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60+ First Fathers Day Quotes from Wife, Baby & Friends in 2024

60+ First Fathers Day Quotes from Wife, Baby & Friends in 2024

04 Jun 2024
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Some first Fathers Day quotes have been rounded up to mark that #1 dad. As, real talk - is there anything cuter than a new dad on his very first Father's Day? Seeing a guy who used to be all about late nights with the bros suddenly become a gushy, baby-talking mush-ball is just the sweetest thing. Pick the words that will make his heart swell up like a bodybuilder's biceps!


Best First Father's Day Quotes for New Dads

What better custom gift for that fresh-faced new dad than some first time Fathers Day quotes to warm his heart and make him feel like the world's greatest?

First Fathers Day Quotes from Wife

There's nothing quite like a wife's perspective to capture the pure pride, joy and utter chaos of watching her man enter the dad-universe!

  • Babe, you were born to be a dad! Watching you step into that role like a total natural has me weeping happy tears into my morning coffee. Our mini is one lucky kid.
Dad And Pregnant Wife On The Sofa-First Time Fathers Day Quotes
First Time Fathers Day Quotes - Dad And Pregnant Wife On The Sofa
  • To the man who used to sleep till noon on Saturdays and now greets the day with a gummy grin from our squish - you're one helluva pop, and I'm so proud of you!
  • Remember when we thought having a pet rock was a heavy responsibility? Look at us now, raising an entire human! You're knocking this dad gig out of the park, babe.
  • Our kiddo may have gotten your devilish good looks, but they definitely inherited your huge, loving heart. Watching you two together is the purest joy.
  • They say it takes a village, but with you as our little one's dad, you're raising them up to take on the world single-handedly. Superhero status achieved!
  • Hey hot stuff, who knew daddy duties would make you even sexier? Our baby is blessed to have such a fun, caring, all-around amazing father figure in their life.
  • You make this crazy newborn life look easy, babe. I'm in awe of your dad's skills every single day.
  • Our adventuring trio just got way cuter with you leading the charge! Here's to many memory-making Daddy Dates ahead.
Couple Selfie Quotes For First Fathers Day
Quotes For First Fathers Day - Parents And Baby Walking Hand in Hand
  • Rookie dad? As if! You were born for this role, nurturing our little one with so much love and patience.
  • Baby, you started stealing my heart years ago. Now you've got our mini's too - all wrapped around those strong, caring dad fingers.
  • This journey of parenthood is wild, but you're my dream teammate. Our kid is so lucky to have you as their dad.
  • You're everything I dreamed of and more as a father. Just...don't quit your day job on the dad jokes, k?
  • Babe, our child hit the jackpot getting you as their dad. You make this whole parent gig look like a walk in the baby park.
  • On my list of reasons why I adore you, your natural daddy skills are at the very top. Happy first day celebrating you!
  • You've got this whole dad thing down pat - the snuggles, the sillies, the endless support. I'm in awe of you.
  • My heart could burst watching the pure adoration between you and our mini me. You're one-of-a-kind, baby!
Couple Selfie Quotes For First Fathers Day
Happy First Fathers Day Quotes - Couple Selfie

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Personalized Always A Legend A Great Husband Daddy/Grandpa T-shirt 1st-First Fathers Day Quotes
First Time Fathers Day Message - Great Husband Daddy T-shirt

First Father's Day Messages from Son

Hearing it straight from the baby's mouth - err, the first Fathers Day quotes his mama picked - are the most adorable way to honor a first-time dad.

