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Funny Gifts for Men
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Top 50 Funny Gifts for Men Who Has Everything

22 Jan 2024
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Are you on the quest for funny gifts for men in your life? Personal House presents a curated collection of funny gag gifts for men that will leave them in stitches. Let's unveil 2024's hottest and most side-splitting novelty gifts for men that are sure to bring joy and laughter to every occasion.


When Is A Funny Gift for Men Not A Bad Choice?

Wondering when to sprinkle some humor into your gift-giving for the guys? Here's the lowdown:

  • Birthday Blast: Birthdays are perfect for injecting laughs. Imagine his grin when unwrapping funny birthday gifts for him, turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary memory.
  • Christmas Chuckles: Spice up the holiday season with a humorous touch. A well-chosen funny and unique gift under the Christmas tree adds an extra layer of joy to the festivities.
Funny gifts for men are Not A Bad Choice

Funny Gift Is Not A Bad Choice For A Man

  • Retirement Ribs: Retirement marks a new chapter. Celebrate this transition with a funny top gift that ensures the retiree embarks on their next adventure with a hearty laugh.
  • Valentine's Vibes: Who says Valentine's Day has to be all about seriousness? A funny gift idea for men expresses love in a lighthearted way, making the day memorable and filled with shared laughter.

Whether it's for a friend, family member, colleague, or that special someone, funny custom gifts for older men or younger ones are a surefire way to spread joy and create lasting memories. So, go ahead, embrace the humor, and turn every occasion into a laughter-filled celebration!

Top 50 Funny Gifts for Men Who Has Everything

Navigating the challenge of finding customizable gag gifts, funny gifts for guys who have everything becomes an art in itself. Whether it's a birthday bash, a retirement celebration, a jolly Christmas, or a romantic Valentine's Day, these novelty gifts for men ensure a touch of humor for every occasion.

Funny Birthday Gifts for Him

When it's time to celebrate the man of the hour, why not add a hilarious twist to his birthday? From playful socks to tech-savvy gadgets, these funny gift ideas for men are designed to bring laughter and joy to his special day, making it truly memorable.

  • Personalized 60 Officially A Grumpy Old Man Sweatshirt
  • Marking the 60th milestone, the Personalized "Officially A Grumpy Old Man" Sweatshirt is not just a humorous gesture but also a testament to comfort and quality.

    Crafted from premium materials, this sweater ensures both coziness and durability, making it a wardrobe staple that withstands the test of time.

    Personalized Sweatshirt funny gifts for men's birthday

    Personalized Sweatshirt novelty gifts for men's birthday

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  • Personalized Still Live On Earth For 70 Years Sweatshirt 
  • For the man hitting the impressive milestone of 70 years, gift him a personalized "Still Live On Earth For 70 Years" sweatshirt.

    This light-hearted yet meaningful funny gift for men not only acknowledges his longevity but also adds a touch of humor to the celebration, making him feel cherished on his special day.

    Personalized Sweatshirt Funny Gifts For Seniors

    Personalized Sweatshirt Funny Birthday Presents For Dad

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    • Personalized Happy 40th Birthday, You Deserve A Beer Hoodie

    Celebrate turning 40 with the Personalized "You Deserve A Beer" Hoodie from Personal House. This hoodie for funny birthday gifts for him not only exudes a playful charm but also boasts top-notch quality.

    The material is soft against the skin, ensuring comfort, while the custom printing maintains its vibrant look, creating a lasting memento of this special milestone.

    Personalized Hoodie funny gifts for men

    Personalized Hoodie funny gift ideas for men on birthday

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  • Whimsical Sock Collection
  • Delight his feet with funny gifts for men like a whimsical assortment of socks featuring quirky patterns and funny designs. Each step will be a journey through laughter, adding a playful touch to his everyday attire.

  • Grilling Comedy Accessories
  • Upgrade his grilling experience with funny accessories like a humorous apron, BBQ branding iron, or comical barbecue tools. These funny gifts for guys who have everything will not only spice up his cooking but also bring laughter to outdoor gatherings.

  • Golf Gag Gift
  • For the golf enthusiast, consider personalized golf balls with humorous messages or comical graphics. With these funny golf gifts for men, every swing will be accompanied by chuckles, turning his golf game into a hilarious adventure.

  • Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza
  • Transform the traditional stocking stuffer into a laughter-filled surprise with these funny birthday gift ideas for men. Fill it with small, funny trinkets like a mini desktop basketball hoop, stress-relief toys, or magnetic poetry sets with a humorous twist.

    Mini Basketball Hoop Funny funny gifts for men


    Mini Basketball Hoop novelty gifts for men

  • Bottled Laughter Surprise
  • Customize a bottle of his favorite beverage with a funny label or a personalized message. Whether it's a clever wine pun or a witty beer quote, this unique funny gift for men will add a playful touch to his drink of choice.

