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90th birthday wishes

70+ Best 90th Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages 2024

07 May 2024
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With sincere 90th birthday wishes, you will have the ideal opportunity to honor the knowledge, experiences, and love that have molded the rich life journey of your parents, grandparent, or close friends. Are you at a loss for words? Their great day will have even more significance thanks to our suggestions right here!

Happy 90th Birthday Message for Dad

Even when words are the unique gift that unites the two hearts, it is quite difficult to express feelings into words when you are with your father. However, below are some ideas for 90th birthday wish for dad  that can help you.

  • Pops, you're just like an 18-year-old, except it was 72 years ago! Happy 90th.
  • Happiest 90th to the world's greatest guy - my friend, protector, and dad.
  • God sent you my way so I'd always know love. Wishing you an amazing 90th, Dad!
  • Happy 90th, Dad! Hope your birthday celebration brings just as many smiles and cheers as that million-dollar grin of yours does every single day.
Happy 90th Birthday Wishes - Dad and Son Playing Guitar
90th Birthday Wishes Quotes for Dad
  • Thinking of all our wonderful memories together. Thanks for the amazing experiences! Happy 90th, Dad.
  • Each year, I'm reminded how lucky I am to have a wonderful father like you. No matter where this wild ride of life takes us, you'll forever be one of the real ones carved into the deepest corners of my soul.
  • Having you as my dad has made my life so much happier and more complete. I cherish every moment and lesson from you. On your 90th, thank you for everything. Love you!
  • Superheroes are rare. An amazing dad like you is one-of-a-kind. Thanks for it all! Happy 90th, Dad.
  • Before blowing out your 90th candles, remember what a wonderful father and friend you are. I'm so blessed to have you.
  • No gift can match the love you've given me all my life. Have a fabulous 90th, Dad!
  • Dear Dad, thanks for sharing your wisdom and always being there for me. Hope your 90th birthday is joyous!
90th Birthday Wishes Quotes - Dad and Daughter on Sofa
Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday for Dad
  • Happy 90th, Pops! So glad to celebrate this amazing day with you.
  • Happy 90th, Dad! Thrilled to share your special day and let you know how much you mean to me.
  • The world got a little brighter 90 years ago when you were born, and your light keeps shining brighter every year. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, you've enriched so many lives and made a big impact in all you do. Happy 90th!

When it is still hard to say something sweet to your father, how about some custom birthday gifts with 90th birthday wishes on:

For the dad who's just as playful as he is wise, few gifts could top a Personalized Dad Grandpa Kid Fist Bump T-Shirt. Made from a soft, breathable cotton blend, it will quickly become his new favorite comfy shirt to throw on. 

Dad Grandpa T-shirt - Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday
Dad Grandpa T-shirt - Best Wishes on Your 90th Birthday

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If you're looking for a meaningful yet useful 90th birthday present, surprise him with a Personalized This Man Is The Legend Since Mug. This sturdy ceramic mug feels substantial in his hands, just like the larger-than-life dad or grandpa he is.

Legend Man Mug - Best Wishes on Your 90th Birthday
Legend Man Mug - What Do You Say for A 90th Birthday

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Loving 90th Birthday Wishes for Mother

Many of us always try to find what to write on a birthday card that is the sweetest for mom, since she is the most significant woman in our lives. These are some lovely 90th birthday card wishes; maybe one will speak to you!

  • Turning 90 makes me realize how much my love and respect for you grow daily. Happy birthday to the best mom ever!
What Do You Say for A 90th Birthday - Old Mom with White Hair and Daughter
90th Birthday Card Wishes for Mother
  • Sending a 90th birthday wish wrapped in all my love!
  • Happy 90th, Mom! Today better bring a sunny mood as brilliant as that megawatt grin you're always flashing.  Thanks for always being there.
  • We have the perfect mother-daughter bond. You're my mom, and I'm perfect. May your 90th overflow with laughter and love!
  • Happy 90th to my amazing mom! You are not only my mum, but also my closest friend. No one could ever replace you - you mean more than you'll ever know.
  • May the sun shine as brightly on your birthday as your loving light has always shone on me. Happy 90th to the most loving mom!
  • On your 90th, enjoy all the beauty and love around you. I am grateful for your unique presence in my life.
  • Thanks for being my heart's first home. Wishing you the most amazing 90th!
  • You're more than a mother - my guidance, strength, teacher and best friend. I value what you have done for me in this life. Happy 90th, Mom.
90th Birthday Card Wishes - Mom and Daughter Watching The Phone in The Park
What Do You Write in A 90th Birthday Wish for Mother
  • Of all moms, I'm so grateful I got you. Hope your 90th is unforgettable!
  • Happy 90th, Mom! Now I'm older, thanks for never leaving me in a cart and running away. Must've been tempting.
  • Happy 90th to the lady who showed me scraped knees heal, and hugs and kisses fix tears. Wishing you a lovely day, Mom.
  • You mean the world to me. I thank the Lord every day that you're my mother. Happy 90th, Mom.
  • Happy 90th, dear Mom! May all the loving embraces from your loved ones remind you how treasured you are.
  • Happiest returns to the greatest Mom around! Thanks for being such an awesome mother! Love you, happy 90th!

