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Top 10 St Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers & Employees
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Top 10 St Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers & Employees

01 Mar 2024
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To make your workplace a little brighter and bring some smiles to the daily hustle, why not celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your coworkers with our St Patrick’s Day gifts for coworkers? We've got a bunch of ideas to help you spread the Irish joy at the office. From cool desk decor to tasty treats, we've compiled a list of 10 coworker St Patrick Day gifts. Let's make your workplace a bit greener and a lot more fun this St. Patrick's Day!


St Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers & Employees

Feeling a bit lost on what to send as a gift to your office mates? Let our personalized gift ideas lend a hand in bringing a touch of Irish spirit to your workplace this St. Patrick's Day! 

St Patrick’s Day T-shirt

Picture this: you stroll into the office rocking our St. Patrick's Day T-shirt, and suddenly, everyone's feeling the Irish vibes! It's made from super comfy cotton that's soft on your skin. The front is a festive mashup of shamrocks, leprechauns, and a friendly Irish saying. Flip to the back for a chuckle with a witty St. Patrick's Day quote. Trust us; it's not just a tee – it's an instant mood lifter, a thoughtful office St Patrick's Day ideas for your work crew!

St Patrick’s Day T-shirt - Coworker St Patrick Day Gifts

St Patrick’s Day T-shirt - Coworker St Patrick Day Gifts

St Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt

Need a cozy companion for the cooler days? Enter our St. Patrick's Day custom sweatshirt! How about a Best Colleagues Ever sweatshirt? This cozy green sweatshirt, customized with your name, is more than just clothing—it's a nod to the awesome teamwork we've got going on. Whether you're rocking it on virtual calls or casual Fridays, this personalized piece screams team spirit and brings a bit of Irish flair to the mix. Here's to celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the "Best Colleagues Ever" in comfort and style!

St Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt - St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

St Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt - St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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St Patrick’s Day Mug

Rise and shine with our mug ideas - St Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers! This ceramic beauty is decked out in green with shamrocks and leprechaun hats – a proper Irish fiesta for your morning brew. Sturdy and boasting a comfy handle, it's your new favorite coffee companion. Practical? Absolutely. But it's also a daily reminder of the good times and laughs you share with your workmates. Now, that's a mug with a story.

St Patrick’s Day Ornament

Sprinkle a bit of Irish magic in your workspace or home with our St. Patrick's Day Ornament. It's a little masterpiece with hand-painted shamrocks and a teeny leprechaun hat. Hang it anywhere – your desk, a potted plant, or even on your home's mini tree. Comes with a cute ribbon for easy display. It's the kind of ornament that turns your surroundings into a St. Patrick's Day haven. Share the luck, folks!

St Patrick’s Custom Pillow

Check out this "Best Colleagues Ever" personalized pillow – a cool St. Patrick's Day gift just for you! With a touch of Irish vibes, it's a daily reminder of our awesome teamwork and all the good times we've had. The green not only shouts St. Paddy's but also stands for the luck of having the best colleagues ever. Whether it's on your office chair or adding a cozy vibe at home, this pillow is a little "thanks for being awesome" from me to you. Here's to more laughs and successes together!

St Patrick’s Custom Pillow - St Patrick's Day Gifts for Employees

St Patrick’s Custom Pillow - St Patrick's Day Gifts for Work

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St Patrick's Day Socks

Amp up the St. Paddy's vibes with our cozy and chic St. Patrick's Day socks - a cute gift idea for St Patrick’s Day. Made from a comfy blend of fabrics, these socks boast lively designs – think leprechauns, shamrocks, and Irish flags – and sport vibrant green hues to spice up any outfit, work attire included. A perfect idea for St Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers for your colleagues to celebrate the holiday with a bit of warmth and style, whether they're rocking them in the office or stepping out to join the festive hustle.

Irish Whisky Favors - Best Idea for St Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers

Take your St. Patrick's Day celebration to a whole new level with our classy Irish whisky favors. Each petite bottle holds a sip of top-shelf Irish whiskey, known for its velvety-smooth taste. Packaged in tasteful bottles, these favors bring a touch of sophistication to your gift-giving. Whether shared in a virtual toast or savored solo, these St Patrick's Day gifts for employees promise to add a dash of Irish spirit to your employees' St. Paddy's festivities.

Irish Whisky Favors - Coworker St Patrick Day Gifts
Irish Whisky Favors - Office St Patrick's Day Ideas

Irish Beer Glass

Raise a glass in true St. Patrick's Day fashion with our specially crafted Irish beer glass. This high-quality piece features traditional Celtic knotwork and shamrock designs, turning every sip into a celebration. Whether your coworkers favor a classic stout or a refreshing ale, this beer glass is the perfect vessel to savor the flavors of Ireland. Gift them this stylish glass as St Patrick's Day gift ideas for coworkers, and let the toasts flow, making their St. Paddy's celebration is a bit more authentic.

