Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Top 60 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes For Grateful Giggles

Posted 21 Nov 2023

Step into the heart of Thanksgiving cheer as we delve into the enchanting world of funny Thanksgiving quotes. In this collection from Personal House, we'll explore how a sprinkle of humor can elevate your holiday celebrations, infusing joy and lightheartedness into the traditions of gratitude. 

What Is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day, observed annually on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, is a cherished occasion dedicated to expressing gratitude for the bounties of the harvest and the events of the past year. This holiday has historical roots in a three-day feast in 1621, where Pilgrims and Native Americans came together to symbolize unity and thankfulness. 

As Thanksgiving Day traditions, families come together to share a festive meal, featuring a roasted turkey, stuffing, and an array of side dishes. Beyond the culinary delights, Thanksgiving serves as a time for reflection, engagement in customs, and gratitude expressions like meaningful or funny Thanksgiving quotes that foster a sense of togetherness and appreciation.

What Is Thanksgiving Day

What Is Thanksgiving Day?

As the Thanksgiving Day tradition revolves around gratitude and togetherness, it seamlessly transitions into the realm of humor with the introduction of funny Thanksgiving sayings. These lighthearted expressions add an extra layer of joy to the festive atmosphere, enhancing the celebration with laughter and merriment. Let's embark on a journey through amusing quotes that infuse the spirit of Thanksgiving with a delightful touch of humor.

Top 60 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes For A Feast Of Laughter and Gratitude

Get ready to infuse your Thanksgiving celebrations with laughter and joy as we delve into the top funny Thanksgiving day quotes besides customizable gifts. These witty and humorous expressions capture the spirit of the holiday, adding a delightful twist to the traditional festivities.

Funny Quotes About Thanksgiving For Your Family

Dive into the heart of Thanksgiving joy with our collection of funny sayings about Thanksgiving tailored for your family. These humorous gems are crafted to elevate the laughter at your family gatherings, turning the holiday into a memorable blend of gratitude and hilarity.

Funny Quotes About Thanksgiving For Your Family

Funny Quotes About Thanksgiving For Your Family

  • Family gatherings on Thanksgiving: Where laughter echoes louder than the dinner table clatter.
  • Thanksgiving with family is like a sitcom episode-full of quirky characters and unexpected plot twists.
  • In our family, we don't say grace; we say Thanksgiving day quotes funny to bless the food and keep the laughter flowing.
  • Thanksgiving is the one day where everyone becomes a comedian, and the turkey is the star of the stand-up show.
  • In our family, the Thanksgiving table is a stage, and every dish is a potential punchline.
  • Why did the turkey sit in the corner during Thanksgiving dinner? Because it was stuffed!
  • Thanksgiving is the one day I'm thankful for elastic waistbands-bless you, stretchy pants!
  • My family is like a Thanksgiving meal: a little bit nutty, a touch sweet, and always a lot to be thankful for.
  • Why did the cranberries turn red on Thanksgiving? Because they saw the turkey dressing!
  • Thanksgiving at our house is a time-honored tradition: We feast, we laugh, and then we unbutton our pants.

Funny Quotes About Thanksgiving Day For Your Family

Funny Family Thanksgiving Quotes

Let’s explore more funny thanksgiving quotes for family that boost up holiday spirit:

  • Thanksgiving is the one day each year when we can eat as much as we want and blame it on the turkey's irresistible charm.
  • I’m not saying my family is dysfunctional, but our Thanksgiving grace is always led by a referee whistle.
  • Turkey is the main dish, but forgiveness is the real side dish at every family's Thanksgiving table.
  • At Thanksgiving dinner, my mom always tells me to watch my weight. It's like, 'Mom, I'm trying to watch my plate!
  • I’m thankful for elastic waistbands, the unsung heroes of every Thanksgiving feast.
  • Thanksgiving is the day I realize I have a ‘foodie call’ relationship with my refrigerator.
  • My family's Thanksgiving tradition: silently judging the cranberry sauce and pretending to understand the rules of football.
  • The best part about Thanksgiving is that it’s the only day of the year my family believes in portion control-until it comes to desserts.
  • Thanksgiving is the day when you look at your turkey and think, 'Well, at least I'm not a vegetarian.
  • If you think your family is dysfunctional, just remember, somewhere out there, someone's having a Thanksgiving dinner via Zoom.

