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  • 30 Funny Gift Ideas for Couples: Making Love and Laughter a Priority
30 Funny Gift Ideas for Couples: Making Love and Laughter a Priority

30 Funny Gift Ideas for Couples: Making Love and Laughter a Priority

04 Jun 2024
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When it comes to selecting funny presents for couples, incorporating humor can be a delightful way to celebrate the unique bond that two people share. This comprehensive guide on hilarious gift Ideas from Personal House takes you on a laughter-filled journey through a plethora of witty and whimsical gift options.

Top 30 Funny Presents for Couples in Every Relationship Stage

Gift-giving is not just about exchanging physical objects; it's an opportunity to create memories, share laughter, and strengthen the unique connection between couples. Let’s delve into the Top 23 funny couples gifts.

Fun & Corny Couple Gifts: Ideas for Dating Couple

There's a special charm in personalized gifts that is heightened when coupled with humor. In this section, Personal House will uncover a handpicked collection of customized funny gifts for couples that are dating. 

  • Personalized Acrylic Plagues with Funny Messages
  • Personalized Acrylic Plaques with Funny Messages make fun and distinctive couple gifts. This plaque is made of high-quality acrylic, a sturdy and transparent plastic with brilliant colors and crisp graphics. Adding a humorous quote or saying that perfectly captures the couple's dynamic can make for a hilarious and memorable gift.

    Personalized Annoying Each Other Since And Still Going Strong Acrylic Plaque-funny couple presents
    Annoying Each other since… and still going strong Arcylic Plagues

    These plaques employ durable acrylic that can resist varied weather conditions. The shatter-resistant material is safe for indoor and outdoor displays. Most acrylic sheets are 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch thick, giving a robust plaque base. The unlimited creative options of these bespoke plaques are intriguing. Customers can customize their designs or choose from many pre-designed templates. Funny remarks, inside jokes, or meaningful love anecdotes can be added to the plaques.

    Personalized Love Award Certificate Acrylic Plaque-funny couple gifts
    Funny Presents for Couples - Love certificate Arcylic Plagues
    • Funny Personalized Mug for Couple

    Start your day with a morning laugh with personalized mugs for couples, featuring couples' name name and favorite color. With over 5,000 sold on average each Valentine's Day and Christmas, the numbers show these funny personalized mugs are wildly popular. The high quality printing, room for customization and eye-catching designs make them winning sellers, especially for holidays celebrating relationships and romance.

    Personalized My Happy Place Mug-funny gifts for couples
    My Happy Place Mug Personalized

    Matching mugs and drinkware sets are among the top 5 most popular novelty/funny gift items purchased for couples (Source: Couple's Funny Gift Report). Besides their popularity, one of the special things about these mugs is that the dye sublimation printing technology is used to apply the designs and messages. Dye sublimation provides full color, high-resolution printing that is permanently infused into the ceramic coating of the mug. This ensures the designs won't fade, peel or wash off over time.

    Personalized I Love You More Than I Hate Your Farts Mug-funny gift ideas for couples
    Funny Gifts For Couples: Personalized Mug

    These corny couple giftshave a large 12-15oz capacity and a nice wide C-handle that provides a comfortable grip. The oversized design gives plenty of room for creative messaging and artwork.

    • Personalized I Wanna Do Bad Things With You Sweatshirt

    This cozy and mischievous sweatshirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, injecting a playful and slightly naughty flair to your style. You can add a personal touch to this sweatshirt by customizing it with your name, color that reflects your personality, and maybe add a cheeky quote to the back. It's a humorous way to show your partner that you're ready for some fun and adventure.

    Personalized Together Since Hoodie hilarious couple gifts
    Personalized I Wanna Do Bad Things With You Sweatshirt
    • Personalized Lollipop Custom Shaped Pillow

    Looking for something truly unique and funny for him or her? Why don't you opt for 2 of these personalized cushions. Crafted with care, this whimsical and deliciously designed pillow adds a playful touch to your space. Create a unique and comforting haven with this funny item for the couple's home decor.

