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30+ Best College Graduation Gifts for Her and Him
Gift Ideas

30+ Best College Graduation Gifts for Her and Him

03 Jul 2024
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They've studied diligently for texts, aced tests, and perhaps even pulled a few all-nighters. It's now time to celebrate, though, because your college graduate is about to walk over the stage and enter the "real world." You'll want to select the ideal college graduation gifts to honor their accomplishment and position them for future success to recognize this historic occasion. 


30+ Best College Graduation Gifts 2024

Are you ready to check the best college graduation gift in 2024 with Personal House? Let’s get started:

College Graduation Gifts for Her

Now, let’s dig into the world full of personalized graduation gifts college for her: 

  • Personalized Tumbler
  • Why we love it: 74% of graduates prefer practical gifts they can use daily (NRF survey. Therefore, a personalized tumbler is considered one of the best choices. These 20-ounce tumblers are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of life beyond college, thanks to their construction from premium stainless steel. This graduation gifts for college grads will accompany your graduate wherever they go, whether it's to their first job or to college. 

    Price: $29.95

    Personalized Before You All Your Dreams Tumbler-college graduation gift ideas
    Personalized Before You All Your Dreams Tumbler
  • Personalized T-shirt
  • A personalized graduation T-shirt is the ideal graduation present for college graduates because it celebrates their accomplishments. 

    Why we love it: These mid-weight, regular-fit shirts are an excellent choice for any man or woman because they are comfortable and long-lasting, made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton (or 90% cotton and 10% polyester for sport gray). These college graduation gifts are perfect for recent grads on the go because they are machine washable and require no maintenance. It is one of the hottest products in Personal House with more than 100,000 customers ordering per month. 

    Price: $24.95 - $36.95

    Personalized She Believed She Did T-Shirt-gifts for college graduates
    Personalized She Believed She Did T-Shirt

    Besides, you can consider to buy another funny gift for college graduate such as “Personalized I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now T-Shirt”

    92% of college students wear T-shirts at least 3 times per week (Student Lifestyle Report, 2024). Therefore, it will be a practical gift for college graduates. A personalized T-shirt is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all their hard work; it combines practicality, quality, and thoughtfulness into a present they will cherish forever. You can make it special by adding the graduate's name, class year, or a motivational phrase. These gift ideas for college graduates will be a wearable reminder of their achievement and a heartfelt token of appreciation. 

    Personalized I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now T-Shirt-college graduation gift
    Personalized I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now T-Shirt
  • Personalized Mug
  • An ideal combination of function and emotion, a personalized Custom Mug is the ideal way to commemorate your graduate's accomplishment. 

    Why we love it: For those late-night study sessions or toasts to new beginnings, this 325 ml (11 oz) ceramic mug is perfect college graduation gifts for both hot and cold liquids. Durable and long-lasting, this personalized graduation mug can endure the demands of life beyond college without any issues in the microwave or dishwasher. The wide handle makes it easy to hold, making it ideal for people who are always on the move. 

    Price: $24.95 - $27.95

    Personalized The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug-gift ideas for college graduation
    Personalized The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug
  • Personalized Poster
  • Why we love it: These posters from Personal House, which are printed on superior 275g/m² Luster Photo Paper, have a sophisticated matte texture that elevates any space. With its anti-fingerprint qualities, the semi-matte finish not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also has useful advantages that guarantee your present will remain immaculate. 

    Price: $24.95 - $49.95

    Personalized Congrats Graduates Poster-gift for college graduates
    Personalized Congrats Graduates Poster
  • Customized Jewelry Case
  • Exquisite and personalized college graduates gift ideas can be a personalized jewelry box for the graduate who enjoys finer things in life.

    Why we adore it: She will feel incredibly special when she receives these elegant college graduation gifts. Get her initials, graduation year, or a meaningful remark that highlights her accomplishments inscribed on it.

    Cost: $50 to $150

  • Motivational Wall Art
  • Want to add something that showcases her passion to her new house or office? Look at these choices for inspirational wall art as gifts for college graduation.

    Why we adore it: One could choose a metal sign announcing her as the "Graduate of the Year" or a framed print with an inspirational saying. Her friends will be even more impressed by your considerateness the more upbeat the message.

    Cost: $20 to $50

    College Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

    What about gift for college graduates for him? Let’s check it out!

