimaginable point of reference! Your assurance and difficult work have paid off, and I couldn't be more joyful for you.
  • Wishing you all the victory and joy within the world as you graduate nowadays, my companion. Cheers to the energizing experiences that lie ahead!
  • To my astonishing companion on your graduation day: Here's to celebrating your accomplishments and looking forward to long-standing time together!
  • As you graduate nowadays, know that I'll continuously be here to bolster and cheer you on, my expensive companion. Congrats on this well-deserved achievement!
  • It's been an unimaginable journey watching you develop and succeed, my companion. Congrats on your graduation, and here's to numerous more accomplishments within the a long time to come!
  • On your graduation day, I need to specify how thankful I am to have you as a companion. Your quality and assurance rouse me each day. 
  • Cheers to the conclusion of late-night ponder sessions and the starting of unused enterprises, my companion! Congrats on your graduation, and may this be fair the starting of a lifetime of victory and bliss.
Graduation Congratulations Quotes
Graduation Quotes 2024
  • Nowadays, as you graduate, I need you to know how much your companionship implies to me. Here's to celebrating your achievements and looking forward to making more memories together within the future!
  • Congrats on your graduation, my companion! Wishing you all the leading as you set out on this modern chapter of your life.
  • To my expensive companion on your graduation day: You've worked resolutely to reach this point, and presently it's time to celebrate your victory! 

Graduating High School Quotes

High school graduation - a time to celebrate, reflect, and look towards a bright future! These graduating high school quotes for what to write in graduation card capture the essence of this milestone, offering a mix of excitement for the journey ahead, and wisdom for the road less traveled.

  • Nowadays we near one chapter and open another, outfitted with information and recollections to fuel our travel ahead.
Graduating High School Quotes
Inspirational Quotes About Graduation
  • As we hurl our caps within the discussion, let's keep in mind the fellowships manufactured, the lessons learned, and the dreams holding up to be chased.
  • Tall school graduation: the starting of an unused experience, where the world gets to be our classroom and each involvement shapes our future.
  • Cheers to surviving cafeteria nourishment, pop tests, and adolescent dramatization. Tall school, it's been genuine!
  • Graduating high school isn't close to getting a confirmation; it's approximately grasping the individual we've ended up with and the unending conceivable outcomes ahead.
  • Nowadays, we bid goodbye to the lobbies that formed us and the instructors who propelled us, carrying with us lessons that go past reading material.
  • Tall school graduation marks the conclusion of a period and the daybreak of an unused chapter filled with fervor, challenges, and openings.
Funny Graduation Cards
Graduation Poem
  • We may take off tall school behind us, but the recollections we've made and the companionships we've shaped will remain with us until the end of time.
  • Graduating high school is like wrapping up the preface to an extraordinary novel – the genuine experience is a fair start.
  • As we stand on the edge of adulthood, let's keep in mind that the travel of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Congrats, graduates!

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Quotes

Celebrate those tiny scholars in style! Find the perfect kindergarten graduation quotes for what to write in graduation card to commemorate this momentous occasion and inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime!

  • Nowadays, we celebrate the modest strides that have driven us to this minute, as our small graduates take their to begin with a huge jump into the world of learning.
  • Kindergarten graduation may be a celebration of interest, inventiveness, and the perpetual conceivable outcomes that lie ahead for our youthful researchers.
  • From coloring interior lines to portray their possessive future, our kindergarten graduates have developed in ways we might have never envisioned.
Graduate Quotes
Kindergarten Graduation Quotes
  • As we observe our small ones get their confirmations, let's keep in mind that each colored pencil stroke and finger portray has been a step toward academic success.
  • Kindergarten graduation isn't almost about moving on to another review; it's about ingraining an adoration for learning that will last a lifetime.
  • Nowadays, we honor the laughs, the fellowships, and the development that have characterized our kindergarten travel together.
  • Congrats to our pint-sized graduates! May your adore for learning proceed to blossom as you set out on the following chapter of your instructive travel.
  • Kindergarten graduation could be a celebration of the little triumphs that clear the way for huge achievements within a long time to come.
Preschool Graduation Quotes
Graduation Quotes For 5th Graders
  • As we bid goodbye to our kindergarten lesson, let's cherish the recollections made and see forward to the shining prospects that anticipate each and each one of our graduates.
  • From learning their ABCs to pursuing them to begin with sentences, our kindergarten graduates have come a long way. Here's to the starting of numerous more breakthroughs to come!