  • Heyyy daddy-o! You might be my whole world, but lemme tell ya - you're outta this world to me too! Happy #1 Pops Day!
  • Thanks for making life a total party, dad! Between your goofy dance moves and dad joke arsenal, everyday is fun with you. Happiest Father's Day!
Dad Kisses Son’s Cheek-Happy First Fathers Day Quotes
Happy 1st Father's Day Quotes - Dad Kisses Son’s Cheek
  • If this gummy smile could talk, it'd say "You're the baby, dad!" Thank you for ALL the coos, cuddles and baby talks. My first Father's Day love!
  • You got the full dad jackpot when I came into this world - a bestie, a teacher, and a bodyguard all rolled into one. I'm one lucky kid!
  • The world's our oyster, daddio! Can't wait to explore all its nooks and crannies with my favorite adventure buddy. Happy first Father'sMates Day!
  • Might be tiny now, but my goal's to be a chip off the old block someday. You're my hero, dad! First Dad Day wishes!
  • My vocabulary is limited, but my heart's full of big fat mushy love for you, father dearest. This card will have to do...for now!
  • Struck pure gold having a stellar dad like you, my friend. No doubt there! Happy first-ever Father's Day!
  • Thanks for making my childhood a total dream, you silly dad you. Bringing all the smiles, hugs and happiness!
  • Two peas in a pod, that's us! I cherish and adore my other favorite human. First Father'sMates Day, Padré!
Dad Holding Hands Of Son-1st Father's Day Quote
Happy First Fathers Day Message - Dad Holding Hands Of Son
  • You're my guiding light, showing me how to be kind, loving and all the good stuff. Hitting it out of the park as a dad!
  • Bear hugs for you, snuggle wuggle! And the biggest bear hug of warm fuzzies right back atcha on Father's Day!
  • Thanks for putting up with my cute baby chaos, dad! You're a patient, fun-loving gem. My first Dad Day love!
  • Baby's first Father's Day and you've already got this dad gig downpat. Must be those killer parent instincts!
  • Mama's boy? More like daddy's boy! You had my heart from day one, pops. Can't imagine a cooler dad.
  • Congratulations, you made it through the newborn trenches! Here's to many more amazing father-son adventures.

A son's first Father's Day messages to his dad serve as a touching reminder of the unique bond they share.

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    First Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

    Get ready for the fiercest daddy's girl sentiments, straight from his darling little princess! These happy Fathers Day for first time dads will melt even the toughest fathers.

    • I'm brand spankin' new to this crazy world, but you make it feel like a total wonderland, daddy-o! Happy first Pops Day!
    Dad And Daughter Looking At Each Other-First Time Fathers Day Message
    1st Fathers Day Quotes - Dad And Daughter Looking At Each Other
    • Confession: I've got a superhero on speed dial! Well, not literally...but you get what I mean. My #1 dad rocks!
    • Some little ladies gotta marry a prince to feel like royalty. Me? I hit the princess jackpot just by having you as my king!
    • So many adventures ahead for this curious kiddo, but I already scored the best tour guide - my insanely awesome dad!
    • With a solid protector like you, I've got zero reasons to be scared, daddy. Just loved, supported and straight chillin'.
    • Good thing I chose this rad fam to join! Having the world's best dad was a major selling point. Father's Day love!
    • Thanks for being so hands-on, treating me like your whole world. Just you wait, the "I love you"s are coming in hot soon!
    • You let me explore to my heart's content, never raining on my parade of curiosities. Rockin' dad status achieved!
    • Home is where the heart is - and you make our place feel like a total love shack. Ultimate daddy points!
    Little Girl Saying Hi On Her Dad’s Shoulder-Happy 1st Father's Day Quotes
    First Time Fathers Day Quotes - Little Girl Saying Hi On Her Dad’s Shoulder
    • I was nervous to leave that cozy womb behind, but your bear hugs make this world look easy, breezy! Yay for dad snuggles!
    • Your smiles are the best, didn't you know? Lights up my whole day, you happy cheerful daddy, you!
    • It's a beautiful day because I get to celebrate the beautiful dad that you are! Happy first Father's Fest!
    • From tummy time giggles to baby ballet classes, you make every moment straight up magical, pawpaw!
    • Somebody got the prime dad package when I picked you! My own cheerleader, goofball and hugger all in one.
    • You're raising me with so much love and patience. I'll be wise beyond my milk-drunk years before you know it!
    • Thanks for leading our little adventuring party with such a fun spirit! Can't wait for all our daddy-daughter quests.
    These quotes reflect the innocence, love, and adoration a daughter holds for her dad, marking the beginning of a lifelong bond.

      First Father's Day Messages from Friends & Family

      Whether it's an epic dad joke, a heartfelt reminder of what he means to his kid, or a much-needed "you got this" from loved ones - these Fathers Day quotes for first time dads that have got new dads covered.