  • Personalized Pillow for College Student
  • Why we love it: With a magical twist, the reversible design of these striking pillows allows you to uncover personalised text or images by brushing the sequins in different ways. The front is totally personalized, allowing you to design a unique remembrance recognizing the graduate's accomplishments. 

    Price: $31.95 - $34.95

    Personalized I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow-gifts for college graduation
    Personalized I Graduated Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow
  • Personalized Mug as College Graduation Gifts
  • Why we love it: 72% of young adults use a coffee mug daily (Coffee Consumption Trends Report, 2024). So why don’t you give your loved ones a personalized mug? It adds style to any workplace or kitchen with its shiny finish and beautiful size (9.5 cm height, 8.2 cm diameter). To make these gift ideas for college graduation a very special memento, add the graduate's name, illustrations, graduation year, or a motivational saying. 

    Price: $24.95 - $27.95

    Personalized I'm Done Finally Mug: Gifts for College Graduates-college graduates gift ideas
    Personalized I'm Done Finally Mug: Gifts for College Graduates
  • Technology Backpack
  • With a premium, tech-friendly backpack, you can safeguard his devices while on the go and help the recent graduate keep organized.

    Why we adore it: Ample pockets for cables, chargers, and other necessities, as well as padded laptop and tablet sleeves and USB charging outlets, are characteristics to look for. Extra points for finding one in his preferred color or with an elegant, modern style.

    Cost: $50 to $150

  • Customized Leather Padfolio
  • A personalized leather padfolio makes an elegant and useful present for the recent graduate who is focused on their career.

    Why we adore it: Pick a high-quality model that has inserts for business cards, a pen loop, and a notepad. Get these college graduation gifts engraved with his name, initials, or a motivating saying to elevate the present.

    Cost: $50 to $100

  • Set for Mixing Cocktails
  • Enjoy his accomplishment with a posh cocktail mixing set.

    Why we adore it: Add accessories like a bar spoon, jigger, shaker, and muddler, all presented in a chic case with personalized engraving. Bonus points if you start him off with a few of his preferred alcoholic beverages or mixers.

    Cost: $75 to $150

    Set for Mixing Cocktails-college graduation gift ideas
    Set for Mixing Cocktails
  • Wearable technology
  • Invest on a feature-rich smartwatch to keep him connected and mobile.

    Why we adore it: Seek for solutions that include integration with smart homes, mobile payments, and fitness tracking. The newest versions will wow his classmates with their streamlined, elegant style.

    Cost: $150 to $300

  • Customized Decanter Set for Whiskey
  • A personalized whiskey decanter set makes a tasteful and sophisticated present for the discriminating graduate.

    Why we adore it: Select a fine crystal or glass decanter with coordinating glasses that have his name, initials, or a unique message engraved on them. He'll feel like a real connoisseur after receiving these college graduation gifts.

    Cost: between $100 and $250

  • Wireless Charging Device
  • Invest in a high-end wireless charging station to ensure he stays energized in style.

    Why we adore it: Seek for solutions that have several charging connections so he can charge his smartwatch, phone, and other gadgets simultaneously. Extra points for finding one that will look fantastic on his desk or bedside table and has a clean, contemporary style.

    Cost: $50 to $100

    Wireless Charging Device-gift ideas for college graduates
    Wireless Charging Device

    College Graduation Gifts from Parents

    Another gifts for college graduates from parents you can choose are:

  • Personalized Sweatshirt for College Graduates
  • Why we love it: These premium midweight (7.75 oz) sweatshirts are made of a 50/50 blend of preshrunk cotton and polyester, providing comfort and longevity. The sweatshirt's pill-resistant material guarantees that it will look good through multiple washings, while the ribbed collar, cuffs, and waist offer a snug, cozy fit. 

    Price: $27.95 - $36.95

    Personalized Proud Mom Of A Graduate Sweatshirt-graduation gifts college
    Personalized Proud Mom Of A Graduate Sweatshirt
  • Customized Cap and Gown
  • Give your graduate a personalized graduation robe to help them celebrate their achievement in style.

    Why we adore it: Pick out a fine robe and have their name, graduation year, and degree embroidered on it. They can use these college graduation gifts as thoughtful and meaningful mementos at the wedding and proudly exhibit it after.

    Cost: $75 to $150

  • Set of Monogrammed Luggage
  • Give their graduate an elegant and useful baggage set for their next travels.

    Why we adore it: Seek for a coordinated set that includes a toiletry box, duffel bag, and carry-on suitcase that are all monogrammed with their initials. They'll be able to travel in style and maintain organization with this gift.