    Personalized Lollipop Custom Shaped Pillow-couple gag gifts
    Custom Shaped Pillow - Funny couples gifts
    • Personalized Couple Pillow

    These eye-catching sequin pillows with reversible designs make for a hilarious and unique custom couple gift. These funny couple gifts feature a customizable front that can be printed with funny graphics, quotes, or images that perfectly capture the couple's dynamic and inside jokes. With a standard size of 16x16 inches (40x40 cm), these pillows are perfect for use as decorative throw pillows on sofas, beds, or accent chairs.

    Personalized You're My Favorite Thing To Do Sequin Pillow-gag gifts for couples
    “You’re My Favorite Thing to Do” Custom Pillow
  • Custom Boxer 
  • These custom boxers make for a hilarious and personal gift from a girlfriend to her boyfriend. Made with high-quality, skin-friendly fabric, these corny couple gifts offer comfort and support throughout the day while showcasing a funny or corny message. The material with 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend is for optimal stretch and durability.

    Personalized In Case Of Emergency Pull Down Boxer-corny couple gifts
    “ In case of Emergency Pull Down” Custom Boxer

    Print the boyfriend's cheeky nickname or a playful endearment that only the girlfriend uses. The designs are printed onto the boxer fabric using a dye-sublimation process, ensuring vibrant colors and crisp details that won't fade or crack with repeated washes. The printing area can cover the entire front panel or wrap around the sides for a more prominent display.

    • Personalized Together Since Ornaments

    Infuse humor into your holiday celebrations with these custom ornaments that commemorate your time together. By personalizing them with your names and a funny holiday-themed message, they become conversation starters on your tree. These Funny Presents for Couples don't just decorate your home; they remind you of the laughter and joy that have filled your festive seasons together.

    Personalized Together Since Ornaments-his and hers gifts funny
    Christmas hilarious couple gifts - Personalized Ornaments

    These fun gift ideas for couple add a unique and humorous touch to your relationship, making your special moments even more memorable and lighthearted. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or just looking to surprise your partner with a dash of humor, these funny gifts are the perfect way to share a smile and create lasting memories.

    Funny Gifts for Married Couples 

    Laughter is a universal language, and there's no better way to strengthen the bond between a married couple than through humor. Get ready to discover how humor can transform their connection and make their love story even more vibrant with the following funny presents for couples:

  • Personalized Matching T-shirt for Married couple
  • The true highlight of these couple t-shirts lies in the personalization options. Customers can customize every detail, from the text and fonts to the placement of photos or illustrations. Popular design choices include funny quotes, romantic phrases, or inside jokes that hold special meaning for the couple. Caricatures or cartoon illustrations of the couple can add a whimsical touch, while monograms or initials can lend a touch of elegance.

    Personalized Official Sleepshirt For Couple T-shirt-funny gifts for married couples
    Official Sleepshirt for couple

    High-quality, pre-shrunk cotton fabric makes these matching shirts durable and shrink-resistant. A blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, sport grey is a somewhat thicker yet breathable mid-weight fabric for all genders. These 100% cotton classic colors—black, white, grey, navy, and pink—feel great on the skin.

    Personalized I Dont Need Google My Husband Wife Knows Everything T Shirts-funny couples gifts
    Couple funny gifts - Custom Tee Shirt

    These personalized hilarious couple gifts excellent Funny Presents for Couples celebrating anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any special occasion. They can be packaged in a gift box or fabric bag, with the option to include a personalized note or card. For an added touch, coordinating accessories like hats or tote bags can be included, creating a complete matching set for the couple to enjoy.

    Personalized Marriage T Shirts-hilarious couple gifts
    Personalized marriage definition t-shirt
  • Fun Personalized Cup for Husband & Wife
  • The printing process allows for photographic quality images, custom text in any font, fun graphics and humorous illustrations to be printed edge-to-edge across the entire mug surface. This makes it easy to create unique, eye-catching designs perfectly tailored for each couple, whether young or old. The mugs come in classic white ceramic with a glossy finish that makes the printed designs pop. Some popular styles include: "Mr. Right" and "Mrs. Always Right" mug sets.