Happy 90th Birthday Wishes for Grandma

It was your grandmother who raised you as if you were her own. These 90th birthday messages are a great way to express your affection for her.

  • Happy 90th, Grandma! You make this world a happier, more joyful place by sharing your immense love. Thanks for everything!
  • Sending loving thoughts your way, Grandma - may your 90th be as special as you are!
What Do You Write in A 90th Birthday Wish Grandma Sitting in The Wheelchair
90th Birthday Card Greetings for Grandma
  • On your birthday, I appreciate all the little things you've done that made a big difference in my life. Happy 90th!
  • Happiest 90th to the world's best Grandma!
  • God truly blessed our family with you, Grandma. Hope all your birthday wishes come true!
  • 90 years spreading happiness, and your smile still brightens our world. Your boundless love shaped generations - your birthday honors your lasting spirit.
  • The life you live and have lived will forever be a gift. We can't fill your shoes, but we pray God blesses you as we're reminded of your good deeds. Happy 90th.
  • 90 years spreading joy, and that smile still lights up our world. Your limitless love molded generations - this birthday attests to your enduring spirit.
  • A 90-year bouquet, each petal a moment of love, laughter, and growth. Happy birthday to the extraordinary Grandma enriching our lives immeasurably.
  • Grandma, I appreciate every little thing you've done making such a difference in my life. Wishing you a happy 90th!
Happy 90th Birthday Wishes - Kid Give Grandma Flowers
90th Birthday Wishes Quotes for Grandma
  • Much may have changed in your life, but one constant is your family's love. We adore you dearly! Happy 90th, Grandma!
  • Happy 90th, Grandma! All who know you celebrate the day you were born, gracing our lives with love and kindness. We love you!
  • Happy 90th, Grandma! I'm so grateful to have you. You've shared life experience, guided me to be better. I love you forever.
  • A 90th birthday to say how you've influenced my life. I'm blessed to have you - more than a grandmother, my best friend and mentor. I love you so much!
  • May the sun beam as brilliantly on your birthday as your loving light has always radiated upon me. Happiest 90th to the most loving grandma ever!

Besides saying happy birthday, why don’t you think about 90th birthday gift ideas for your grandma? For a gift that captures the essence of grandmotherly love, look no further than a Personalized This Grandma Belongs To T-Shirt. With a 97% customer satisfaction rate on personalization, you can be confident that grandma will be overjoyed wearing this one-of-a-kind shirt made just for her. 

This Grandma Belongs To T-Shirt - 90th Birthday Wishes Quotes
This Grandma Belongs To T-Shirt - Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday

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90th Birthday Quotes for Grandpa

Your crime-fighting companion has always been your grandfather. He has taught you many things, even how to whittle wood and climb trees. Tell him how much he means to you by sending him these 90th birthday wishes.

  • A special wish for the world's best grandpa from his #1 grandchild. Happy big 9-0, Grandpa!
  • Grandpa, hoping your 90th overflows with love, joy, fun and giggles. So thankful to have a grandfather like you!
  • May your 90th be brimming with love, cheer, merriment and laughs, Grandpa! It’s indeed a blessing to have you as my granddad.
Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday - Grandpa and Kid Watching The Phone
Best Wishes on Your 90th Birthday for Grandpa
  • No grandpa is cooler than yours in this town. Happy 90th, favorite grandkid's shoutout!
  • The wonderful moments with you will forever be sweet cherished memories. You inspire me tremendously, Grandpa - Happy 90th!
  • Time spent with you has gifted lifelong precious memories. Your wisdom is so inspiring!
  • May a big smile brighten your face as you celebrate, dearest Grandpa.
  • A special shoutout for the best grandpa from his favorite grandkid. Happy 90th, Grandpa!
  • Wishing the happiest 90th, dear Grandpa. You've always embodied life's true meaning.
  • The joy and happiness you've brought me is immeasurable. Love you to the moon, Grandpa - Happy 90th!
Best Wishes on Your 90th Birthday - Grandpa and His Three Grandkids
What Do You Say for A 90th Birthday for Grandpa
  • What an incredible journey Grandpa's walked! The rich legacy he's passing down!
  • I rarely put pen to paper like this, not 'cause it ain't important, but 'cause my feelings run so deep. How could any words truly capture all Grandpa means to me? They simply can't.
  • I'm bursting with pride for my grandpa - for the big stuff, sure, but then little things too.
  • It's all the tiny moments - holding my hand driving me to school daily, showing up for every game, recital, anything I did. The game nights and boating trips and skipping rocks by the lake - the long heart-to-hearts, the endless encouragement and wisdom shared.