Patrick’s Day Candy Favor Bag

Sweeten the St. Patrick's Day celebration with our irresistible candy St Patricks Day gift basket ideas. Packed with a medley of green-themed candies, chocolates, and treats, this idea for Saint Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers is a delightful way to indulge in the festivities. From charming shamrock-shaped chocolates to refreshing mint treats, each item is carefully chosen to create a festive and delicious mix. Spread St. Paddy's joy among your coworkers with this adorable candy favor bag, perfect for satisfying their sweet cravings during the holiday celebrations.

Patrick’s Day Candy Favor Bag -  St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers
Patrick’s Day Candy Favor Bag - 
Saint Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers

How Do You Celebrate St Patrick's Day at Work?

Do you know how many days until St Patrick’s Day? Ever thought about spicing up the work vibe for St. Patrick's Day? Adding a touch of Irish cheer to the office can be a more real mood-lifter than any St Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers. Let's dive into some straightforward and cool ideas to bring that St. Paddy's spirit to your workplace!

  • Rock the Green Gear

Get the whole crew on board while wearing some green threads! It could be anything from a snazzy green shirt to funky accessories or even those ridiculous leprechaun hats. Let's turn the office into a sea of green for the day!

  • Deck Out the Digs

Time to jazz up the workspace! Stick some shamrocks on the walls, drape green streamers across the desks, and maybe even toss in a cheeky leprechaun cutout or two. We're aiming for a workspace that screams St. Paddy’s Day vibes.

  • Brekkie or Snack Attack

Kickstart the day with some Irish-inspired brekkie goodies or a stash of snacks. Think soda bread, scones, and maybe a selection of Irish cheeses. If you're feeling extra festive, throw in some green treats as St Patrick's Day gifts for work to keep those energy levels up!

Brekkie or Snack Attack -  St Patrick's Day Gifts for Employees

Brekkie or Snack Attack - 
St Patrick's Day Gifts for Work
  • Potluck Palooza

Let’s organize a potluck feast where everyone brings their favorite Irish dish. Corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie, or Irish stew - the more, the merrier! It's a feast fit for the Emerald Isle.

  • Team Shenanigans

Spice up the day with some St. Patrick's Day-themed team activities. Trivia on Irish culture, a scavenger hunt with hidden shamrocks, or even a light-hearted competition with Irish-themed prizes - let the shenanigans begin!

  • Go Green with Supplies

Swap out the regular office supplies for green alternatives – pens, sticky notes, the whole shebang. It’s a simple way to infuse the Irish spirit into the everyday grind. And, these green supplies can be some cute St Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers to make the day too. 

  • Lunchtime Jam Session

Pump up the office with some Irish tunes during lunch. Whether it's traditional jigs or contemporary Irish hits, let the music create that infectious St. Paddy’s Day vibe.

Lunchtime Jam Session -  Coworker St Patrick Day Gifts

Lunchtime Jam Session
- Office St Patrick's Day Ideas

  • Irish Awards Banter

Cook up some fun, light-hearted awards to honor your colleagues. Think "Most Irish Spirit" or "Best Green Getup" – a little office banter to spread the St. Patrick's Day joy!

  • Get Jiggy with Dance

If you can swing it, how about some lunchtime Irish music or dance? Whether it’s a live performance or just some toe-tapping tunes, it’s sure to lift the spirits around the office.

  • Desk Bling Contest

Challenge your coworkers to a desk bling showdown! Who can deck out their workspace in the most St. Patrick's Day glory? Hand out small prizes for the most creative and festive setups.

Short Patricks Quotes for Co-workers to Come Along with Green Gifts

Some good words can make the day of many. So besides St Patrick's Day gifts for coworkers and parties, cheers to everyone with words that carry the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Check out these fun St Patrick's Day quotes:

  • Green gifts for a bit of Irish delight – here's to finding joy in the little things. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • Luck follows the green, just like the joy that comes with this little gift. Enjoy the St. Paddy's vibes!
  • A touch of Irish magic in every green token – may your days be as bright as a field of shamrocks!

Short Quotes with St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Short Quotes with Saint Patrick's Day Gifts for Coworkers
  • Cheers to green surprises and the simple joy they bring. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • May your days be as lucky as a four-leaf clover and as vibrant as a field of green. Enjoy the gift!
  • Sending Irish vibes your way – may this green token bring you joy and luck!
  • To green gifts and the magic they hold. Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day filled with smiles!
  • A splash of green for a day of joy. Here's to finding luck in unexpected places!
  • May your day be touched by the luck of the Irish, just like this little green surprise. Happy St. Paddy's Day!
  • Wishing you the charm of a leprechaun and the happiness found in simple, green delights. Enjoy the gift!


In a nutshell, just like red amps up the love on Valentine's Day and white brings in purity vibes, how about tossing in a bit of green for St. Patrick's? It's more than just a color – green is all about luck, good times, and embracing Irish traditions. So, when you share St Patrick’s Day gifts for coworkers, it's like passing around a slice of that lively spirit and saying, "Cheers to us!" Let the workplace festivities be as bright as a field of shamrocks.

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