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Personalized Night Light

Light up the night with Personalized Night Light from Personal House. Each of our custom night lights is designed with you in mind, allowing you to customize the design with a name or picture, creating a truly personal touch. Our custom photo night lights transform your favorite memories into a gentle glow, perfect for a child's room or adding warmth to any corner of your home. When it comes to material, we prioritize safety and durability, ensuring your custom night lamp will last and maintain its stunning quality. With many designs and styles to choose from, our personalized night lamp is a unique gift for everyone on any occasion: housewarming, birthday or anniversary. Our personalized night lamps offer the perfect balance of beauty and function, illuminating your space while also serving as a unique piece of decor. Explore our collection of customized gifts and create your customizable night lights today.

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A personalized night light is your answer to late-night fumbling! These cute personal items with custom pictures and names for both adults and children promise to brighten your space with LED light elegance.

Personalized Night Light Is a Perfect Gift: Top Reasons

When it comes to unique gifts, our custom night lights are the perfect blend of thoughtful customization and exquisite craftsmanship.

  • The Excellent Material Of Our Custom Night Lamp

Our personalized night lights shine brighter and with more sparkle, illuminating any space with enchanting warmth. Crafted with premium pinewood blocks, meticulously processed using CNC technology, they promise years of durability and charm. The acrylic sheet not only enhances their elegance but also ensures easy cleaning and protection against breakage. 

  • Various Sizes For A Customized Night Lamp

With multiple sizes ranging from 15 x 23 cm, 14 x 14 cm, to 12 x 18 cm, these personalized nightlight are suitable for all types of living spaces from bedroom, living room as decorative features, media room…, from small to large as well as you place it on all flat surfaces.

  • Personalized Lights With A Reasonable Price

Despite being offered at the price of $39, Personal House does not take risk in reducing the excellent quality of personalized night lights. Our upfront pricing strategy ensures that you will receive an excellent product without any sneaky additions or hidden charges. We are able to pass the savings on to you since our production facilities are strategically positioned in the US, UK, France, and Germany, which reduces shipping expenses.

Best Customized Night Lights for Your Loved Ones

Our night light personalized is sure to bring joy and comfort to your loved ones during their bedtime routine, whether they’re your family members, friends, or anyone else.

Personalized Night Light For Family Members

At Personal House, we understand the importance of family. That's why our customizable night light are the perfect way to celebrate the special bond you share with your loved ones, whether it's for Dad on Father's Day, Mom on Mother's Day, a sibling's birthday, or just because. Imagine the smile on Grandma's face when she sees her favorite family photo illuminated each night. Our custom photo light are a heartfelt reminder that you're always thinking of them.

Personalized Name and Photo Night Light For Couples 

Looking for a romantic gift for your significant other? Our name night lights are a thoughtful way to commemorate your love story. Customize with your names, a cherished photo, or a meaningful date – like your anniversary or the day you got engaged. These make great Valentine's Day, Christmas, or "just because" gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. They're also the perfect present for your couple friends!

Night Light Personalized For Friends

Friendships are one of life's greatest treasures, and what better way to celebrate your bestie than with a personalized night light? At Personal House, we have a diverse range of designs to help you cherish your friend-ship (pun intended!). From fun "Partner in Crime" themes to heartfelt "Best Friends Forever" motifs, our night lights let you customize with inside jokes, nicknames, and photos - a unique gift for friends that capture your unique bond.

Personalized Night Lights With Pets 

At Personal House, we know pets are family too! That's why we offer over 800 breeds of cats and dogs for you to find the perfect match for your furry friend. But the personalization doesn't stop there. Add some flair by dressing them up in funny outfits or capturing hilarious poses – like the peeking cat design that's all the rage or an action shot of your pup mid-zoomies. These whimsical 3D personalized nightlight are sure to make you smile every evening.

Custom Night Light For Colleagues To Cherish The Moment

Our customizable night lights for colleagues have a modern, minimalist vibe that suits any style. Customize with your company's name and logo for some team spirit, or keep it simple with just their name. Whatever you choose, this personalized night light will be a reminder of all the late nights, caffeine-fueled meetings, and celebrate-worthy wins you shared together.

Detail Guide To Custom Your Own Night Light At Personal House

To provide clarity on the ordering process, follow the steps we provide below to ensure you receive a fantastic personalized name night light.

  • Choose Your Favorite Lamp Design And Shape

The first step is to browse the web for your favorite design and shape. Utilizing filters for prices, recipients, and occasions on the left can help streamline your search and ensure you find the perfect picture and name night light.

  • Customize The Design For Your Custom Nightlights

Once you've found a suitable base for personalized night light, unleash your creativity and customize it to your heart's content. You have the freedom to change the color scheme, add personalized text or quotes, incorporate custom images or graphics, and even adjust the number of people, pets, or other items depicted in the design.

  • Preview Your Custom Night Lamp

After customizing your design, it's crucial to preview your personalized night lamp before finalizing the order. This allows you to double-check all the details and ensure that everything looks exactly as you envisioned. 

  • Pay For Your Customizable Night Lights

Once you're satisfied with the preview, proceed to the checkout process to pay for your products securely. Provide accurate personal information and delivery address to ensure smooth shipping and timely delivery of your custom night light with picture. At Personal House, we prioritize customer privacy - all your payment information is kept completely confidential, so you can rest assured your data is safe with us. 

  • Your Product Is Shipped

Now, all that's left to do is wait patiently for your personalized night light picture to be shipped. While we strive to deliver your order promptly, unforeseen delays may occur. If your custom nightlights don't arrive on time or if you have any concerns about your order, feel free to contact us for assistance. 

Bringing warmth and charm to any room, personalized night lights are more than just decorative pieces—they're symbols of comfort and individuality. Illuminate your space with a touch of personal flair, creating a cozy ambiance that reflects your unique style and personality.