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Easy & Fun Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Top 30 Easy & Fun Easter Crafts for Toddlers Age 1 to 3

18 Mar 2024
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Engage your kids in a world of delightful Easter crafts for toddlers that go beyond simple fun, providing both entertainment and education. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a newbie looking for easy ideas to keep little hands busy, these Easter craft for toddlers are here to infuse your celebrations with that extra touch of excitement and togetherness. 

Fun Easter Egg Crafts for Toddlers

These creative Easter projects for toddlers, which can be perfect personalized gifts for little hands, are sure to add a festive touch to your holiday celebrations. Let the crafting adventure begin!

  • Painted Egg Animals

Egg is always the most popular material for Easter crafts. Take plain eggs to the next level by transforming them into charming animals. Paint eggs in bright hues and add simple facial features like googly eyes and pipe cleaner ears. Watch as your toddler brings their favorite critters to life with a stroke of a paintbrush.

Painted Egg Animals - Easter Arts And Crafts for Toddlers
Painted Egg Animals - Easter Craft for Toddlers
  • Sparkling Glitter Eggs

Elevate traditional egg decorating by dipping them in glue and rolling them in colorful glitter. The end result is a dazzling array of shimmering, eye-catching creations that will add a touch of magic to your Easter festivities.

  • Tissue Paper Collage Eggs

Unleash your toddler's artistic flair by cutting vibrant tissue paper into small pieces and letting them create a stunning mosaic on the eggs. The tactile experience and array of colors make these Easter crafts for toddlers both enjoyable and visually appealing.

  • Thumbprint Bunny Eggs

Make personalized bunny Easter crafts for kids by having your toddler dip their thumbs in paint and press them onto eggs. Add playful details with markers, turning simple thumbprints into adorable bunny characters.

  • Sticker Story Eggs

Encourage storytelling and creativity by using Easter-themed stickers to craft unique stories on each egg. Let your little ones choose their favorite characters and arrange them to weave imaginative tales through these Easter art for toddlers.

Sticker Story Eggs - Easter Craft Ideas For Toddlers
Sticker Story Eggs - Easter Craft Toddler
  • Sock Bunny Eggs

Embrace sustainability by repurposing old socks to create adorable bunny covers for eggs. This eco-friendly craft combines creativity with a practical lesson in recycling.

  • Marbled Paper Eggs

Introduce mesmerizing marbled patterns to your Easter eggs by dropping diluted food coloring onto shaving cream. Swirl the colors with a toothpick before rolling the eggs in the mixture to make these Easter crafts for toddlers captivating.

  • Egg Carton Chicks

Transform everyday egg cartons into charming chicks by cutting individual sections, painting them, and adding googly eyes and beaks. This craft not only sparks creativity but also repurposes common household items.

  • Feathered Nest Eggs

Capture the essence of spring by gluing small feathers onto eggs, creating delightful little nests. These feathered eggs make for a picturesque and nature-inspired addition to your Easter decor.

  • Confetti-filled Eggs

Bring an element of surprise to your Easter celebration by filling plastic eggs with colorful confetti. Toddlers will delight in the unexpected burst of confetti when cracking open these festive eggs, adding a playful twist to the Easter craft ideas for toddlers.

Confetti-filled Eggs - Easter Crafts Toddlers
Confetti-filled Eggs - Easter Crafts Toddlers

Cute Easter Bunny, Sheep & Chick Crafts 

When is Easter 2024? Set the clock for these simple and cute Easter crafts for toddlers now. Grab your crafting supplies, and let's dive into the world of cute crafts!

  • Egg Carton Bunnies

Transform ordinary egg cartons into endearing bunny faces. Use a mix of paint, googly eyes, and cotton balls to craft these lovable creatures that can be displayed as decorations or used in imaginative play.

  • Cotton Ball Sheep

Craft a flock of irresistibly soft sheep using cotton balls, craft paper, and googly eyes. These adorable woolly creations can be placed strategically around your home to evoke the spirit of spring.

