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100 Inspirational Happy Easter Quotes & Sayings

100 Inspirational Happy Easter Quotes & Sayings

09 Mar 2024
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Celebrate Easter in your own way – church, colorful baskets, heartfelt cards, and Instagram moments. Whether you're all-in or just picking one, the best Easter quotes add that extra charm. From toasts to faith and spring vibes, find the perfect quote for a social media caption or heartfelt moment. Let the spirit of renewal and hope shine in your Easter celebrations.


Cute Easter Sayings

Pair your cute custom gifts with adorable Easter sayings and make your gifts even sweeter with our curated collection.

  • Hippity hop, Easter is approaching!
  • I hope your Easter is as sweet as a basket full of candy.
  • Happy Easter, every bunny!
  • I'm excited about Easter sweets!
  • Sweet eggscape.
  • Happy egg hunting!
  • Sweeter than Peeps.
  • Show me the rabbit.
  • Hanging up with the sweetest chicks!
  • Here comes Peter Cottontail!
  • Excellent times ahead.
  • Let us have a hopping good time.
  • Everything you need is love—and a chocolate rabbit.
  • Ears hoping you have a happy Easter.
  • Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.
  • No bunny adores you more than I do.
Cute Easter Blessing Quotes
Cute Lds Easter Quotes
  • Looking forward to spring!
  • Follow the bunny—he has the chocolate.
  • Nothing beats having a friend, unless it comes with chocolate.
  • Happy Easter to all of my Peeps!
  • A balanced diet is like holding chocolate in both palms.
  • Here's to chocolate, flowers, and spring.
  • Allow cheerful ideas to multiply like rabbits.
  • There's no bunny like you.
  • Let's live happily ever after.
  • Here's to a wonderful Easter.
  • We are like two Peeps in a pod.
  • I am very excited about Easter!

Easter reminds us of gratitude, and family comes first. Our Personalized Family Heart Shaped Hand Canvas captures this sentiment perfectly. Each custom canvas bears the imprints of your family's hands, forming a heart – a symbol of love and unity. Celebrate family this Easter with a meaningful gesture that speaks volumes. 

Family Heart Canvas - Lds Easter Quotes

Family Heart Canvas - Quotes about Easter

Easter Sunday Quotes

Looking to enhance your Easter gift ideas? Explore the spirit of Sunday with our Easter quotes. 

  • May Easter fill your heart with joy, as bright as spring sun and your spirit with renewed hope.
  • Wishing you an Easter filled with laughter, love, and the sweet taste of chocolate bunnies!
  • Let Easter remind you that life is a journey; today is the perfect time to cherish every step.
  • On this Easter, may blessings multiply like bunnies, and joy be as contagious as wildflowers.
  • Sending Easter wishes that bloom with happiness, like flowers in early spring.
  • Happy Easter! May your day be egg-stra special, filled with love, laughter, and delightful egg hunts.
  • As you celebrate Easter, may the joy of resurrection find its way into your heart, bringing renewal and endless possibilities.
  • Wishing you an egg-citing Easter, where every moment is as colorful and delightful as hand-painted eggs.
Sunday Quotes about Easter
Sunday Easter Quote
  • May this Easter bring not just chocolates but also the sweetness of time spent with loved ones, creating cherished memories.
  • On Easter, embrace the beauty of new beginnings, like blossoming flowers and the promise of brighter days ahead. Happy Easter!

Simple & Short Easter Quotes

Curious about "When is Easter?" Get set for all the good Easter phrases for the grateful season ahead.

  • Easter: where joy meets renewal.
  • Hop into happiness this Easter!
  • Springing into a season of hope.
  • Easter blessings and egg-citement!
  • Wishing you an egg-stra special day.
  • Let love hatch this Easter.
  • Crack open the joy – it's Easter!
  • Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.
  • Easter vibes: sunshine and smiles.
  • Egg-spect miracles this season.

This Easter, treat the cat enthusiast in your life to ultimate comfort and joy with our Personalized Sleepshirt and Cat T-Shirt combo. Imagine their surprise as they unwrap a unique apparel just for them featuring a custom illustration of their furry friend. Order now to bring a smile to their face and warmth to their heart!

Sleepshirt - Easter Quote
Sleepshirt - Easter Saying

Religious Easter Quotes

Perfect for personal reflection or sharing in church gatherings, these Easter phrases embody faith, hope, and reverence. 

  • Easter reminds us that love conquered the darkest of days, and faith can illuminate our path even in the shadows.
  • In the resurrection, we find the eternal promise that every ending carries the seed of a new beginning.
  • Just as spring brings life to the dormant earth, Easter resurrects hope within our hearts.
  • Easter is not just a day; it's a beautiful reminder that God's love is our eternal compass.
  • May the joy of Easter fill your soul, as the resurrection fills the world with the warmth of God's grace.
  • On Easter, we celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, faith over doubt, and love over despair.
  • The cross shows us the cost of love, but the empty tomb reveals its eternal victory.

