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  • 20+ Best Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads 2024
20+ Best Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads 2024
Gift Ideas

20+ Best Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads 2024

30 May 2024
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How about giving him some Father’s Day gifts for expecting dads to make this his first Father's Day even more special when considering that becoming a parent is undoubtedly one of life's greatest adventures? Put your feet up, grab a onesie, and get ready to select the ideal expecting Fathers Day gift for your child's father. Let's honor all of the amazing soon-to-be fathers out there!

Top Unique Father's Day Gifts for Expecting Dads

Why not surprise him with a unique gift that celebrates this exciting new chapter? It's your partner's first Father's Day as a dad-to-be! 

Funny & Personalized Fathers Day Gifts for Expecting Dad

Calling all mamas! Let's make your hubby's first Father's Day gift extra special with a hilarious, personalized sense that captures his quirky sense of humor.

  • Father’s Day Mug for Expecting Dads
  • The exquisite porcelain used in the creation of our Father's Day Mug for Expectant Dads is well-known for its exceptional durability and capacity to retain heat. The smooth outside of the mug gives it a chic appearance and makes it a pleasure to hold and drink from.

    Personalized Your're Going To Be Amazing Dad Mug-Father’s Day Gift For Expecting Dads

    Father’s Day Present For Expecting Dad - Amazing Dad Mug

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    Our mugs' graphics are bold and long-lasting thanks to an inventive printing process that makes customisation magic. Because we utilize premium inks that don't fade, the personalized details hold up well after numerous washes and uses.

    Personalized Where You Becomes A Daddy Mug Expectant-Fathers Day Gift
          Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Dads - A Daddy Mug           

    With more than 20 font types and a plethora of color options, you can get creative and create a design that precisely captures the distinct personality and taste of the expecting father. Additionally, you may upload up to three photographs throughout the customisation process to give a meaningful, unique touch. With a substantial character limit of up to 50, you can engrave the baby's name or add a heartfelt message, making the mug among priceless Father's Day gifts for expecting dads.

    Personalized How Lucky I Am To Have You As My Dad Mug Expecting-Fathers Day Gift

    Fathers Day Gifts For Expectant Dad - Lucky To Have You Dad Mug

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    A staggering 61% of respondents to a National Retail Federation survey said they would rather receive personalized or customized presents than generic ones. With this custom Father’s Day gift, you may celebrate the wonderful anticipation of fatherhood of your husband, son-in-law or brother,... A thoughtful and genuinely unique gift that comes from the heart.

    Personalized I Can't Wait To Meet You Daddy Mug-Father’s Day Gift For Expecting Father

    Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Fathers - Can’t Wait To Meet You Dad Mug

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  • Father’s Day Poster for Dad-to-be
  • There are three different size choices for our Father's Day Poster for Expectant Dads: 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 inches. The nursery or any other special place in the house where the soon-to-be father can display it with pride would look amazing with the 11x14-inch size. The poster's excellent printing makes sure that the details are clear and the colors are vivid, giving any room a wonderful touch.

    Personalized Daddy Our Adventure Is About To Start Poster Expecting Dad-Father’s Day Gifts

    Father’s Day Gifts For Soon To Be Dads - Start Out Adventure Poster

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  • Father’s Day T-shirt for Expecting Dads
  • The procedure of customizing our Father's Day gifts for expecting dads is simple and straightforward. Our hardworking staff meticulously examines and approves the design after your order is placed, and then it moves forward with manufacturing. This painstaking attention to detail guarantees that the customisation satisfies our exacting standards for quality in every way.

    Personalized Legend Since T-Shirt Father’s Day-Gift For Expecting First Time Dads

      Legend Father Since T-shirt

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    One of our happy customers, Helen Day, shared her experience: "I chose to order from custom chic because I loved that I could have my children's names and characters printed on the shirt. I'm over the moon with the exceptional quality and the fact that you can easily iron over the print without worrying about damage. My hubby absolutely adores it! Thank you, for exceeding my expectations. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"

    Personalized Mom/Dad Nutrition Facts T-shirt-Father’s Day Present For Expecting Dad

    Father’s Day Gift For Expecting Dads - Nutrition Dad T-shirt

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    There are about 50+ unique designs to celebrate the new journey of an expecting father, with hundreds of cool graphics, themes for different passions, hobbies & styles. This one below is a template inspired by a dad to be who is also a gamer:

    Dad Level About to Unlock Tee Shirt

    Dad Level About to Unlock Tee Shirt

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  • Father’s Day Sweatshirt for Father-to-be
  • Every expectant Fathers Day gift is put through a rigorous quality control process to guarantee that it lives up to our highest expectations. Throughout the whole production process, our knowledgeable staff performs exhaustive manual inspections to make sure that every little element is painstakingly examined for accuracy and quality.