  • Paper Plate Chicks

Turn simple paper plates into vibrant and cheerful chicks. Paint them in bright yellow hues, add beaks, wings, and googly eyes for an easy yet charming Easter craft suitable for all ages.

  • Pom-Pom Bunnies

Get hands-on with DIY Easter baskets by crafting charming bunny figurines using colored pom-poms, felt, and googly eyes. These whimsical characters make perfect additions to your homemade Easter baskets or adorable table centerpieces. 

Pom-Pom Bunnies - Toddler Easter Crafts
Pom-Pom Bunnies - Easter Projects for Toddlers
  • Felt Bunny Ears Headband

Combine fashion and crafts by designing a cute headband featuring felt bunny ears. This wearable Easter crafts for toddlers adds a touch of playfulness to your holiday attire, making it suitable for both children and adults.

  • Sheep Finger Puppets

Foster creativity and entertainment with sheep finger puppets made from felt, glue, and googly eyes. These adorable creations not only serve as charming decorations but also provide endless amusement for little ones during playtime.

  • Chick Handprint Art

Create lasting memories with chick handprint art. Capture the little ones' handprints in cheerful yellow paint on paper or canvas, turning simple toddler easter crafts into a cherished keepsake.

  • Sock Bunny

Give old socks a new lease on life by transforming them into lovable Easter bunnies. Add facial features and a ribbon bow for a touch of charm, creating huggable companions for the season.

Sock Bunny - Easter Projects for Toddlers
Sock Bunny - Easter Art for Toddlers
  • Easter Egg Sheep

Infuse your plastic Easter eggs with creativity by decorating them with cotton balls and googly eyes. These fuzzy little sheep can be scattered as festive accents or incorporated into Easter egg hunts for added excitement.

  • Chick and Bunny Cupcakes

Extend the craftiness into the kitchen with chick and bunny-themed cupcakes. Decorate these tasty treats with edible toppers featuring the adorable characters, turning dessert time into a delightful and flavorful experience for all.

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DIY Religious Easter Crafts for Toddlers to Make

As Easter draws near, involve your little ones in the meaningful spirit of the season with these hands-on and educational DIY religious crafts. Specifically chosen for toddlers, these projects aim to make exploring and understanding the religious importance of Easter a joyous and interactive experience.

  • Resurrection Scene Diorama

Encourage your toddlers to construct a simple diorama illustrating the resurrection of Jesus. Using craft sticks, cotton, and small figures, they can create a visual representation of this pivotal moment. This easter craft toddler can spark curiosity and understanding.

Resurrection Scene Diorama - Easter Arts And Crafts for Toddlers
Resurrection Scene Diorama - Easter Craft for Toddlers
  • Heavenly Handprint Lamb

Capture the innocence and symbolism of Jesus as the Good Shepherd by crafting an adorable lamb using your toddler's handprints. This tactile project not only engages their creativity but also introduces them to the loving imagery associated with Easter.

  • Easter Story Stones

Foster storytelling and discussion by painting or drawing symbols representing key moments in the Easter story on stones. This interactive activity encourages toddlers to explore and express their understanding of the religious narrative.

  • Cross Collage

Unleash your toddler's artistic flair by creating a cross collage using colorful tissue paper or fabric scraps. These Easter crafts for toddlers not only enhance their fine motor skills but also provide an opportunity to reflect on the symbolism of the cross.

  • Empty Tomb Sensory Bin

Construct a sensory bin that represents the empty tomb, complete with tactile elements such as sand and rocks. This hands-on experience allows toddlers to explore and comprehend the miraculous events of Easter in a playful and memorable way.

Empty Tomb Sensory Bin - Easter Craft Ideas For Toddlers
Empty Tomb Sensory Bin - Easter Craft Toddler
  • Palm Branch Craft

Celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem by crafting palm branches using green construction paper. This project introduces toddlers to the significance of this event, fostering a sense of joy and anticipation.