Religious Easter Weekend Quotes

Religious Easter Phrases

  • Easter is the glorious proclamation that God's love is stronger than death, and His mercy knows no bounds.
  • As flowers bloom in spring, let our faith blossom in the resurrection story of Easter.
  • Easter is a gentle reminder that even in life's trials, the stone will roll away, and light will dawn on our darkest moments.

Non-religious Quotes about Easter

Dive into Easter's joy with our non-religious Easter quotes! Perfect for egg hunts, brunch, or simply embracing the season's cheer. 

  • Easter means finding joy in simple things – like the perfect egg hiding spot or the first bite of a chocolate bunny.
  • Wishing you an Easter filled with laughter, joy, and more chocolate eggs than you can count. Because calories don't count on holidays, right?
  • Easter is the ultimate escape from routine. Enjoy the break, the treats, and the joy that comes with this extravagant season!
  • May your Easter be as bright and colorful as the eggs in the basket and as sweet as marshmallow peeps – without any sticky situations.

Non-religious Quotes about Happy Easter

Non-religious Beautiful Spiritual Easter Quotes

  • Easter is like a springtime hug from nature – full of flowers, sunshine, and the delightful surprise of a bunny hopping into your day.
  • Here's to Easter – a time when even the most serious adults can indulge in the joy of an egg hunt and pretend they're still kids at heart.
  • Easter is proof that a little positivity can crack through even the toughest shells. Wishing you a season filled with sunny days and sunny dispositions.
  • Hop into Easter with a basket full of good vibes and the determination to outdo your last year's record in the egg hunt. It's all about the excitement of the pursuit!
  • May your Easter be as sweet as a jellybean and as carefree as a bunny hopping through a meadow. Embrace the whimsy of the season!
  • Easter – the only time when putting all your eggs in one basket is not just a metaphor, but a joyous tradition. Here's to a basket overflowing with happiness and chocolate delights!

Non-religious Easter Sayings

Non-religious Easter Quotes with Images

    Easter Bible Verses

    Connect with the spirit of Easter through our selected Bible verses. These Easter quotes speak to the essence of the season, reflecting on hope, renewal, and resurrection.

    • In Easter joy, recall Psalm 118:24 – 'This is the day the Lord has made; let's rejoice and be glad'.
    • Reflect on Romans 6:4 – 'We were buried with him through baptism, so we too may live a new life'.
    • Celebrate Easter with 1 Corinthians 15:20. 'Christ has been raised as the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep'.
    • Easter inspiration from John 11:25 – 'I am the resurrection and the life; the one who believes will live, even though they die'.
    • Follow Proverbs 4:7 this Easter – 'The beginning of wisdom is to get understanding'.
    • Mark Easter with Colossians 3:1-2 – 'Since you've been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above'.
    • Isaiah 41:10 provides strength: 'Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be frightened, for I am your God'.
    Bible Verses Happy Easter Images with Quotes
    Bible Verses Easter Captions
    • Easter promise from Revelation 21:4 – 'He will wipe away every tear; no more death, mourning, or pain'.
    • Easter message in Matthew 28:6 – 'He is not here; he has risen, just as he said'.
    • Embrace 1 Peter 1:3 this Easter – 'Praise God for a living hope through Jesus' resurrection'.

    Funny Easter Quotes

    Laughter is the best companion for egg hunts and bunny-filled celebrations. Whether you're crafting witty cards, or just looking to tickle your funny bone, these quotes about happy Easter bring a lighthearted touch to the joyous occasion.

    • I have so many egg puns, they're not even bunnies.
    • Chick magnet.
    • Easter is for Jesus, you silly bunny.
    • I won't say my memory is awful, but I can now hide my own Easter eggs.
    • Attention! Check out this beautiful Easter attire.
    • I'm also really excellent at hiding my stomach.
    • Who says that Easter egg hunts are solely for children?
    • On Easter, an acceptable balanced diet includes chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!
    • I was going to tell you an Easter joke, but it's not what it seems.
    • When life hands you lemons, throw them back and beg for chocolate.

    Easter Captions for Instagram

    Sprinkle some Easter magic on your Instagram with our Captions! From egg hunts to brunch delights, find the perfect Easter quotes to make your posts pop.

    • I'm hoping you have a happy Easter!
    Instagram Quotes about Easter
    Instagram Easter Quote
    • What shall I say? I am just sweeter than a Peep!
    • You will find the greatest bunnies at iHop.
    • Welcome to the dark side. (Yeah, we mean chocolate!)
    • Cheers to all the excellent eggs.
    • How does the song lyric go? Every rabbit was a kung fu warrior.
    • I'm really happy on this Easter Sunday.
    • I'm not sure why. But this Easter, I'm feeling a little chicken.
    • I'll have my Cadbury eggs please.
    • Please don't be late for Easter breakfast again!

    And that wraps up our Easter quotes journey! Whether you leaned into the spiritual, kept it short and sweet, or added a dash of humor, may these quotes linger in the spirit of renewal and joy that Easter brings. Share these words with loved ones, sprinkle them into your celebrations, and let the essence of hope and love continue to resonate. Here's to a season filled with blessings, reflection, and the unique joy that Easter always brings.

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