Unique Graduation Gift Ideas For A Graduates

Ditch the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary grad in your life! This section is packed with unique gift ideas with congratulations graduation quotes for what to write in graduation card that go beyond the expected. Find something special that reflects their personality, interests, and future goals, making their graduation truly unforgettable.

  • Personalized Mug Ideas For Graduation
  • Celebrate their achievement with a personalized mug - the best-selling product from Personal House on graduation! Made from high-quality, microwave- and dishwasher-safe materials, this mug with graduation quotes funny is built to last. 

      • I'm Finally Graduated Mug
    Unique Mug With Graduation Verses
    Unique Mug With Senior Year Captions

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      • The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug
    Custom Mug With Short Graduation Captions
    Custom Mug With Bible Quotes For Graduation

    A cup will not only help improve drinking habits, but will also be a special keepsake with personalized images. If someone you know is a teacher graduate, the following product with the short graduation captions "Greatest Teacher Ever" will be the perfect choice.

      • Personalized Greatest Teacher Ever Mugs
    Customizable Mug With Pre K Graduation Quotes
    Customizable Mug With Funny Graduation Cap Ideas
  • Unique T-shirt Ideas On Graduation
  • According to the latest poll on products from Personal House that bring satisfaction to recipients, unique T-shirts were honored to rank first. That’s why you should level up their wardrobe with our unique graduation t-shirt! Made from comfy, 100% pre-shrunk cotton, these t-shirts with what to write in graduation card are built to last and perfect for any activity.  

      • She Believed She Did T-Shirt
    Personalized T-shirt With Graduation Cap Quotes 2024
    Personalized T-shirt With Senior Quotes Funny

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      • Proud Mom Of A Graduate T-Shirt
    Customized T-shirt With Funny Graduation Quotes
    Customized T-shirt With Quotes For Graduation

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    Personalize it with their name, graduation year, inspirational quotes about graduation, or even a special image to create a one-of-a-kind gift they'll love.  Our unique mineral wash colors add a touch of vintage flair, ensuring each shirt is a true original - a perfect keepsake they'll cherish for years to come.

      • I'm Done Finally T-Shirt
    Unique T-shirt With Graduation Quote
    Unique T-shirt With Quotes For Graduates

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  • Custom Graduation Pillow Gift
  • Celebrate their accomplishment with a luxurious custom pillow from Personal House! Made from soft, shiny satin with a durable zipper closure, this pillow is built for your downtime, or even as a companion to enjoy pleasures like watching movies. 

    Personalize it with their name, graduation year, congratulations graduation quotes for what to write in graduation card such as "I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now" to create a one-of-a-kind gift they'll treasure.

      • I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow
    Custom Pillow With Short Graduation Quotes
    Custom Pillow With Inspirational Graduation Quotes

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      • I'm Finally Graduated Pillow
    Customizable Pillow With College Graduation Quotes
    Customizable Pillow With Graduation Congratulations Quotes

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  • Before You All Your Dreams Tumbler
  • Another product that has received a lot of positive customer feedback and reviews regarding its suitability for graduation gifts is the personalized tumbler with graduate quotes. Thanks to being made entirely of stainless steel, rust-free, stain-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, this product will be extremely durable and safe for your health.

    Personalized Tumbler With Graduation Quotes 2024
    Personalized Tumbler With Graduation Quotes Inspirational

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  • Congrats Graduates Canvas
  • The last product on the list of graduation gifts to buy is a customizable canvas from Personal House. With custom personalization, you can easily design a unique gift with your own images and funny graduation cap ideas. Reasonable prices and fast shipping are also reasons you should choose us to be the bridge for your graduation gift.

    Customized Canvas With Fun Quotes For Graduation
    Customized Canvas With Graduation Ceremony Quotes

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    No matter your style or sentiment, you're sure to find the perfect graduation quotes for what to write in graduation card to express your pride and congratulations with over 80 unique and inspiring quotes, wishes, and messages in this graduation collection.

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