    Personalized Mr Mrs Wife Is Always Right Couple Mug-corny couple gifts
    Funny Mr & Mrs Mug Gifts for Couple
    • Personalized I Still Love You Even Though You Fart In You Sleep Sequin Pillow

    Embrace humor and love with our personalized "I Still Love You Even Though You Fart In Your Sleep" sequin pillow. This playful and customizable pillow adds a touch of laughter to your home decor, making for a light-hearted and affectionate gift that's as unique as your relationship. When brushed in opposite directions, the sequins create a mesmerizing color-changing effect, revealing a hidden design or message. Celebrate the fun side of love with this personalized sequin pillow.

    Personalized I Still Love You Even Though You Fart In You Sleep Sequin Pillow-funny gifts for couples
    Custom Couple Pillow - Funny Presents for Couples
    • Prank Gift Boxes for Couple 

    Unwrap the Laughter - Discover the fun of using prank gift boxes to hide the actual gift, resulting in laughter-filled surprises. Instead of the traditional gift box, these boxes are cleverly disguised as everyday objects, such as a cereal box, a toolbox, or even a dictionary. The unsuspecting recipient will be caught off guard when they open what appears to be an ordinary item, only to find the actual gift hidden inside.

    • Couple-Themed Board Games 

    Add hilarity to game night with board games designed for couples, creating unforgettable bonding experiences. These gag gifts for couples are specifically designed to test and celebrate the unique dynamic between partners. From trivia games that challenge each person's knowledge of their significant other's quirks and preferences to role-playing games that encourage playful banter and laughter, these couple-themed board games are sure to bring out the humor and silliness in any relationship.

    Fun Board Game for Married Couple to Play at Home-funny couple gifts
    Fun Board Game for Married Couple to Play at Home
    • "Nothing Box"

    The Gift of Nothing - Explore the humor of a gift that promises "nothing" upon opening, turning nothing into something unforgettable. Imagine the look on your loved one's face as they unwrap a beautifully packaged gift box, only to find… nothing inside. It's one of the perfect Funny Presents for Couples who appreciate a good joke and don't take themselves too seriously.

    • Comedy Show Tickets or Stand-up Comedy Classes 

    Laughter has a way of bringing people together, and what better way to experience it as a couple than by attending a comedy show or trying stand-up comedy classes? These hilarious ideas offer a unique opportunity to share unforgettable moments filled with humor and joy.Beyond the entertainment value, attending comedy shows or taking stand-up classes can also provide couples with a shared language of humor.

    • Funny Wine or Beer Labels 

    When it comes to unusual gift ideas for couples. Whether it's a cheeky pun, a humorous caricature, or a witty play on words, the possibilities for injecting laughter into the label design are endless. Beyond the visual appeal, these funny wine or beer labels can also serve as conversation starters, inviting friends and family to inquire about the story behind the label's humor.

    Funny Gift Ideas For Couples Novelty Snacks-fun gifts for couples
    Funny Gift Ideas For Couples: Novelty Snacks
    • Novelty Snacks or Candies 

    For couples with a shared appreciation for the whimsical and unexpected, novelty snacks and candies offer a delightfully quirky way to indulge their sweet tooth while injecting a dose of humor into their daily routine. In a world that often takes itself too seriously, these fun gifts for couples offer a lighthearted respite, encouraging couples to let loose and indulge in a little silliness together.

    • Unconventional Planters or Vases 

    For couples who share a love of nature and a quirky sense of humor, unconventional planters and vases offer a delightful way to combine their passions.These Funny Presents for Couples can spark conversation and connection for couples who love gardening. As you tend to your plants together, you can laugh and enjoy these unusual funny couple gifts, creating lasting memories that will long be linked to your love of nature and each other.