  • Stained Glass Cross Sun Catchers

Engage your toddlers in creating beautiful cross sun catchers using colored tissue paper and contact paper. These vibrant creations not only add a touch of artistic beauty but also symbolize the radiant light associated with Easter.

  • Easter Story Bracelets

Craft bracelets with beads representing different parts of the Easter story. These wearable Easter crafts toddlers serve as a tangible and visual reminder of the religious significance, sparking conversations and questions.

  • Fishers of Men Fishing Rods

Explore the concept of Jesus calling his disciples to become "fishers of men" by crafting fishing rods with fish cutouts. This idea of Easter crafts for toddlers introduces them to biblical narratives in a playful and relatable manner.

Fishers of Men Fishing Rods - Toddler Easter Craft
Fishers of Men Fishing Rods - Easter Crafts Toddlers
  • Holy Week Countdown Calendar

Create a countdown calendar highlighting key events of Holy Week. This interactive and anticipatory toddler Easter craft helps toddlers grasp the sequence of events leading up to Easter Sunday, fostering a sense of excitement and understanding.

What Can You Do for Your Toddlers for Easter?

Beyond Easter arts and crafts for toddlers, we've got some fun Easter adventures in store for your little ones! This year, let's spice things up with activities that go beyond the usual.

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Organize a gentle egg hunt with colorful plastic eggs, promoting motor skills and excitement.
  • Decorate Easter Eggs: Let toddlers get creative by decorating eggs with non-toxic paints, stickers, and markers.
  • Easter-themed Crafts: Engage in simple Easter crafts for toddlers like bunny ears headbands and handprint chicks, fostering creativity.
  • Storytime with Easter Books: Share joy with age-appropriate Easter books, introducing traditions and symbols.
  • Easter Bunny Visit: Create magic with an Easter Bunny visit, adding whimsy and excitement to the day.
Easter Bunny Visit - Toddler Easter Crafts
Easter Bunny Visit - Easter Projects for Toddlers
  • Baking Easter Treats: Involve toddlers in baking bunny-shaped cookies or egg-decorating cupcakes for tasty fun.
  • Easter-themed Sensory Play: Set up sensory bins with pastel-colored rice or soft bunny toys for engaging play.
  • Attend an Easter Parade or Event: Check local events for family-friendly Easter parades, fostering a sense of community.
  • Planting Seeds or Flowers: Teach about growth by planting flower seeds or small plants together, connecting with nature.
  • Easter-themed Movie Night: Wrap up the day with an Easter-themed movie night, creating a cozy and festive family time.

Best Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Toddlers

This Easter, delight your toddlers with charming gift baskets that go beyond the usual chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs. 

  • Personalized Basket of Pillow: Boost confidence with some personalized pillows featuring an empowering message, adding a cozy touch to naptime.
Custom Pillow - Easter Projects for Toddlers
Custom Pillow - Easter Art for Toddlers
  • Personalized Custom T-Shirt Combo: These cute wearables serve as a reminder of love and positivity, making it a cherished keepsake.
Custom T-shirt - Easter Arts And Crafts for Toddlers
Custom T-shirt - Easter Craft for Toddlers
  • DIY Bunny Ears Kit: Encourage creativity with a DIY bunny ears kit, providing headbands, felt, and instructions for a fun Easter activity.
  • Easter-Themed Puzzles and Games: Stimulate cognitive development with age-appropriate Easter-themed puzzles and games, promoting problem-solving skills.
  • Snack Attack - Bunny Edition: Craft a snack-filled basket with bunny-shaped treats and wholesome snacks for a playful twist on snack time.


Well, there you have it—all the cool Easter crafts for toddlers. Now, it's just about picking the one that suits your crew the best. Whether it's painting eggs, making bunny ears, or getting artsy with cards, the fun is ready to unfold. So, go ahead, choose the craft that feels right, and let the Easter vibes roll in with some creative kiddo fun!

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