Fun Quotes Thanksgiving For Your Family

Fun Quotes Thanksgiving For Your Family

Notice what is Thanksgiving this year to prepare carefully for it. From witty observations on dinner table dynamics to playful reflections on the chaos of holiday preparations, these funny Thanksgiving quotes promise to add a touch of mirth to your family's Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Funny Quotes For Friends

Elevate your Friendsgiving festivities with a dash of humor as we present a curated collection of funny Turkey day quotes for friends. These funny Thanksgiving phrases are crafted to add an extra layer of joy and laughter to the special moments shared with your chosen family.

  • Friendsgiving is the only feast where the more, the merrier, especially when it comes to funny stories.
  • Thanksgiving with friends is like a potluck of laughter and gratitude-always leave room for seconds.
  • On Thanksgiving, friends are the stuffing of life, adding flavor and joy to the feast.
  • In the recipe of life, friends are the essential spice that makes Thanksgiving flavorful and fun.
  • Thanksgiving with friends is the ultimate recipe for happiness-spiced with laughter, baked with love.
  • Why did the scarecrow become a stand-up comedian? Because he was outstanding in his field of jokes!

Thanksgiving Funny Quotes For Friends

Thanksgiving Funny Quotes For Friends

Get ready for another round of mirth with the next funny thanksgiving quotes for your besties:

  • Friendsgiving is the only time of year when we all agree: the more desserts, the merrier.
  • Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate friends-especially the ones who bring an extra pie.
  • Friendsgiving survival tip: Wear forgiving clothes; those extra helpings are worth it.
  • When in doubt, bring extra laughter to Friendsgiving. It's the seasoning that makes everything better.
  • Friendsgiving: where the only thing getting stuffed more than the turkey is our group chat.
  • On Thanksgiving, my friends and I don't count calories; we count laughs and pie slices.
  • At Friendsgiving, the only thing more overcooked than the turkey is our attempt at adulting.
  • This Thanksgiving, may your pants be forgiving, and your friends be more entertaining than the parade.
  • Friends are like mashed potatoes - a bit lumpy, sometimes cheesy, but always there to add flavor to life.

Thanksgiving Funny Wishes For Friends

Thanksgiving Funny Wishes For Friends

  • Friendsgiving is the only time I willingly engage in a game of 'Who Can Eat More Pie?' Spoiler: I always win.
  • This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for friends who bring joy to my life and dessert to my table.
  • At Friendsgiving, we don't need a wishbone; we just wish everyone's Wi-Fi connection stays strong during the virtual feast.
  • Thanksgiving with friends is like a potluck of humor – everyone brings their best jokes, and we all leave with a food coma.
  • This Thanksgiving, let's be thankful for friends who don’t judge the amount of gravy on our plates or the number of seconds we go back for.

Our funny Thanksgiving quotes for friends offer a delightful array of humor, enhancing the camaraderie and joy of your Friendsgiving celebration. These quotes, ranging from clever quips to playful observations, promise to create cherished memories filled with laughter, making your gathering a truly unforgettable feast of friendship.

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

Sprinkle some office-friendly humor into your Thanksgiving festivities with our handpicked collection of funny happy Thanksgiving quotes for coworkers. These witty and lighthearted quotes are tailored to add a touch of merriment to your workplace celebration, ensuring that the holiday spirit extends beyond the boardroom.

