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How To Hang Ornaments Without Hooks: A Complete Guide

How To Hang Ornaments Without Hooks: A Complete Guide

01 Dec 2023
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Finding how to hang ornaments without hooks not only adds a creative touch to your decor, but it also solves some problems that come with using traditional hooks. Let’s explore!

How to Hang Ornaments without Hooks

If you're ready to break away from traditional hooks, here's a detailed guide on how to hang ornaments using alternative items from

Ribbon, Jute, or String

Ribbon, jute, or string can add a whimsical touch to your tree while offering flexibility in color and design. Here's a step-by-step guide to hanging ornaments with these materials:

  • Cut Appropriate Lengths: Measure and cut your chosen material into appropriate lengths, considering the height of your tree.
  • Tie Secure Knots: Ensure the ornaments hang at various levels by tying secure knots. Experiment with different knot styles for added visual interest.
  • Hang Ornaments Evenly: Distribute the ornaments evenly throughout the tree, adjusting the lengths as needed. 

Hanging ornaments without hooks

How to hang up ornaments without hooks

Paper Clips or Safety Pins

While not the most visually appealing option, paper clips or safety pins are practical for lighter ornaments. Follow these steps for a quick and secure hanging process:

  • Straighten the Paper Clip: Unwind the paper clip and straighten it to create a simple, makeshift hook.
  • Attach Securely to Ornament: Hook the paper clip or safety pin securely to the loop of ornament. For safety pins, ensure the clasp is closed tightly.
  • Hang on Tree Branches: Place the paper clip or safety pin on a tree branch, making sure the ornament is balanced. This method is efficient for a minimalist look.

Fishing Line

For a nearly invisible display that emphasizes your ornaments, fishing line is an excellent choice. Follow these steps to find an easy answer to “how to hang ornaments without hooks”:

  • Cut the Desired Length: Measure and cut the fishing line to your desired length, allowing for variations in ornament placement.
  • Tie a Secure Knot around the Ornament: Carefully tie a secure knot around the ornament, ensuring it can withstand the weight. Double-check the knot for stability.
  • Hang the Ornament from a Tree Branch: Suspend the ornament from a tree branch using the fishing line. Adjust the length as needed for a cohesive and balanced look.
Hang Christmas ornaments without hooks

How to hang christmas ornaments without hooks


For a rustic and budget-friendly option, clothespins can add a touch of charm to your tree. Follow these steps for a simple yet effective method for "how to hang ornaments without hooks":

  • Create a Hanging String: String together clothespins to create a hanging line. Consider using decorative string or ribbon for added visual appeal.
  • Use the clothespins to clip onto the ornaments. 
  • Space Out Ornaments and Adjust: Hang the string with attached ornaments on the string or tree branches. Space out the ornaments and adjust their positions.
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    Choosing Suitable Items to Hang Ornaments Without Hooks

    Hooks, which are common in homes during the holiday season, have been used for this purpose in the past. However, other items can be used to create a new look for your decor. Here are some items to consider when you don’t want to use hooks to hang your ornaments when decorating your Christmas tree

    Ribbon or String


    • Versatility in color and design allows for a personalized touch.
    • The soft material reduces the risk of scratching on delicate ornaments.


    • Limited weight-bearing ability, so the weight of the ornament needs to be carefully thought out.
    • May require additional securing to ensure stability.
    How to hang Christmas ornaments without hooks

    How to hang ornaments without hooks: Ribbon

    Clothes pin

      • Easily clipped onto various materials, adaptable for different hanging situations
      • Suitable for quick and hassle-free ornament hanging
      • Can be reused for multiple holiday seasons
        • Its capacity is only suitable for lighter ornaments
        • Leave markings on the ornaments

        Fishing Line

          • Almost invisible, providing an unobtrusive display of ornaments whic makes it a wonderful replacement when you want to find ways for "how to hang ornaments without hooks"
          • High weight-bearing capacity suitable for various ornament sizes.
            • Requires careful knotting for secure hanging.
            • Harder to use especially for those not used to working with fishing line.
            Ornaments without hooks
            Hang ornaments without any hooks

            Paper Clips or Safety pins

              • Readily available and cost-effective when you want to hang ornaments without hooks
              • Simple and quick to use for hanging lighter ornaments.
                • Not very aesthetic, especially for those seeking a more decorative approach.
                • Not suitable for heavier ornaments due to potential structural limitations.

                  Natural Jute

                    • Earthy and rustic aesthetic adds a natural touch to your holiday decor.
                    • Good for the environment.
                      • Limited weight-bearing capacity; suitable for lighter ornaments.
                      • May require additional securing to prevent slipping.
                      How to hang ornaments without hooks

                      Natural jute for hanging ornaments without hook

                      Finding Lovely Ornaments for Christmas with Personal House

                      It's important to find the right ornaments for your Christmas tree before we look at creative ways to hang them. Personal House has a lovely range of unique Christmas ornaments that will go well with your own style and holiday theme. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of personalized gifts for Christmas. 

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                      This holiday season, be creative and make your Christmas tree unique by looking into ornament hooks that aren't the usual type. No matter what kind of ribbon, paper clips, clothespins, fishing line, or ornament hangers you choose, each will give your holiday decorations a unique look. When you use these creative methods for how to hang ornaments without hooks with Personal House's cute gifts, you can make your home feel truly magical and unique during the holidays.

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