    • Whimsical Home Decor for Married Couple

    Playful Ambiance - Learn how funny & ridiculous throw pillows, doormats, and wall art bring joy and laughter into your home. Whimsical home decor pieces, such as funny throw pillows, humorous doormats, and witty wall art, can transform any living space into a playful and vibrant sanctuary. Beyond their entertainment value, these funny couples gifts can also serve as reminders for the couple to approach life with a sense of levity and joy.

    Whimsical Home Decor for Married Couple-gag gifts for couples
    Ridiculous & Funny Home Decor

    These unique funny gifts for a couple that is married add an extra layer of joy and make every moment you share as a couple even more special. So go ahead, pick the one that resonates with your unique connection, and watch as laughter strengthens the ties that bind you together.

    Considerations When Giving Funny Gifts for Couples

    Giving funny gifts to a couple, whether they’re dating, engaged or married, does require some thought and consideration. Here are a few essential considerations to keep in mind when presenting funny couple presents:

    • Know the Couple Well

    Before selecting Funny Presents for Couples, it's important to know the couple's personalities, sense of humor, and individual tastes. One couple's humor may not appeal to another. Do they like slapstick, one-liners, or subtle humor? Can you use any inside jokes or shared humor? The idea is to pick a gift that suits their humor.

  • Practicality vs. Novelty
  • When giving funny gifts for a couple, there's often a balance to strike between novelty and practicality. While a quirky, humorous gadget or trinket can be entertaining, it's important to think about whether the couple will find it useful in their everyday lives. 

    • Appropriateness Matters
    Considerations When Giving Funny Gift for Couples-corny couple gifts
    Considerations When Giving Funny Gift for Couples

    While humor is great, it's essential to ensure that the humor in your gift is appropriate for the occasion. Avoid anything that could potentially offend or embarrass the couple. For instance, avoid jokes that target sensitive subjects or are overly risqué unless you're absolutely certain the couple would appreciate such humor. 

    The best occasions to give funny presents for couples are those that allow you to express your love and create memorable experiences. These gifts infuse humor into your relationship, making it stronger and more enjoyable.

    Creative Ways to Present Funny Couple Gifts

    When it comes to funny gift ideas for couples, especially if you're searching for gift ideas for a couple that has everything, the way we present the gifts can add an extra layer of excitement, surprise, and laughter. Here are some creative ways to present funny gift ideas for couples that will make the experience even more memorable.

    • The Comedic Greeting Card

    Pair your hilarious couple gifts with a creatively designed greeting card. You can find or create cards that feature pop-up elements, funny illustrations, or even sound effects that tie into the humor of the gift.

    • The Scavenger Hunt

    Organize a scavenger hunt, but with a funny twist. Clues and hints can involve inside jokes, humorous references, or puns related to the gift. As the couple embarks on this quest, they'll not only enjoy the journey but also be rewarded with a good laugh at the end.

    Creative Ways To Present The Funny Gifts For Couples-his and hers gifts funny
    Creative Ways To Present The Funny Gifts For Couples
    • The Enigmatic Box

    Present your funny gift in a box that raises questions or curiosity. It could be a box with multiple layers, a series of padlocks with humorous clues, or a box with a lid that defies easy opening. 

    • The Photo Album Surprise

    Put together a picture album that tells a funny, light-hearted story about the couple's relationship. Add comments, quotes, and funny stories to go with the pictures. As they look through the album, they will laugh and remember good times, making this show both funny and touching.

    • The Video Montage

    Create a humorous video montage or slideshow that precedes the gift presentation. Include funny moments, inside jokes, or humorous commentary that builds up to the big reveal. This multimedia approach adds a dynamic and personal touch to the gift-giving experience.

    Whether it's a romantic occasion, an anniversary, or just a spontaneous gift-giving moment, these creative ways to present Funny Presents for Couples will not only make the couple laugh but also create lasting memories.

    In Conclusion

    As far as relationships go, humor is the best glue. This guide's assortment of humorous gift suggestions for couples is proof positive of the ability of humor to improve relationships. These presents have the amazing power to make enduring memories and make you both smile, ranging from personalized products that honor your own journey to wacky and whimsical surprises that bring shared moments of joy.

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