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

  • Thanksgiving at the office: Where the only turkey you'll find is the one in the breakroom complaining about the copy machine.
  • Coworkers are like Thanksgiving leftovers-some are a bit stale, but others only get better with time.
  • Thanksgiving work potluck: Because nothing says 'team building' like sharing pie in the conference room.
  • Office politics on Thanksgiving: The only stuffing we need is in our faces, not the boardroom.
  • Thanksgiving at work is the real test of teamwork-can we all agree on the best dessert?
  • Why did the computer go to the Thanksgiving party? To keep an eye on the mouse!
  • Thanksgiving in the office is a reminder: The only drama we need is in our desserts, not our emails.
  • Thanksgiving at work is the real test of teamwork-can we all agree on the best dessert?
  • Thanksgiving at work: Where the coffee is strong, and the WiFi is stronger.
  • Thanksgiving at the office: where the only stuffing happening is us trying to fit all the potluck dishes into the communal fridge.
  • Coworkers are like Thanksgiving leftovers - sometimes they stick around a bit too long, but you're grateful they're there when you need them.

Continue a laughter-filled journey this holiday with the these funny thanksgiving quotes below that tickle the funny bone:

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

  • This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for coworkers who share their Wi-Fi passwords during those crucial virtual meetings.
  • At the office Thanksgiving potluck, we're all just one dish away from becoming the office chef - or the office joke.
  • Coworkers are the cranberry sauce of life - sweet, a little tart, and always there to add some color to the daily grind.
  • Thanksgiving at work: where the office printer is the only thing getting a workout with everyone printing their 'secret' stuffing recipes.
  • This Thanksgiving, may your coffee be strong, your deadlines be forgiving, and your coworkers be as delightful as pumpkin pie.
  • Coworkers are like Thanksgiving sides - they might not always be your favorite, but you appreciate their presence on the team.
  • At the office Thanksgiving lunch, the only competition fiercer than the dessert table is the battle for the last slice of pie.
  • Coworkers who bring in homemade Thanksgiving treats are the real MVPs – the 'Most Valuable Providers' of workplace joy.
  • The best part of the office Thanksgiving feast? The brief escape from work emails, if only for dessert.

These funny Thanksgiving quotes for coworkers bring a playful twist to office celebrations, offering a delightful blend of camaraderie and humor. From clever workplace quips to amusing observations, these quotes are designed to foster a festive atmosphere, making your Thanksgiving at the office a memorable and laughter-filled occasion.

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

Funny Quotes On Thanksgiving For Coworkers

3 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Thanksgiving Funny Quotes

Elevate your Thanksgiving décor with creativity and laughter using our guide on how to decorate things with Thanksgiving funny quotations. Infuse humor into your surroundings by incorporating witty quotes in visually appealing patterns, transforming your space into a festive haven that radiates joy and merriment.

Custom Your Thanksgiving Gifts With Funny Sayings

Embrace the spirit of merriment this Thanksgiving by exploring our guide on how to custom your gift with a Thanksgiving message to friends. Discover unique and humorous ways to express gratitude, turning your gifts into memorable tokens that bring joy and laughter to the holiday season.

  • Customized Mugs

Elevate the joy of giving with customized mugs featuring funny Thanksgiving sayings. Imagine sipping a warm beverage from a mug adorned with a clever Thanksgiving quote, creating moments of laughter and delight with each sip. These personalized mugs not only make for practical and amusing gifts but also serve as daily reminders of gratitude and humor.

Custom Your Thanksgiving Gifts With Funny Sayings

Custom Mugs As Thanksgiving Gifts With Funny Sayings

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  • Unique T-shirts

Consider custom Thanksgiving gifts with a humorous twist by customizing T-shirts with funny sayings. What if your loved ones sporting shirts adorned with funny Thanksgiving quotes, turning festive gatherings into laughter-filled events. These custom T-shirts add a touch of lightheartedness to the holiday, making them both thoughtful and amusing gifts.

  • Gourmet Basket

Infuse gourmet delights with a side of laughter by customizing a Thanksgiving-themed gourmet basket with funny sayings. Imagine a beautifully arranged basket filled with delicious treats, accompanied by humorous quotes that add a playful touch to the culinary experience. This unique and personalized gourmet gift brings a smile to the faces of those indulging in the festive feast.