  • LEGO Laughter Builder
  • Unleash his inner child with a LEGO set tailored to his interests. Whether it's a humorous-themed set or a quirky LEGO architecture piece, this choice for prank gifts for guys combines nostalgia and creativity for a playful birthday surprise.

  • Tech-Tickling Gadgets
  • Explore funny technology gadgets that cater to his interests. From quirky USB accessories to amusing tech novelties, these unique and funny gifts for men's birthday merge practicality with humor, ensuring a smile with every use.

  • Board Game Bonanza
  • For the game enthusiast, gift a board game with a humorous twist. Whether it's a strategy game with a comedic theme or a classic game with a funny spin, this funny gift for men promises hours of laughter-filled entertainment.

    Board Game Bonanza funny gift for men

    Board Game Bonanza funny gift ideas for men

    These funny birthday gifts for him, from whimsical socks to tech-savvy gadgets, are crafted to bring laughter and joy to his special day. Whether he's a golf lover, a grill master, or a tech enthusiast, these funny gift ideas for men ensure that his celebration is filled with humor and unforgettable moments.

    Novelty Gifts for Men on Retirement

    Retirement marks a new chapter, and what better way to celebrate a man's transition than with a touch of humor? Explore these funny and unique retirement gifts for him, each carefully tailored to bring laughter and joy to the retiree's well-deserved break from the daily grind.

  • Personalized Retired But Not Expired Mug
  • Celebrate the retiree's sense of humor with the "Retired But Not Expired" mug. This personalized ceramic masterpiece is more than a vessel for coffee; it's a daily reminder that while the career might be retired, the wit is still very much active. With each sip, they can chuckle at the playfulness of their well-deserved retirement.

    Retired Mug funny gifts for men

    Retired Mug Funny Retirement Gifts For Men

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  • Personalized What Day Is Today Who Cares I'm Definitely Retired T-Shirt
  • Gift the retiree a humorous wardrobe addition with the "What Day Is Today, Who Cares, I'm Definitely Retired" T-shirt. Amidst funny gifts for men, this cotton funny custom shirt not only provides comfort but also serves as a declaration of their carefree retirement mindset. It's a fashion statement that speaks volumes without saying a word.

    Personalized T-Shirt funny gifts for men on Retirement

    Personalized T-Shirt Retirement Gift Ideas For Men Funny

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  • Personalized Who Cares? I'm Retired Pillow
  • Enhance the retiree's relaxation with the "Who Cares? I'm Retired" pillow, one of the perfect novelty gifts for men. This personalized accent for their favorite chair or sofa not only adds comfort but also a touch of whimsy to their leisure space. It's a comical and personalized reminder that in retirement, every day is a day to relax and enjoy life.

    Personalized Who Cares I'm Retired Pillow funny gifts for men

    Personalized Who Cares I'm Retired Pillow funny gift ideas for men

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  • Cheers to Leisure Glasses
  • Raise a toast to relaxation with personalized retirement glasses. These humorous glasses, adorned with witty retirement quotes, not only add a playful touch to celebrations but also become a lasting reminder of the retiree's newfound freedom.

  • Tech Gadget Extravaganza
  • Equip the retiree for the tech-savvy leisure ahead with funny technology gadgets. Whether it's a quirky tablet holder or a humorous smart device, these gifts bring a smile while embracing the retiree's newfound tech-savvy lifestyle.

  • Cozy Retirement Slippers
  • Wrap the retiree's feet in comfort with cozy and humorous retirement slippers. Adorned with funny retirement-themed designs, these novelty gifts for men over 60 ensure that every step into retirement is taken in style and relaxation.

  • Cup of Retirement Joy
  • Elevate the retiree's coffee or tea time with a funny retirement cup. These mugs for funny gifts for men, featuring humorous retirement quotes or cartoons, make every sip a delightful reminder of the retiree's well-earned break from the 9-to-5 hustle.

    Custom Cup of Retirement Joy funny gifts for men

    Custom Cup of Retirement Joy funny gift for men

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  • Wristful of Laughter Bracelet
  • Gift a retirement-themed bracelet that adds a touch of humor to the retiree's wrist. Whether it's a charm bracelet with amusing symbols or a wristband with funny retirement sayings, this accessory becomes a light-hearted celebration of the retiree's journey, making it one of the funny gifts for gay men.

  • Beanie of Relaxation
  • Top off the retiree's ensemble with a retirement-themed beanie. With playful designs and humorous phrases, this beanie for funny gifts ideas for men not only keeps the retiree warm but also adds a dash of humor to their leisurely outdoor activities.