Funny 90th Birthday Quotes

With our helpful collection of humorous 90th birthday wishes below, you can take up the responsibility of celebrating (or making fun of) every ninetieth birthday.

  • At 90 years old, you've finally reached the "elderly" age to act as crazy as you want without anyone judging!
  • 90 years spent making memorable mistakes. Here's to many more!
  • Don't think of it as getting old, consider it a ripening towards naughtiness and fertilizer for new adventures.
What Do You Say for A 90th Birthday - Grandma and Kid in The Garden
Funny 90th Birthday Card Wishes
  • Age 90 is when you stop growing at both ends and start putting on weight in the middle.
  • You're not really 90, you were just too fast getting to 25 and did it 3 times!
  • Congrats on reaching the underwear age - you're finally allowed to sag and drool as you please.
  • Turning 90 is like rolling a 180 in bowling...with lots of gutter balls in between frames!
  • Here's to another decade of forgetting names, losing things and enjoying senior discounts!
  • Time may be catching up, but your wit is still sharp at 90. Though your teeth could use some sharpening!
  • Don't call it old age, you're just vintage with an unlimited return policy.
  • At 90, everything that worked at 30 has given up. Luckily, you can still keep your sunny outlook!
  • Nine decades of quiet farts to keep the grandkids on their toes - you sure know how to stink up a party!
90th Birthday Card Wishes - Cute Grandma Next To DIY Flower Pot
What Do You Write in A 90th Birthday Wish
  • Age gets better like fine wine. At 90, you've aged into a mighty vintage spirit ready to kick back and drink deep!
  • I'd tell you a joke about getting old, but at 90 you've probably heard and forgotten it already.
  • Happy 90th! You made it to decadent status...and not just on your birthday cake!

Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas to Celebrate 9 Decades of Living

It can be difficult to find the ideal present for a 90-year-old, but personalized products coming along with happy 90th birthday wishes are a wonderful way to make the occasion even more special. 

  • Personalized Dog Dad Shirt Gift
  • For the dog lover, a Personalized Dog Dad Shirt makes a fun present. 89% of customers agree that the vibrant, permanent print designs on these shirts still looked fantastic even after multiple washes.

    Dog Dad Shirt Gift - What Do You Write in A 90th Birthday Wish
    Dog Dad Shirt Gift - 90th Birthday Card Greetings

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  • Personalized Legend Husband Dad And Papa Since T-Shirt
  • A Mava Design survey found 73% of people feel custom apparel makes memorable gifts. If he's a family man, a Personalized Legend Husband Dad And Papa Since T-Shirt celebrates all his important roles.

    Dad and Papa T-shirt - Happy 90th Birthday Wishes
    Dad and Papa T-shirt - 90th Birthday Wishes Quotes
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  • Personalized It Took Me Years To Look Good Mug
  • This clever mug is perfect for that spunky 90-year-old who still has a twinkle in their eye and great sense of humor about getting older. Every morning coffee or afternoon tea will bring a chuckle as they sip from this personalized keepsake. Best of all, it's heavy-duty and dishwasher/microwave-safe, so it's built to last for many more years of daily use and smiles.

    It Took Me Years To Look Good Mug - 90th Birthday Wishes Quotes
    It Took Me Years To Look Good Mug - Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday

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  • Personalized My Favorite Child Gave Me This On 70th Birthday Mug
  • For a heartfelt gift that's sure to mean the world, opt for the Personalized "My Favorite Child Gave Me This on 70th Birthday" Mug. One customer captured it perfectly: "My dad was over the moon! He said the quality was excellent, but more importantly, he felt so special receiving such a personal gift from his favorite kid". 

    My Favorite Child Mug - Happy Birthday Wishes for 90th Birthday
    My Favorite Child Mug - Best Wishes on Your 90th Birthday

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    Sending 90th birthday wishes to someone shows them how much they mean to you and acknowledges their life and legacy. Quotes, which are sincere, inspirational or even funny, can help you communicate your emotions in a special and meaningful way. Why not take a moment to wish someone a happy 90 years of life?

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