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30+ Best First Fathers Day Gifts for All New Dads 2024
Gift Ideas

30+ Best First Fathers Day Gifts for All New Dads 2024

23 May 2024
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Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in June. There are numerous ways to commemorate this great occasion, but first and foremost, you'll need show-stopping first Fathers Day gifts to express your love and gratitude. Grab this chance to make the new dad in your life smile!

Personalized First Fathers Day Gifts for First Time Dads

When it comes to showering a rookie dad with the perfect first Fathers Day presents, thoughtfulness reigns supreme - for this is a treasured rite of passage deserving of the utmost heartfelt gesture.

Unique First Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Son

What better way for a son to honor his hero's debut into parenthood than with 1st Fathers Day gift ideas from kids that captures the profound love and amazement of that blessed first meeting?

  • Personalized My Great Daddy Canvas
  • What size should we choose to commemorate that milestone evening? A cozy 30x20 cm canvas to grace your nightstand? Perhaps a generous 120x80 cm masterpiece demands center stage above the family mantle. No matter which dimensions you select, these first Fathers Day gifts will transport you back to the blessed moment you first cradled your little one. Vibrant hues and delicate brushwork freeze that loving gaze in time, ensuring every glance awakens the same swell of paternal pride.

    Daddy You are the World Canvas

    Daddy You are the World Canvas

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    Available in various sizes such as 12"x8", 18"x12", 24"x16", 36"x24", and 48"x32", this canvas can be tailored to fit any space in your home. Personalization options for this canvas are extensive and heartfelt. You can customize it with a favorite photo of the baby boy and his dad, along with a touching message or quote that captures your feelings.

    Personalized The Very Night You Became My Great Daddy Canvas First Time Fathers Day Gifts

    Gifts First Fathers Day - Personalized The Very Night You Became My Great Daddy Canvas

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  • Personalized New Daddy T-shirts
  • These matching tees are crafted from the finest combed ring-spun cotton, offering unparalleled softness and breathability. The vibrant designs playfully showcase the remarkable similarities between you and your mini-me, celebrating the special bond you share. Whether lounging at home or exploring the great outdoors, these ultra-comfy 1st Father's Day gifts keep the father-son duo stylishly in sync while creating lasting memories.

    Personalized Like Father Like Son T Shirts Gifts First Fathers Day

    First Fathers Day Gifts From Baby Boy - Personalized Like Father Like Son T Shirts

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     Every dad deserves to feel like the beloved leader of his own loyal crew! This vibrant t-shirt broadcasts that special role with pride. Though requiring a brief 3-5 day production period before shipping within 7-10 days, the wait is worth it for such a meaningful design. Personal House always tries our best to ensure you receive your first Father's Day gifts as soon as possible.

    Personalized Daddy's Gang T-shirt - First Time Dad Fathers Day Gift

    First Father's Day Gift Ideas - Personalized Daddy's Gang T-Shirt

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    Each T-shirt undergoes a careful quality check to ensure that the print is flawless and aligned correctly. The DTG printing method is particularly beneficial for personalized items because it allows for intricate designs and detailed customization, ensuring that each T-shirt is unique and special. Whether you choose to add a simple message like "Best Dad Ever" or an elaborate design featuring the baby's birth date and handprints, these T-shirts are a heartfelt gift that any new father will cherish.

    New Dad Level Unlocked Shirt

    New Dad Level Unlocked Shirt

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  • Personalized Grandpas Daddy's Little Monster Iphone 14 Phone Case
  • Why settle for bland protection when you can accessorize with monstrously good looks? This hybrid iPhone 14 case pairs a wild pop of color with exceptional durability. A hard plastic outer layer and tempered glass front deliver scratch and shockproof shielding, while the flexible silicone edging safeguards against drops. But the real appeal? The vibrant, whimsical design on this 1st Fathers Day gift that reflects the boundless energy only a dad can understand!