      • Buckle up, new dad! The parenting roadtrip is no casual Sunday cruise, but boy is it gonna be one wild, amazing ride. Congrats on surviving year 1!
      Family Running Under The Sun-Happy First Fathers Day Messages
      Quotes For First Fathers Day - Family Running Under The Sun
      • You're a total natural at this dad gig, my friend. Give it a year or two more and you'll be running circles around all us mere mortals!
      • Bruh, you were already a stellar friend. But becoming a devoted dad? You officially leveled up to legend status. Need any backup on this parenting quest?
      • Here's to cherishing every new parent moment - the snuggles, the spit-up, the exhaustion! May the joys of fatherhood just keep on coming.
      • Kids grow up so fast, don't they? But you'll always be their North Star to look up to and admire, no matter how tall they get!
      • The sleep deprivation, the diaper blowouts, the crying's all worth it for those heart-bursting baby giggles and smiles, yeah? You're crushing this dad thing!
      • Upbeat prankster, steadfast provider - talk about the ideal daddy concoction! Proud of you and your A+ dad skills.
      • Could your little fam BE any cuter? You're the ultimate family man, putting your people first through the chaos. Serious respect.
      Family Cooking Together-Happy First Fathers Day Message
      Happy First Fathers Day Quotes - Family Cooking Together
      • That gummy grin, those chubby cheeks - I'd be a delighted dad too with an angel like yours! Way to spread the joy, papa bear.
      • New dad, old dad, you're already a total pro at this parenthood rodeo. Enjoy a chill Father's Day, you've earned it!
      • Making the rest of us look like slacker parents with your A+ skills, as per usual! The model for kickass fatherhood.
      • Seeing you flourish into Super Dad before my very eyes! Cherish all the firsts as you go, it's a beautiful thing.
      • From drool-covered shirts to 2am dance parties, you take every nutty parent moment in stride. You're gonna blink and have a teenager!
      • Parent of the year called, they're running out of awards with your name on 'em! Seriously, so proud to know such a rockin' dad.
      • Cool uncle powers, activated! Can't wait for all the hijinks, adventures and life lessons we get to pass down.
      • Started from newborn, now we're here - a bonafide dad, raising them up right! The future's bright with you leading the way.
      Family With A Dog-First Fathers Day Message
      First Time Fathers Day Message - Family With A Dog

      First Father's Day messages from friends and family are a wonderful way to show support and recognition for a new dad.

      Best Father’s Day Gifts for First Time Dads

      Becoming a parent is the best gift, but dads deserve a little something more to honor their first go-around! These gift ideas are chef's kisses to come along with your sweet first Fathers Day quotes.

    • Best Dad Mug
    • "I will admit, I was a little skeptical when I ordered this mug because I had never heard of the company before. But boy, was I pleasantly surprised! The final product looked just like the picture, capturing every detail to perfection. And talk about speedy service – it arrived at my doorstep within a week! Needless to say, I'm absolutely delighted with my purchase and will definitely be a returning customer for future gifting needs." - Emily, one of our beloved customers, has reviewed the mug.

      Personalized Best Dad Looks Like Mug-1st Fathers Day Quotes
      Happy First Fathers Day Messages - Best Dad Mug
    • The Very Night You Became My Great Daddy Canvas
    • Our versatile canvas sizes cater to every space and preference, ensuring a perfect fit for your cherished memories. The 30 x 20 cm and 20 x 30 cm sizes are ideal for tabletops, shelves, or compact spaces, adding a heartwarming touch to any room. The 60 x 40 cm and 40 x 60 cm options are perfect for hanging on walls, creating a focal point that radiates warmth and love. For those seeking a grand statement piece, the 120 x 80 cm and 80 x 120 cm canvases are sure to captivate and leave a lasting impression, transforming any space into a personal gallery of cherished memories.

      Happy First Fathers Day Message - The Night You Became My Daddy Canvas
    • Father’s Day Shirt Gift For First Dad
    • In a recent survey conducted by Gifting Insight, a staggering 78% of respondents expressed a preference for personalized gifts over generic ones. The primary reasons cited included the sentiment of thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and the ability to create lasting memories. As reported by Forbes, personalized gifts have seen a surge in popularity, with consumers seeking more meaningful and tailored experiences. 

      Personalized Mom/Dad Nutrition Facts T-shirt-Happy Fathers Day For First Time Dads
      First Fathers Day Message - Dad Nutrition Facts T-shirt

      To elevate the gifting experience, consider thoughtfully packaging the gift in a manner that showcases your heartfelt sentiment. Start by carefully folding the shirt and placing it in a sleek gift box adorned with a ribbon or bow in dad's favorite color. Include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude and love, creating a personal touch that will resonate deeply. For an added touch of whimsy, consider incorporating a small memento or inside joke that holds special meaning between you and your dad, transforming this gift into a cherished keepsake.

      Personalized Dad Level Unlocked Mug Gift for Grandad Dad-Quotes For First Fathers Day
      1st Fathers Day Quotes - Dad Level Unlocked T-shirt

      Wrapping Up

      So whether you jotted down some swoon-worthy words in a cheesy card, posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, or just whispered them in his ear over baby coos, Personal House hopes you found the first Fathers Day quotes packed with all the feels. One that lets that stellar new dad know just how kick-ass he's doing while they both embark on the greatest adventure yet - parenthood!

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