    Soon to be Daddy Sweater

    Soon to be Daddy Sweater

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    Personal House ensures that the hoodie you receive is of the highest caliber and totally customized to commemorate the journey to fatherhood by implementing these stringent procedures. The Father's Day gift is ensured to be packaged carefully & shipped on time.

    Personalized Dad Grandpa And Kid Fist Bump Sweatshirt-Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Dads

    Expectant Fathers Day Gift - Kid First Bump Sweatshirt

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    Custom gifts are wonderful choices for non baby-related gifts for the expecting dad on Father's Day for its uniqueness & sentimentality, making him feel happy more than ever.

    Baby-Related Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads

    Isn't it just the sweetest when your man gets all mushy thinking about their little one on the way? This Father's Day, give him some baby-themed expecting dad Father’s Day Gifts to melt his heart!

    • Baby Carrier

    A baby carrier is a wonderful gift for soon to be dad that combines practicality with the opportunity for meaningful bonding. Opt for a comfortable and ergonomic design to ensure that the dad can carry the baby without straining his back or shoulders. These carriers come in various styles, such as wraps, slings, or structured carriers, each providing different levels of support and convenience.

    • Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit

    One Father’s Day gift for expecting father that really nicely catches those little imprints and handprints is this one. Because these kits are composed of premium, non-toxic clay, you may make enduring impressions of your child's priceless prints. Everything needed is included in each kit, including a beautiful display frame to preserve the memories for all time.

    Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit Expectant Father-Fathers Day Gift

     Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit

  • Daddy's Diaper Bag Backpack
  • For dads always on the move, it makes a stylish and functional choice. These backpacks with many compartments and insulated pockets keep all the baby necessities in order. Made from strong, water-resistant materials, these accessories are useful and stylish for new dads.

  • Personalized Baby Blanket 
  • It provides a warm approach to envelop your child in your love. The baby's name and birth details can be elegantly embroidered on these incredibly soft fleece blankets to make them uniquely personalized. They come in a variety of hues and patterns and make heartfelt, treasured Father's Day gifts for expecting dads.

    • New Dad Survival Kit

    To prepare him for those inevitable sleepless nights, consider with hilarious must-haves like energy bars, coffee, earplugs, and a mini massager, these kits are sure to bring smiles during the early days of fatherhood. Presented in a cute tin or box, they make practical yet playful gifts.

    New Dad Survival Kit-Fathers Day Gifts For Expectant Dad
    New Dad Survival Kit
  • Daddy's Keepsake Storybook 
  • This heartwarming book allows you to create a personalized tale for your little one, with the dad as the main character. Customize the story with your baby's name, birth details, and even include a special message or dedication. With vibrant illustrations and a cloth-bound cover, it's a treasured keepsake to read for years to come.

    • Kit for Future Memories

    An incredibly profound present that lets an expectant father record his aspirations, thoughts, and goals for his kid is a Future Memories Kit. A set of writing prompts is included in this particular box to help the father write down his hopes and feelings for his child. It's a chance for him to communicate his expectations and sentiments, resulting in a sentimental memento that will be treasured for years to come.

  • Daddy's Diaper Backpack Cooler 
  • Fusing style and function, this versatile bag does triple duty as a diaper bag, cooler, and backpack. The insulated compartments keep bottles and snacks chilled, while the spacious main section stores all the baby essentials. Sleek and modern, it's among perfect Father's Day gifts for expecting dads constantly on the move with their little one.

    Daddy's Diaper Backpack Cooler-Fathers Day Gifts For Expecting Fathers
    Fathers Day Gifts For Soon To Be Dads - Daddy's Diaper Backpack Cooler 
  • Dad's Cozy Cuddle Companion 
  • Snuggle time just got even sweeter with this plush teddy bear sporting a removable t-shirt to personalize with your baby's name or a special message. Made from ultra-soft materials, it's the ideal cuddle buddy for bonding moments between dad and baby. Plus, it makes an adorable nursery decoration or photo prop!

  • Baby's First Year Photo Frame
  • These frames feature spaces for 12 photos, allowing the new dad to document his little one's growth month by month. Crafted from wood or metal, they create cherished keepsakes to relive those precious moments.

    DIY Father’s Day Present for Expecting Dad

    Why spend a fortune when you can whip up an adorable, homemade Father's Day surprise for your partner that's straight from the heart? Check out these Fathers Day Gifts For Expectant Dad:

  • Dad's Favorite Snack Bouquet
  • Let’s think about surprising the aspiring father who enjoys snacks with a bouquet composed of his favorite candies! These delectable displays creatively showcase foods like candy bars, pretzels, and beef jerky. Tied with a bow and wrapped in cellophane, they're adorable and delicious Father's Day gifts for expecting dads that he's sure to like.

