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easter family quotes

Top 60 Easter Family Quotes for Everyone to Spread Love

23 Mar 2024
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As the sweet scent of Easter fills the air, it's time to gather your loved ones close and embrace the spirit of this cherished holiday. Like vibrant petals adorning a springtime garden, Easter family quotes have the power to bring a touch of magic, a whisper of love, and a sprinkle of joy to your festivities. Let’s dive in!


Short Family Easter Quotes

When is Easter? Celebrated between March 22nd and April 25th, Easter is the ideal occasion to spend time with family. In this part, Personal House will provide you with some short but meaningful easter quotes for family:

Short Family Easter Quotes - Easter Quotes About Family
Short Family Easter Quotes - Easter Quotes About Family
  • "Easter is a time for family, love, and new beginnings. On this Easter, may you and your loved ones enjoy a joyous celebration."
  • "Family makes Easter brighter and more beautiful. On Easter, we celebrate with pleasure, hope, and cherished family moments."
  • “Easter is a time to gather with family and celebrate the gift of love," 
  • “This Easter reminds us of the importance of family and the gift of togetherness."
  • “The joy and warmth of family is the essence of Easter, and I hope that your celebration is full of laughter, love, and family this year.”
  • “The holiday of Easter serves as a gentle reminder to value the time spent with those we care about. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and united Easter celebration.”

Just with those simple easter quotes about family, you can strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. 

Family Easter Bible Quotes 

What about bible easter family quotes? Besides easter gift baskets, find yourself the most suitable ones among those interesting religious Easter quotes:

  • “Let us celebrate the resurrected Jesus Christ as a family, for in Him we discover salvation, hope, and life beyond death.”
  • “As we rejoice in the resurrected Christ who defeated death and sin, may our family be filled with awe of God's boundless love this Easter”
  • "Let us come together as a family to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and the victory He achieved through His resurrection."
Family Easter Bible Quotes - Easter With Family Quotes
Family Easter Bible Quotes - Easter With Family Quotes
  • This Easter, as we celebrate with our loved ones, may we take heart in the gospel's proclamation of Jesus Christ's victorious resurrection and the peace and pleasure it brings to our hearts.
  • In the joyous occasion of Easter, may our loved ones feel refreshed in their faith, closer together, and more appreciative of all that our Lord has done for us.
  • Easter is a time to reflect on the good news that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and provided us new life, restoration, and forgiveness. We pray that our loved ones will accept this gift with gratitude.
  • Let us, as a family, take heart in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, which gives us hope and guarantees God's unending love.
  • As we celebrate Easter, may our family serve as a shining example of Christ's love, compassion, and forgiveness, testifying to the power of His resurrection.
  • May our family be strengthened in our faith as we reflect on the story of Easter and are encouraged to share the good news of salvation and God's grace with others.
  • May the resurrected Jesus serve as a potent reminder, as we gather as a family to celebrate Easter, of God's promise to reshape and renew us.

Do you pick yourself the most suitable family blessed easter quotes? If you have not found it yet, just continue to dive into the next interesting quote ideas. 

Non Religious Easter Family Quotes

Crafting non religious easter family quotes will be perfect choice on this special day to express care and love:

Easter Family Quotes Images
Easter Family Quotes Images
  • "Easter is a time to come together, appreciate one another, and create lasting memories."
  • "May this Easter gathering be filled with love, laughter, and the joy of being with family."
  • Spend quality time with loved ones, celebrate Easter, and make lasting memories.
  • The delight of cherished family experiences is a theme that runs throughout Easter.
  • I hope that this Easter season brings your loved ones closer together as a family.
  • On Easter, loved ones get together to rejoice in all that life has to offer.
  • I pray that this Easter celebration brings you happiness, love, and cherished family memories.
  • Embrace the love and comfort that Easter brings from your family.
  • During Easter, it is perfect to strengthen family bonds and create enduring customs.
  • Let us observe Easter with joy, togetherness, and lots of exciting things to do as a family.

Don’t forget that the important factor when crafting easter quote family is to express words with the most sincere heart.

Funny Easter Quote for Family

Crafting funny easter quotes for family and friends to make this day extra exciting and special with us. Check out best easter family quotes:

Funny Easter Quote Family
Funny Easter Quote Family
  • "Why did the Easter egg hide? Because it was a little chicken!"
  • "Easter: the only time it's okay to put all your eggs in one basket."
  • "Easter is all about finding eggs before the dog does!"
  • "Don't put all your eggs in one basket, unless it's chocolate."
  • "Easter: the one day when it's socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast!"
  • "Why did the Easter bunny cross the road? To prove he wasn't chicken!"
  • "Easter is egg-stra special when spent with family and a basket full of chocolates!"
  • "Easter: the only time when it's acceptable to put all your eggs in one basket... and then eat them!"
  • "Hoppy Easter! May your day be filled with laughter, love, and some bunny-full surprises."
  • "Easter: the perfect excuse to eat all the candy you find before your siblings do!"