  • Dick's Sporting Goods Delight
  • If you’re looking for funny gifts for guys who have everything or the retiree with a penchant for sports, a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods is a great choice. It allows the retiree to choose their favorite gear, ensuring they embark on their leisure activities with a smile.

    Dick's Sporting Goods Delight funny gift for men

    Dick's Sporting Goods Delight funny gifts for men

    These funny retirement gift ideas, from leisure glasses to sporting goods gift cards, are tailored to celebrate the retiree's transition with humor and joy. Make the retirement journey memorable with laughter and great gag gifts for guys that reflect the well-deserved break from the working world.

    Funny Gift Ideas for Men on Valentine

    Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you're looking to add a dash of humor to your celebration, these funny Valentine gift ideas for men are bound to bring laughter and love to the occasion. From cheeky boxers to quirky sequin pillows, these gifts are designed for couples who appreciate a bit of playful mischief in their relationship.

  • Personalized Tie Me Up And Tease Me Boxer
  • For a playful and intimate touch, consider personalized "Tie Me Up And Tease Me" boxers, one of our funniest unique Valentine gifts. These cheeky boxers not only bring a sense of humor to the bedroom but also reflect a shared understanding between couples who enjoy a little adventurous romance.

    Tie Me Up And Tease Me Boxer Goofy Gifts For Guys

    Personalized Boxer novelty gifts for men

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  • Personalized You Me And Netflix Sequin Pillow
  • For the couple who loves cozy nights in, consider a personalized "You, Me, and Netflix" sequin pillow. Amidst funny gifts for men, this quirky pillow not only sparkles with sequins but also celebrates the joy of shared movie nights. It's a delightful reminder that sometimes, the best date is right at home.

    Personalized Sequin Pillow funny gifts for him

    Personalized Sequin Pillow novelty gifts for men

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  • Personalized My Happy Place Mug
  • Start each day with a smile using the "My Happy Place" personalized mug. This amusing mug not only holds your favorite brew but also sets a positive tone for the day. It's a lighthearted declaration of your relationship as a source of joy and happiness.

    Personalized Mug funny gifts for men

    Personalized Mug men's novelty gifts

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  • Personalized Only You Can Serve Me Well Boxer
  • Add a humorous twist to your Valentine's Day with personalized "Only You Can Serve Me Well" boxers. These funny gifts for men playfully acknowledge the unique and essential role your partner plays in your life. It's a fun and intimate option for funny gifts for a boyfriend that's sure to bring a smile.

    Personalized Boxer gifts for men funny

    Personalized Boxer funny gifts for guys

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  • Personalized Shhh My Cats Are Sleeping Sequin Pillow
  • For the cat-loving couple, gift a personalized "Shhh My Cats Are Sleeping" sequin pillow. This delightful pillow for funny gift ideas for men not only caters to your feline affection but also adds a touch of whimsy to your home. It's a playful way to celebrate your love for each other and your furry friends.

    Personalized Sequin Pillow novelty gifts for men

    Personalized Sequin Pillow funny gifts for him

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  • Personalized Be Careful I'm A Love Machine Boxer
  • Inject a dose of humor into your Valentine's celebration with "Be Careful I'm A Love Machine" personalized boxers. These funny gifts for men not only showcase your playful side but also create a light-hearted and fun atmosphere, making your special day memorable.

    I'm A Love Machine Boxer funny gifts for men

    I'm A Love Machine Boxer As funny gifts for him

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  • Personalized You're My Favorite Thing To Do Sequin Pillow
  • Express your love with funny gifts for men like a personalized "You're My Favorite Thing To Do" sequin pillow. This charming and cheeky pillow adds a touch of romance with a humorous twist. It's a sweet yet playful way to remind your partner that they are the favorite part of your daily routine.

    Personalized You're My Favorite Thing To Do Sequin Pillow funny gifts for men

    Personalized You're My Favorite Thing To Do Sequin Pillow funny gifts for him

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    Funny Gifts for Him On Christmas

    When it comes to Christmas, why settle for ordinary when you can gift a good laugh? Explore these hilarious Christmas gift ideas for men that bring joy and a touch of humor to the holiday season. From quirky gadgets to amusing accessories, these funny gift ideas for men are sure to add a hearty dose of laughter to your festive celebrations.

  • Personalized Back Off I Have A Crazy Grandpa/Daddy T-shirt
  • For the family man with a sense of humor, consider the "Back Off I Have A Crazy Grandpa/Daddy" personalized t-shirt. This amusing shirt for funny gifts for men not only showcases a witty Christmas message but also celebrates the unique charm of having a grandpa or daddy with a playful streak. It's a fun and personalized way to share family pride with a humorous twist.

