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3 year anniversary quotes

100+ Happy 3 Year Anniversary Quotes & Wishes

09 May 2024
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With 80+ happy 3 year anniversary quotes, this collection has something special for every couple. With statements ranging from heartfelt poems that capture the essence of your growing love to clever reflections that lightheartedly celebrate the peculiarities and delights of a long-term commitment, these quotes provide a considerate method to remember this momentous anniversary.

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Celebrating milestones in a relationship is always special, and the third anniversary is no exception. Here are some three year anniversary quotes to help you celebrate your love and togetherness with your husband.

  • As we celebrate three years of marriage, I think of all the good times we've had. I wish you a lifetime of happy memories and a loving future. Dear husband, happy anniversary.
  • Three years ago, we pledged to love, appreciate, and support one other through life. As I recall our late-night discussions and spontaneous adventures, I'm filled with gratitude. Cheers to celebrating our best memories and anticipating the countless more to come!
3 year anniversary quotes for him
3 years wedding anniversary quotes
  • We've laughed, cried, and grown over the past three years, through more than I could have imagined. As we celebrate this special event, I look forward to a future full of love, laughter, and endless possibilities. Happy Anniversary, forever love.
  • Happy anniversary, honey. Three years ago, we began this beautiful journey with excitement and goals. We have shared priceless moments from the simple to the exceptional. Here's to more memories and a joyful, loving life.
  • As we celebrate this anniversary, I'm grateful for the good and tragic times that shaped our story. Celebrating our good experiences and anticipating better ones. Dear husband, happy anniversary.

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  • Happy 3rd anniversary to the man who brightens my days and fills my heart with love. Like good wine, may your three years of marriage be filled with joy, excitement, and age-related improvement.
  • My lovely spouse, you became my lifelong dance partner three years ago. With each step together, our love and relationship have grown. Here's to dancing through life's ups and downs with you forever.
  • My best buddy, lifelong companion, and confidant: Happy anniversary! A three-year love story full with laughter, joy, and memories. Here's to continuing our journey with joy and connection.
  • 'Happy third anniversary!' to my rock, anchor, and biggest cheerleader. Three years of overcoming life's trials together, each time stronger. Let's endure more storms and enjoy infinite beautiful days together.My dear spouse, I promised you a lifetime of experiences three years ago. Since then, our love story has taken many unexpected turns, adding a new chapter each day. Cheers to writing new chapters in our story.
happy 3rd anniversary quotes

3 year anniversary quotes

  • Happy third anniversary, man who won my heart and keeps beating with each grin. Three years spent together, filled with love, laughter, and sometimes pillow fights. Dear, cheers to our eternal love.
  • My brave comrade and eternal love, congratulations on three years! Three years of happiness, love, and memories. I toast us, my dear spouse, and all the amazing adventures ahead.
  • Happy anniversary, my life companion! Since marrying my best friend three years ago, my life has been blessed. Congratulations on three years of pleasure, happiness, and snuggles. Time makes me love you more.
  • Three years ago, you fulfilled my happily-ever-after ideal, my beautiful spouse. You're my rock and provide me endless joy. Toast to our love now and forever. Happy anniversary, honey.

In addition to these 3 year anniversary quotes and thoughts for your husband's third anniversary, remember to show him how much you care by giving him thoughtful, unique presents printed with a special quote.

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3rd Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

As you celebrate your third wedding anniversary, it's a perfect time to reflect on the journey you've shared with your wife. Here are some heartfelt happy three year anniversary to honor your wife and the love you share on this special day.

  • Since then, we've created many precious experiences together, from our secluded vacations to our cozy evenings in. It is with much appreciation for our shared history and anticipation of our shared future that I rejoice with you today. I hope we can keep going on this adventure together and make many more wonderful memories.
  • In honor of our three years of marriage, my beloved wife, I reflect on the path we've trodden along side by side. There has been no weakening of our love between the time of our vow exchange and this anniversary. Here's to remembering the good old days and looking forward to the exciting new experiences that the future holds. My darling, happy anniversary.
  • To my soulmate, Happy 3rd anniversary! We made a commitment three years ago to support one another through the ups and downs of life. Toasting the two of us and the amazing adventure that is yet to come, my beloved wife.
3 year anniversary quotes

3rd anniversary sayings

  • My amazing wife, happy anniversary! Three years ago, we said "I do" and began this beautiful adventure. I am filled with gratitude for our history and anticipation for our future as we honor this milestone. I wish you love, laughter, and joy as you create your life. Time makes me love you more.
  • We've been married three years, but it feels like we just got married. You have provided me joy and love, my dear wife, and I will always be grateful. On our anniversary, I think about all the fun excursions and poignant moments of understanding. Let's remember the good times and plan for the future as we celebrate our past.
  • With this joyful occasion behind us, I look forward to a future full of love, laughter, and fantastic experiences. Toasting us and our beautiful future, my dear wife. No words can express my love for you.
  • Happy 3rd anniversary to my daytime sunshine and nighttime dreamer. Since my best friend and I married three years ago, life has been full of love, laughter, and snuggles. My my wife, here's to our married life.
3rd anniversary quote