    "Personalized Grandpa's/Daddy's Little Monster iPhone 14 Phone Case  First Time Dad Fathers Day Gift[product]"

    First Fathers Day Presents - Personalized Daddy's Little Monster IPhone 14 Phone Case

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    Custom First Fathers Day Gift from Daughter

    For the proud papa embarking on his sweetest adventure yet, first Fathers Day gifts from daughters are an opportunity to immortalize the magic of newfound fatherhood in a uniquely personal way.

  • Personalized Fathers Day Mug for New Dad
  • The heartwarming trend of gifting personalized photo mugs to doting fathers has soared by a staggering 300% each year as Father's Day approaches, according to data from Vistaprint. This remarkable statistic underscores the deep desire to celebrate and honor the irreplaceable bond between a dad and his children through a uniquely customized keepsake.

    Personalized Like Father Like Daughter Mug First Father's Day Gift

    Father's Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Personalized Like Father Like Daughter Mug

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    Our meticulous printing process ensures every detail of your cherished photo is vividly reproduced with exceptional clarity and vibrant colors that withstand the test of time. The images are permanently infused into the durable ceramic using a specialized dye-sublimation technique, creating a lasting bond that will never fade or peel, no matter how many coffee refills dad requires.

    "Personalized Best Dad Looks Like Mug  First Father's Day Gift[product]"

    Daddy First Fathers Day Gifts from Daughter- Personalized Best Dad Looks Like Mug

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    To make your first Fathers Day gifts an even more thoughtful gesture, each personalized mug is carefully packed in a delightful gift box adorned with a heartfelt Father's Day message. A festive ribbon and handwritten note add the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to convey your deepest gratitude and appreciation for the world's most incredible dad.

    Personalized Mom/Dad Nutrition Facts Mug First Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Father's Day Gifts For New Dads - Personalized Dad Nutrition Facts Mug

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    • Personalized Sweater for First time Dad

    A comfortable, stylish, and emotional personalised sweater celebrates first-time dadhood. These sweaters are durable and soft due to their 50% pre-shrunk cotton and 50% polyester combination. The mid-weight fabric provides warmth without being heavy, making it ideal for year-round wear. These sweaters can be customized extensively, making them distinctive gifts. Add the baby's name, birth date, or a special statement like "First-Time Dad Est. [Year]." Fonts range from delicate scripts to bold, playful designs to meet your aesthetic.

    Dad Level Press Start Sweatshirt

    Dad Level Press Start Sweatshirt

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  • Personalized This Cool And Precious Daddy Belongs to Pillow
  • To preserve the vibrant colors and crisp details of your personalized pillow, it's recommended using spot cleaning with a mild detergent and lukewarm water when needed. Avoid submerging the entire pillow, as this could compromise the integrity of the design. For a full refresh, gently hand-wash the pillow cover separately and air dry to maintain its plush softness.

    Personalized This Cool And Precious Daddy/Grandpa Belongs To Pillow 1st Father's Day Gifts

    Gifts First Fathers Day - Personalized This Daddy Belongs To Pillow

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  • Personalized Dog Dad Shirt Gift
  • Besides 1st Father’s Day gifts from baby boy or baby girl, we also have gift options for new dog dad like the shirt below. Our commitment to quality has fostered a loyal customer base, with an impressive 20% of buyers returning to purchase additional personalized gifts from our collections year after year. This remarkable statistic serves as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction that define our brand, ensuring every dog dad feels celebrated in style.

    Personalized Dog Dad Shirt Gift First Fathers Day Presents

    First Fathers Day Gifts - Personalized Dog Dad Shirt Gift

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    • Personalized hoodie for the new dad

    The customization options for these hoodies are extensive. Start by selecting the base color of the hoodie from a variety of classic shades. Next, you can personalize the hoodie with text, such as the baby's name, birth date, or a touching message. Choose from a range of fonts to match the desired look, whether it's elegant, playful, or bold. Additionally, you can add custom illustrations or upload your own images. These can include detailed illustrations of the dad & baby, complete with options to customize hair color, clothing, and facial expressions.