Don’t underrate the value of funny easter with family quotes, they will help you and your family to get closer. 

Easter Sunday Family Quotes

Getting into trouble with sunday easter family quotes? Don’t worry because we have the best compilation of family blessed easter quotes:

  • "May your Easter Sunday be filled with love, joy, and cherished moments with family."
  • "On this special day, may your family be blessed with faith, hope, and happiness."
  • "Easter Sunday is a time to reflect on the blessings of family and the gift of togetherness."
  • "Wishing you a peaceful and meaningful Easter Sunday surrounded by your loved ones."
Sunday Easter Quotes For Family
  • “Sending best wishes for an Easter filled with joy, laughter, and cherished family memories to your home.”
  • “I hope that this Easter Sunday is full of the pleasure and love of family for you.”
  • “I pray that Easter Sunday brings you and your loved ones a sense of renewal, hope, and joy.”
  • “Easter Sunday is a time to celebrate with those you care about and to be grateful for the gifts your family has given you.”
  • “I hope that this Easter Sunday is full of joy, gratitude, and the strengthening of family bonds.”
  • “My best wishes for a joyous Easter celebration with loved ones.”

This Sunday, gather your loved ones and use those easter quotes for family and friends to convey your love. 

Easter Family Quotes for Instagram 

Seeking easter quote for family on instagram or any social media is just a piece of cake if you have our ideas here: 

Family Easter Quotes On Instagram
Family Easter Quotes On Instagram
  • "Easter is a time to gather, reflect, and appreciate the love of family. #EasterBlessings"
  • "Celebrating Easter with the ones who make my heart full. #FamilyLove"
  • "Easter brings us closer as a family, reminding us of the importance of love and togetherness. #EasterTraditions"
  • "Embracing the joy and warmth of Easter with my beloved family. #EasterCelebration"
  • "Creating beautiful memories and sharing love with my amazing family this Easter. #EasterMemories"
  • "Easter blessings and family love make every moment special. #EasterFamilyLove"
  • "Cherishing the joy of Easter with my beloved family. #FamilyEasterTraditions"
  • "Easter is a reminder of the beauty of family bonds. #FamilyLove"
  • "Embracing the love and togetherness this Easter. #BlessedWithFamily"
  • "Creating memories and sharing laughter with my amazing family this Easter. #EasterMemories"

Therefore, pick the best easter quotes for family and post them on Instagram right now to let your family know how much you love them.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Family

Don’t forget to include easter gift baskets to level up this Easter Day with family when crafting meaningful easter family quotes:

Family Easter Quotes On Instagram
  • Family Movie Night Basket

Make a movie night-themed Easter basket with family-friendly films, popcorn, candy, and comfy blankets. Add Easter-themed DVDs or springtime movies, as well as chocolate eggs, flavored popcorn, and other munchies. This custom gift for family will allow for valuable family time and enduring memories.

  • Outdoor Fun Basket

A variety of outdoor playthings, including sidewalk chalk, kites, Frisbees, jump ropes, and bubbles, can be found in an Easter basket. Bring along healthy snacks and drinks for hikes and other outdoor pursuits. This basket is perfect for getting the whole family moving and having fun in the great outdoors.

  • Craft and Creativity Basket

For the little artist in your life, this Easter, stock up on art supplies including crayons, markers, sketchbooks, paper, stickers, and craft kits. Include activities with an Easter theme, like making bunny masks or egg decorating kits. There will be hours of fun and creativity for the whole family with this basket.

  • Baking and Treats Basket

Perfect for baking enthusiasts, include cookie cutters, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, and a recipe book in an Easter basket. Add Easter-themed baking mixes, frosting, sprinkles, and chocolate eggs. This basket will inspire family baking and tasty treats.

Baking And Treats Basket
Baking And Treats Basket
  • Family Game Night Basket

Promote bonding with board games, card games, puzzles, and brain teasers for all ages. Include snacks like popcorn, pretzels, and mini candies for game nights. This basket will provide laughter and entertainment.

  • Gardening Basket

Encourage nature appreciation with gardening tools, seed packets, books, and magazines. Add decorative plant pots or small indoor plants. This basket will foster a love for gardening and connecting with nature.


The pleasure and rebirth that Easter provides is best celebrated with loved ones gathered around the table. Add a touch of warmth and inspiration to your Easter celebrations by including meaningful easter family quotes into your gift basket exchanges or just spending quality time with your loved ones.

So, when you and your loved ones celebrate Easter together, think about how you can make this special occasion even more meaningful and unforgettable by sharing these touching Easter family quotes.

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