    Cost: $150 to $300

    Set of Monogrammed Luggage-graduation gifts for college grads
    Set of Monogrammed Luggage - College graduation gift ideas
  • Customized Portfolio Made of Leather
  • Get your graduate ready for success by getting them a polished, personalized leather portfolio.

    Why we adore it: Select a premium portfolio that includes inserts for business cards, a notepad, and document sleeves. Get it engraved with their name, degree, or a motivational saying to elevate the present.

    Cost: $75 to $150

  • Smart Home Appliance
  • Using a state-of-the-art smart home appliance, assist your graduate in creating their ideal house or apartment.

    Why we adore it: Think about a smart thermostat, video doorbell, or voice-activated speaker. Their friends will be impressed by these college graduation gifts, which will also improve their quality of life and sense of community.

    Cost: between $100 and $300

    Smart Home Appliance-gift for college graduate
    Smart Home Appliance
  • Customized Quilt for Graduation
  • A personalized graduation quilt can be used to create a warm and meaningful remembrance.

    Why we adore it: Have the quilt embroidered with their name, graduation year, and a personal note from you. They will feel warm and cozy receiving this present as they start a new chapter in their lives.

    Cost: $150 to $300

    What Is the Etiquette for College Graduation Gifts?

    When choosing college graduates gift ideas, don’t forget to consider those etiquettes:

  • Choose ideal timing
  • When giving gifts for a college graduate, timing is crucial. Presenting these gifts just before or soon after the commencement ceremony is the ideal timing. This enables the graduate to take advantage of and enjoy the present either during or right after this significant occasion. Giving presents too far in advance runs the risk of the graduate losing them or forgetting about them before the graduation.

  • Suitable gift’s quality
  • The nature and quantity of the present that is appropriate frequently depend on your relationship with the graduate. More costly or sentimental gifts are ideal for immediate family members, such as parents, grandparents, and siblings. For friends or relatives who live farther away, a small yet kind present would do. Additionally, giving a tiny token of thanks to mentors, advisors, or instructors is a good gesture.

    Etiquette for College Graduation Gifts-graduation gifts college
    Etiquette for College Graduation Gifts
  • Personalization
  • When feasible, personalizing the gift adds a kind touch. A handwritten card or the graduate's name added demonstrates how much attention you put into the college graduation gifts. Presents that are customized based on the graduate's hobbies, achievements, or aspirations are always valued.

  • Consider the cost
  • It is advised to provide the graduate a gift receipt so they can return or replace the item if necessary. This is especially thoughtful for gifts that need to be a certain size or color or larger ticket products. Since they allow the graduate to choose what they really need or desire, cash and gift cards are also appropriate graduation presents. For close family, $50–$100 is usually a suitable financial gift, while for more distant ties, $25–$50.

    Best Congratulations Wishes to College Graduates

    Besides college graduation gifts, you can craft some beautiful wishes to congratulate them:

    • Kudos for your amazing accomplishment! Your diligence and commitment are incredibly motivating. I'm wishing you well as you start this fascinating new journey.
    • Congratulation on finishing college! You ought to be immensely proud of all that you've managed to do. I'm wishing you further success as you seize fresh chances and challenges.
    Best Congratulations Wishes to College Graduates-graduation gifts for college grads

    Best Congratulations Wishes to College Graduates

    • Congratulation, graduate! You've accomplished a significant goal, and I have no doubt that the future holds even greater things for you. As you move on, I'm wishing you all the joy and satisfaction in the world.
    • Sincere congrats on completing your college education! Your tenacity and dedication are admirable. As you begin this new chapter of your life, I'm wishing you happiness and prosperity.
    • Congratulation on your graduation! All your efforts have truly paid off. I'm really happy for you and forward to see what you do next. I hope that all of your future pursuits turn out well.
    • Congratulation, graduate! This accomplishment is evidence of your perseverance and hard effort. I'm extending my best wishes for future years filled with growth, exploration, and wealth.
    • Many congratulations on this significant milestone! It is an amazing accomplishment for you to have graduated from college, and I am very happy to share this moment with you. I hope your future is full with adventures and fulfillment.


    Whatever you decide, college graduation gifts let the graduate know you appreciate their efforts and have faith in their future. Customize it, choose an item that speaks to their hobbies, and above all, be proud of them for this amazing achievement! You can select the ideal college graduation present that will be treasured for many years with a little bit of planning.

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