    Dad Fist Bump with Baby Hoodie

    Dad Fist Bump with Baby Hoodie

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    Celebrating a man's inaugural journey into fatherhood calls for custom Father's Day gift ideas for new dad as extraordinary as the once-in-a-lifetime experience itself! Start custom one for him & his babies now!

    First Fathers Day Gift for Grandads

    While grandparenting is serious business, playful first Fathers Day gifts allow that brand-new grandad to embrace the role's sillier side with a well-deserved chuckle!

  • Personalized T-shirt For Fathers Day
  • With over 100 fonts to choose from, ranging from classic to quirky, and a vibrant palette of 36 colors, you can create a design that's as bold or subtle as you'd like. Upload cherished photos or graphics, and our state-of-the-art printing process will render every detail with remarkable precision. Best of all, our generous 500-character limit ensures you can fully express your heartfelt (or playfully roasting) sentiments. 

    Personalized First Dad Now Grandpa T-shirt 1st Fathers Day Gift

    First Father's Day Gift Ideas - Personalized First Dad Now Grandpa T-Shirt

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    To ensure constant quality and accuracy, Personal House applies stringent quality control methods throughout the personalisation process. Every design undergoes a manual inspection by our trained specialists, who meticulously check for any errors or inconsistencies before approving it for printing. Additionally, our automated systems conduct a series of checks to verify font choices, color accuracy, and image resolution, ensuring a flawless final product that exceeds expectations.

    Personalized Legend, Husband, Dad And Papa Since T-shirt Father's Day Gifts For First Time Dads

    First Fathers Day Presents - Personalized Legend, Husband, Dad And Papa Since T-Shirt

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    “My husband loves his tee shirt, which I got as a birthday present for him. I noticed the advertisement on Facebook and was skeptical, yet my concerns were unfounded. It is better than I expected. The material and printing are of good quality. I am going to look into what else I can get from this firm." - Sarah K. - A loyal customer gave feedback for her first Fathers Day gifts from Personal House.

    Personalized My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa T-shirt Father's Day Gift For New Dad

    Father's Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Personalized My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa T-Shirt

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  • Grandpa Survival Kit
  • No one said being a grandpa was easy, but this delightfully cheeky kit promises many giggles along the way. Inside the charming tin of Father's Day gifts for first time dads, he'll find a hilarious array of "survival" essentials – a stress ball for those rambunctious grandkid moments, cozy earplugs to muffle those joyful squeals, and even candy bribes! Each carefully selected item is sure to bring smiles and knowing nods as Grandad embarks on his greatest role yet.

    • Grandad's Story Journal

    Giving Grandad a story journal specifically designed for grandparents is a profoundly meaningful gift that goes beyond the material. This journal invites him to reflect on and record his life stories, wisdom, and cherished memories, providing a structured yet flexible way for him to document the rich tapestry of his experiences. Each page of the journal can prompt him with questions about his childhood, significant life events, lessons learned, and memorable moments.

  • Grandpa Brite Stash 
  • Every grandparent knows the secret to keeping those rambunctious grandkids in line - a well-stocked bribe stash! This hilarious gift provides Grandad with his very own discreet, portable container perfectly sized for stashing an arsenal of tiny treasures like sweet treats and pint-sized playthings. The playful design leaves no doubt as to its cheeky purpose, with a winking graphic and phrase that'll have him chuckling. 

    Grandpa Brite Stash Daddy First Fathers Day

    Daddy First Fathers Day - Grandpa Brite Stash

    DIY First Father's Day Gifts Ideas

    Crafting homemade first Fathers Day gifts adds an extra sprinkle of heart to that numero uno dad's introduction into the most rewarding job around.

