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how to hang ornaments from the ceiling

How to Hang Ornaments from The Ceiling: Step-by-Step Guide

02 Dec 2023
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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to elevate your festive décor than by hanging beautiful ornaments from the ceiling? In this step-by-step guide, we'll explore all the tools required, and the meticulous process to how to hang ornaments from the ceiling that will leave your guests in awe.

Materials & Tools Needed

Here are all the things you need to prepare before hanging your ornaments to the ceiling: 

  • Beautiful Ornaments, photos or any other decorative objects
  • Hooks & Strings: clear fishing line for an invisible effect or decorative ribbons and strings
  • Ladder or Step Stool to reach high ceilings safely.
  • Command Hooks for Damage-Free Hanging: thumbtacks, screws and a drill
  • Sticky tacks, Tape, or Glue

Now, let’s delve into the full process with Personal House!

How to Hang Ornaments from the Ceiling: A Complete Guide

To ensure a stunning ornament display for your house, you can follow these steps:


How to hang ornaments from the ceiling without damaging

Step 1: Preparing the Ornaments

  • Think about your desired look and choose ornaments suitable for a specific theme. You can find inspiration on the internet. Don’t just buy randomly.
  • Organizing Based on Size, Color & Type: Grouping ornaments based on size, type & color not only facilitates the hanging process but also allows for a more strategic placement, creating a visually appealing arrangement.

    Step 2: Measuring and Marking

    • Marking Where You Want to Hang: Use a pencil to mark where you want each object to hang on the ceiling. Think about the general layout and spacing to make an arrangement that looks good and is balanced.
    • Getting Accurate with a Level: To keep things looking professional, make sure your lines are straight and aligned with a level. This step makes sure that the show looks good and stands out.
    how to hang ornaments from porch ceiling
    How to hang ornaments from the ceiling with fishing line

      Step 3: Stick Light Ornaments to the Ceiling with Adhesives

      For lightweight ornaments, consider using adhesive products like sticky tack or double-sided tape. These options provide a secure hold while remaining virtually invisible, creating a seamless and floating effect. Ensure the adhesive used is suitable for your ceiling type to avoid any damage.

      Step 4: Installing Command Hooks for Heavy Ornaments

      • Choosing Strategic Locations for Hooks: Identify sturdy locations on the ceiling where you can install command hooks for heavier ornaments. Consider the weight capacity of the hooks and distribute them evenly for a balanced display.
      • Comparing Types of Hooks: When selecting command hooks, consider the various types available. Adhesive hooks are ideal for damage-free hanging, while screw-in hooks offer extra stability. Evaluate the surface of your ceiling and choose hooks that adhere properly.
      Hanging ornaments from the ceiling
      How to hang christmas ornaments from the ceiling

        Step 5: Attaching Suitable Strings or Ribbons

        • Tying Ornaments Securely: Choose strong and durable strings or ribbons to tie ornaments securely to the hooks. Fishing line is a popular choice for its strength and nearly invisible appearance, allowing the ornaments to take center stage while ribbon will give you a colorful look.
        • Changing the Length for a Lively Display: Try out different lengths to give your ornament design depth and visual interest. If you want to hang ornaments at different heights to create layers or effects, you can use longer strings.

        Step 6: Hanging the Ornaments From The Ceiling

        • Attaching Ornaments to Hooks or Other Items: Carefully attach each ornament to its designated hook or tie them to surrounding objects with care. For added security, consider using ornamental hangers designed specifically for this purpose.
        • Comparing Ornamental Hangers: Explore different types of ornamental hangers, such as decorative hooks or clips. You can read more about different hanger types in our guide to how to hang ornaments without hooks.
        Hang ornaments from ceiling
        How to hang decorations from ceiling
        • Stepping Back to Assess and Make Adjustments: Once all ornaments are hung, take a step back to evaluate the overall display. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired look. This may include tweaking the placement of individual ornaments or adjusting the length of strings for optimal balance.

        Tips and Tricks for a Stunning Ceiling Display With Ornaments

        Along with finding how to hang ornaments from the ceiling, these are some additional tips to elevate your ceiling decoration this holiday:

        • Playing with Different Ornament Arrangements: Experiment with various arrangements, such as clustering ornaments in groups or creating a cascading effect.
        • Adding Fairy Lights for Extra Magic: To add an extra touch of magic to your ceiling show, add fairy lights that twinkle.
        • Hang or Wrap Items Around Ceiling Lights or Beams: Utilize existing features like ceiling lights or beams by hanging ornaments directly from them or wrapping decorative elements around them.
        • Adding Greenery or Other Decorative Elements: To make the holiday mood more lively, add greenery or other decorative elements to your hanging ornaments.
        how to hang christmas ornaments from the ceiling
        How to hang large ornaments from the ceiling

          Choosing the right ornaments for your ceiling with Personal House

          Lightweight and whimsical ornaments work best for ceiling displays because they are easy to hang and remove from the ceiling. 

          Christmas ornaments
          Cute Ornament to hang from the ceiling

          At Personal House, we have various light custom ornaments for you to check out. What’s more, with our various custom options, you can create a piece that’s not only beautiful but also meaningful and personal, making it a wonderful decor for any season.

          Custom Ornaments to Hang From The Ceiling
          Family ornament

          Don’t forget to check out our personalized Christmas gifts if you want to find a unique item for any special occasions.

          With this complete guide to “how to hang ornaments from the ceiling, you can easily turn your space into a holiday show that amazes and delights everyone. Hanging ornaments from ceiling is more than just a way to decorate. It's an art form that lets you show off your creativity and spread holiday cheer in a one-of-a-kind way that people will remember. Enjoy the magic of the season and let your creativity run wild as you make an amazing ornament show that everyone will talk about.

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