    Christmas T-shirt funny gifts for men

    Christmas T-shirt funny gifts for guys who have everything

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  • Personalized Jingle Hell Christmas Cat T-shirt
  • Cat lovers rejoice with the "Jingle Hell Christmas Cat" personalized t-shirt. Featuring a mischievous feline in holiday spirit, this shirt adds a humorous touch to Christmas celebrations. It's an ideal funny gift for men for those who appreciate the lighter side of the holiday season and the antics of their festive furry friends.

    Personalized Jingle Hell Christmas Cat T-shirt novelty gifts for men

    Personalized Jingle Hell Christmas Cat T-shirt novelty gifts for men

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  • Santa's Little Helper Garden Gnome
  • Sprinkle some humor in your outdoor décor with a "Santa's Little Helper" garden gnome. This cheeky gnome, adorned in festive attire, not only adds a whimsical touch to the garden but also becomes a conversation starter during holiday gatherings.

  • Reindeer Poop Chocolates
  • Treat your loved ones with sweet and funny foodie gifts – "Reindeer Poop" chocolates. Packaged in a cleverly labeled box, these chocolates for funny Xmas gifts for men provide a delightful twist on traditional holiday treats, ensuring smiles and laughter as they discover the unexpected.

  • Festive Toilet Paper
  • Bring a chuckle to every trip to the bathroom with festive toilet paper featuring holiday-themed prints. These unexpected yet practical funny gifts for men add a touch of humor to daily routines and ensure that even the necessities are festive during the holiday season.

  • Talking Bottle Opener
  • For the beer enthusiast, consider a talking bottle opener that cracks open a cold one with a hilarious quip or festive tune. Amidst funny gifts for him, this gadget not only serves a practical purpose but also adds an entertaining element to holiday celebrations with friends and family.

    Talking Bottle Opener funny get well gifts for guys

    Talking Bottle Opener funny Christmas presents for him

  • Christmas Movie Watching Socks
  • Elevate the cozy Christmas movie night with themed socks that showcase iconic holiday movie quotes or characters. These comfy socks for funny gifts for old men not only keep toes warm but also bring a festive and humorous element to the holiday tradition of watching beloved films.

  • Snowman Poop Bath Bombs
  • Transform bath time into a festive experience with "Snowman Poop" bath bombs. Packed with a playful label, these bath bombs not only add a touch of humor to self-care routines but also make for a delightful and unexpected Christmas stocking stuffer.

  • Ugly Sweater Wine Bottle Cover
  • Dress up your wine bottles in festive, ugly sweater-style covers. These hilarious and reusable funny gifts for guys who have everything not only add a quirky touch to holiday party decorations but also make for a memorable and amusing way to present a bottle of wine.

    These funny Christmas gift ideas for men promise to bring laughter and joy to the festivities. Whether it's a quirky garden gnome or festive toilet paper, these funny gifts for men add a lighthearted touch to holiday traditions.

    Ugly Sweater Wine Bottle Cover funny gift for men

    Fun Sweater Wine Bottle Cover funny gift for men

    5 Prank Gift Wrapping Ideas for Him 

    To make your gift more humorous, let's explore five prank gift wrapping ideas for him! From quirky to downright funny, these suggestions will make the recipient's day unforgettable. Let's turn the art of gift-giving into a laughter-filled adventure.

  • The Never-Ending Box Surprise
  • Ever wanted your funny gifts for men to last forever? Start with a small box, wrap it neatly, then tuck it inside a slightly larger one. Repeat this process with multiple boxes.

    The anticipation builds with each layer, and when he finally reaches the center, the real gift awaits, creating a memorable and amusing experience. Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries!

  • The "Not-So-Easy" Unwrapping Challenge
  • Transform simple funny gift ideas for men into an entertaining challenge by using layers of duct tape to secure the wrapping. Equip him with scissors and let the fun begin! This prank adds an extra layer of excitement to any occasion and guarantees a good laugh. Ideal for casual get-togethers or celebrations with friends.

  • The Puzzle Box Mystery
  • Craft a personalized puzzle by attaching individual pieces to the gift wrap. As he solves the puzzle, the picture becomes clear, revealing the hidden surprise. This creative approach adds an interactive element to gift-giving, making your novelty gifts for men ideal for special occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

    The Puzzle Box Mystery

    The Puzzle Box Mystery for Gag Gifts for Him

    There you have it – prank gift wrapping ideas that promise laughs and unforgettable moments. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a spontaneous gesture, these creative wrapping ideas add an element of surprise and joy to every occasion. Make your hilarious gifts for men memorable, and let the laughter begin!


    In conclusion, let the laughter linger with Personal House's funny gifts for men. Our carefully curated selection ensures a perfect blend of humor and uniqueness. May your gift bring joy and laughter to your loved ones' lives! Ready to add a dash of hilarity? Explore our collection now and make every occasion unforgettable.

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