    • Handprint Art Keepsake

    Capture that tiny hand in vibrant colors forever! This heartfelt craft celebrates the miracle of new life with a charming handprint keepsake. Simply press the baby's palm into non-toxic paint, then onto a blank canvas for an adorable impression. Customize with a loving message or the special date to make it extra meaningful. Frame it or leave the canvas as is - either way, it's a priceless memento dad will cherish always.

    • New Dad Scrapbook

    Creating a scrapbook for your husband's first Father's Day is a wonderful way to preserve and celebrate the precious memories of your baby's early life and his journey into fatherhood. Start by selecting a high-quality scrapbook with sturdy pages that can withstand the addition of photos, mementos, and decorations. Gather all the materials you'll need, including photos, decorative paper, stickers, embellishments, pens, and glue.

    • Daddy's Diaper Bag Survival Kit
    Daddy's Diaper Bag Survival Kit Father's Day Gifts For New Dads

    First Time Fathers Day Gifts - Daddy's Diaper Bag Survival Kit

    Every on-the-go dad needs a helping hand! Fill a portable tin with must-have supplies like diaper cream, sanitizing wipes, granola bars, and more. Then get creative decorating the outside with permanent markers, washi tape, stickers - anything to give it personality! He'll appreciate the practicality and charm whenever duty calls.

    • Baby Footprint Stamped Tools

    Put those tiny tootsie prints to good use on his favorite toolbox or workshop accessories! Gently press the baby's feet into an ink pad, then carefully stamp onto wood, metal or plastic items. Once sealed, those priceless prints will forever mark the objects Dad uses most. A sentimental reminder of his awesome new job!

    • Customized Dad Joke Book

    Calling all punny dads! Create a keepsake book filled with corny "dad jokes" starring your new comedian. Get the kids involved by letting them illustrate each page, or compile jokes you know will give him a good laugh. Laminate or bind it at a copy shop to make it extra special. The cheesier, the better!

    • Dad's Movie Night Snack Basket

    The ideal first Fathers Day gifts for a film buff new dad! Fill a reusable basket or bin with his favorite movie treats like popcorn, chocolate, and soda. Then take it up a notch by personalizing with customized snack labels, dad-themed dishware, even classic movie quotes printed out. He'll be set for a cozy night in with his two leading roles.

    Dad's Movie Night Snack Basket First Time Fathers Day Gifts

    First Time Dad Fathers Day Gift - Dad's Movie Night Snack Basket

    • Footprint Keychain

    One of the most touching DIY daddys first fathers day you can create for your husband's or someone's first Father's Day is a keychain featuring your baby's footprint. This small but meaningful keepsake can be easily crafted using clay or by purchasing a DIY kit specifically designed for making footprint or handprint keepsakes. To start, you'll need a small amount of non-toxic, air-dry clay or the material provided in the kit.

    • Recipe Book for Dad

    Compiling a recipe book for the dad-to-be is a thoughtful and practical gift that shows how much you care about making his transition to fatherhood smooth and enjoyable. This personalized recipe book can feature a collection of simple and favorite recipes that he can easily prepare, ensuring he feels confident in the kitchen while also bonding with the family over meals.

    • Homemade Card

    A homemade card is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation and love on your husband's first Father's Day. Start by gathering your materials: a blank card or cardstock, markers, colored pencils, stickers, and photos. Think about the design and message you want to convey, whether it’s sentimental, humorous, or a mix of both. Begin by decorating the front of the card with your own drawings, perhaps depicting a special moment you’ve shared as a family, or using stickers and embellishments to add a personal touch.

    Wrapping Up

    The feeling of being a father for the first time is so hard to put into words - it's a whirlwind of emotions, from overwhelming love to sheer awe at the tiny miracle in your arms. Those early days are a beautiful blur of baby snuggles, sleep-deprived smiles, and a heart constantly overflowing. So for the superhero who's bravely taking on his most important role yet, spoil him with first Fathers Day gifts as unique as his remarkable journey into dadhood. 

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