Customizing Thanksgiving gifts with funny Thanksgiving phrases adds a touch of personalization and whimsy to your expressions of gratitude. These gifts not only convey warmth but also create lasting memories filled with laughter during this festive time of year.

Decorate Your Card With Thanksgiving Day Quotes Funny

Add a dash of humor to your Thanksgiving greetings with our guide on how to Decorate Your Card With Thanksgiving Day Quotes Funny. Discover creative ways to infuse laughter into your cards, making them a memorable expression of gratitude and joy.

  • Festive Feathered Friends

Immerse your Thanksgiving cards in whimsy with the Festive Feathered Friends idea. Picture delightful illustrations of charming turkeys donning quirky accessories, paired with humorous Thanksgiving quotes. These feathered friends create a festive and amusing atmosphere, turning your cards into vibrant canvases where laughter takes flight.

Decorate Your Card With Thanksgiving Day Quotes Funny

Festive Feathered Friends For Your Thanksgiving Cards

  • Autumn Leaves and Laughter

Capture the essence of fall with the Autumn Leaves and Laughter concept. Envision a backdrop of colorful autumn leaves adorned with funny Thanksgiving quotes, creating a visual feast of both nature and humor. The fusion of seasonal aesthetics and laughter makes your cards not only visually stunning but also a celebration of the joyful spirit of Thanksgiving.

  • Pumpkin Patch Puns

Bring a touch of humor to your Thanksgiving cards with the Pumpkin Patch Puns idea. Imagine pumpkins adorned with playful facial expressions, each pumpkin delivering pun-filled funny Thanksgiving day quotes. This amusing portrayal adds a lively and entertaining element to your cards, turning them into delightful patches of laughter for your recipients.

Whether it's the playful charm of Festive Feathered Friends, the vibrant Autumn Leaves and Laughter backdrop, or the entertaining Pumpkin Patch Puns, these creative touches will not only bring smiles but also turn your cards into cherished keepsakes that celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving with laughter.

Decorate Your Home Decor With Funny Thanksgiving Phrases

Add a touch of whimsy to your living spaces with our guide on how to Decorate Your Home Decor With Funny Thanksgiving Phrases. Discover creative ways to infuse humor into your home decor, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere for the Thanksgiving season.

  • Door Wreaths

Welcome guests with a dose of laughter by incorporating funny Thanksgiving quotes into your door wreaths. Envision a warm and inviting entrance adorned with wreaths that not only showcase autumnal beauty but also feature clever sayings. These customized door wreaths serve as a unique and amusing way to express gratitude during the holiday season.

Decorate Your Home Decor With Funny Thanksgiving Phrases

Decorate Your Home Decor With Funny Thanksgiving Phrases On Door Wreaths

  • Plant Pot

Bring a touch of humor to your home decor by adorning plant pots with funny quotes on Thanksgiving. Imagine cheerful succulents or vibrant fall flowers nestled in pots that sport witty sayings, adding a playful and festive element to your indoor or outdoor spaces. These customized plant pots infuse your home with laughter, creating a delightful atmosphere for the Thanksgiving season.

  • Sign Wall

Transform your walls into a canvas of humor with Thanksgiving-themed signs displaying funny Turkey day quotes. Picture a curated wall space featuring signs that range from witty turkey quips to comical expressions of gratitude. This idea creates a visually engaging and light-hearted atmosphere, turning your living space into a delightful showcase of Thanksgiving humor.

These personalized touches not only bring a playful and unique charm to your living spaces but also turn your home into a canvas of laughter, setting the stage for memorable and lighthearted Thanksgiving celebrations.

Sign Wall With Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Sign Wall With Funny Quotes For Thanksgiving


In the grand finale of your funny Thanksgiving quotes, remember that humor is the seasoning that enhances the flavor of gratitude. As cards, gifts, and home decor echo with laughter, they become the playful brushstrokes that paint your celebration with joy.

Here's to a Thanksgiving filled not only with warmth and thankfulness but also with the delightful soundtrack of shared smiles and good-natured chuckles that make the holiday truly unforgettable.

By Jasmines Anders

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