    Dad's Favorite Snack Bouquet-Fathers Day Gifts For The Expectant Father

    Father’s Day Present For Expecting Dad - Dad's Favorite Snack Bouquet

  • Personalized Baby Footprint Art
  • A unique and personal Father’s Day gift for expecting dads is to create a piece of art by capturing your baby's tiny footprints on canvas. Simply use non-toxic paint and let those little feet do the work! Personalize it further by adding a sweet message or the baby's name for an extra touching, handmade present.

  • Daddy's Toolbox Diaper Caddy
  • An old toolbox can be transformed into a functional diaper caddy as a clever and practical present. Line the toolbox with fabric or felt, then fill it with diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. Personalize it with the baby's name or a sweet message for that extra loving touch.

  • Dad's Favorite Meal Coupon Book
  • A homemade coupon book for the expectant dad's favorite meals shows your appreciation in a heartwarming way. Include coupons for dishes like homemade pizza, grilled steaks, or his go-to comfort foods. Add fun designs and personalized notes for a gift brimming with love and thoughtfulness.

    Dad's Favorite Meal Coupon Book-Father’s Day Gifts For Soon To Be Dads

    Dad's Favorite Meal Coupon Book for Dad-to-be

  • Baby Keepsake Box 
  • Create a beautiful keepsake box to store all those precious memories from the baby's first days. Decorate a wooden box with photos, handprints, or painted designs, then fill it with items like hospital bracelets, ultrasound photos, and that first little outfit. It makes for a timeless treasure the new dad can cherish always.

  • Dad's Brag Book 
  • You just know he'll be the proudest papa ever! Create a brag book filled with pages to document all those precious "firsts" and milestones. Decorate the cover with your little one's name and due date, then leave spaces inside for photos, footprints, and lots of heartfelt notes. How meaningful these Father's Day gifts for expecting dads are!

  • Daddy's Diaper Bag Decor 
  • Let's get crafty and jazz up that diaper bag with personalized embellishments! Use fabric paints or markers to add the baby's name, sweet graphics, or even a funny dad joke. You can also sew on cute appliques or patches to make it a true one-of-a-kind accessory.

    Daddy's Diaper Bag Decor-Fathers Day Gifts For Soon To Be Dads

    Daddy's Diaper Bag Decor 

  • Lullaby Recording Keepsake 
  • Capture the soothing sound of your voice singing that special lullaby and turn it into a priceless keepsake. Record yourself on a CD or USB drive, then decorate the case with photos, poems, or lyrics. Just imagine dad playing it to gently calm the little one to sleep.

    Father's Day Activities for Expecting Dad

    Father's Day is coming up, and your man deserves a fun-filled day to kickstart his awesome dad journey. Let's plan something exciting!

  • Babymoon Getaway
  • Before the baby comes along, you can spend valuable time together on a leisurely babymoon retreat. Take him on romantic treks, whisk him away to a charming bed and breakfast, or just relax by the pool and enjoy these priceless times spent together. It will be an opportunity to reconnect and take a well-earned breather before you start your new jobs as parents.

    Babymoon Getaway Soon To Be Dad-Father’s Day Gifts

    Expectant Father Fathers Day Gift - Babymoon Getaway

  • Pregnancy Photoshoot
  • A formal pregnancy photo shoot is a beautiful way to document the happy expectation of fatherhood. Before your little one arrives, these sessions give you the freedom to express your creativity with props and postures that highlight the enthusiasm of the soon-to-be father, creating beautiful, enduring memories. He'll always treasure the heartfelt Father's Day gifts for expecting dads that come with the gorgeous pictures.

  • Baby Supplies Shopping
  • Take the expectant father shopping for all the necessities for the baby, turning a tedious chore into an enjoyable endeavor. Allow him to select the ideal pram, attractive onesies or cute plush animals. He'll feel more involved in the planning process and become enthusiastic about the new addition as a result.

    Baby Supplies Shopping-Father’s Day Gift For Expecting Dads

    Baby Supplies Shopping

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Give the soon-to-be father a prenatal massage that is specifically tailored for expectant couples. The goal of this pampering session is to take care of any aches and pains so that he may unwind and relax in preparation for the big day. It's the perfect complement to a delectable dinner for an incredibly decadent Father's Day celebration.

  • Nursery Decorating
  • Setting up the nursery with the expectant father in tow can be a unique bonding experience. Allow him to take the lead when it comes to picking the concept, putting together the furnishings, or adding unique touches like hanging shelves or painting murals. It will not only help him feel included, but it will also be a special thing to do while you get ready for your baby to arrive.


    Showing your baby daddy some love from Father's Day gifts for expecting dads is sure to make his heart burst with joy and excitement for the little bun in the oven! After all, he's leveling up to the most important role of his life - being a super doting dad. So let's celebrate and appreciate our amazing partners on this special day as they gear up for the wildest, most rewarding adventure ever!

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