3rd anniversary quote for her

  • Happy anniversary, gorgeous wife! I have smiled at you every day and fallen asleep in your embrace for three years. I wonder what the future holds in your company, which is like a fairytale. Wishing you unending joy, excitement, and love!
  • Since marrying my soulmate three years ago, my days have been filled with surprises and excitement. Always grateful for my confidant, rock, and crime partner. Enjoy a lifetime of love, laughter, and memories. Happy anniversary, lovely wife.
  • My lovely wife, happy 3rd anniversary! Three years of laughter-filled memories as a couple. I'll always be grateful for our time together; you transformed my life in every way. Wishing you a lifetime of love, pleasure, and memories together.
  • Happy anniversary, dear wife! I promised to love you forever three years ago, and I still do. I thank you for being my life partner, best friend, and love. We'll remember the good days, appreciate them now, and look forward to the wonderful times as a pair.
  • Three years ago, I married my ideal woman, and every day since has been a joy. Thank you for bringing me joy, laughter, and love. I toast you, my dear wife, and our many future adventures with joy. "Happy anniversary!"
3 year anniversary quotes

three year anniversary quotes for her

Cute 3 Years of Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Whether you're still in the early stages of dating or have been together for years, here are some cute quotes to express your affection and gratitude on your third anniversary.

  • Our hearts are more connected than they have ever been after three years of sharing joy, learning, and love. My beloved partner, I pray that our love grows stronger every day, filling our lives with joy and love for all time.
  • Our love has grown into something enchanting, like a rose that gets more lovely with age. My sweetheart, I hope we can continue to celebrate the simple things in life that bring us together forever.
  • Three amazing years of delving into the depths of our love together have passed, and today is the anniversary. May the road ahead be filled with limitless adventures, steadfast support, and love that has no limits, my dear lover.
3 year anniversary quotes

three year anniversary quote for boyfriend

  • Even after three years of being in a committed relationship with you, the thought of you makes my heart race. To my darling, a happy anniversary! Wishing you a lifetime of making cherished memories and fantasizing about our happily ever after.
  • Milestones like anniversaries serve as reminders of the love we've grown, the difficulties we've conquered, and the strength of our connection. May the years ahead provide my incredible partner and I plenty more reasons to rejoice in our eternal love.
  • After three years of sharing life's adventures with you, my love for you grows stronger with every passing day. Let us keep building our love narrative, my amazing partner, one that is full of joy, understanding, and laughing.
  • Over the years, our love has endured and even strengthened. Happy third anniversary to my amazing guy! May our love and commitment propel us to new heights.
  • For three years, I have been completely enchanted by your love, your spirit, and the way you envelop me in your warmth. You are the light that shines into my existence, my love, and I long to soak in your love for the rest of my days.
  • Our relationship, like a good wine, has only improved with time, becoming more complex and enticing. To my darling, a happy anniversary! Cheers to living in the now and making memories that will make us laugh till we're drunk.
3 years wedding anniversary quotes

three year anniversary quotes

  • You are the colorful thread that has beautifully intertwined our hearts in the vast fabric of existence. Our third anniversary should be a joyous celebration of the masterpiece we've built together and a pledge of innumerable more wonderful years to come, my incredible partner.
  • For three years, you have captivated me with your love, generosity, and capacity to make me feel incredibly fortunate. You make my heart sing, my amazing lover, and I can't wait to dance the rest of my life with you.
  • Our love has grown from a delicate seed into a brilliant flower, and I am amazed by its splendor every day. My lovely guy, happy anniversary! May our future be brimming with the delightful aroma of unending joy and love.

A personalized poster printed and framed would be a kind present for your lover on your third anniversary. Your affection for him will be a continual reminder of this personalized poster.

Personalized Together Since Posters with happy 3rd anniversary quotes
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Touching Three Year Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

Three years together with your girlfriend is a testament to the love and commitment you share. Here are some touching quotes to celebrate your journey and the love you've cultivated over the past three years.

  • My love for you has grown exponentially over the past three years, my beloved girlfriend. Your brilliant grin is like a flower: it warms my heart and makes my love for you grow stronger with every passing day. Our love has no bounds, and I pray that we share many more experiences together in the years to come.
  • You are the living, breathing thread that has brought vibrancy, happiness, and everlasting love into my life's enormous tapestry. My lovely girlfriend, happy 3rd anniversary! Here's to countless more years of crafting an enduring masterpiece that will eternally unite our hearts.
  • Our love has blossomed into a lovely tune, becoming more harmonic with every note we've exchanged. Happy third anniversary to my amazing partner! Here's to the beautiful symphony we've created together and to many more joyful verses to come.
3 year anniversary quotes for girlfriend

quotes for 3rd year anniversary

  • Your inner and outer attractiveness has mesmerized me for the past three years. I am filled with anticipation as I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, my beloved girlfriend, for you are the light that illuminates my way.
  • Through thick and thin, our love has persevered, blossoming in the face of adversity. My dear sweetheart, happy anniversary! We pray that the road ahead is filled with unfaltering dedication, boundless love, and unending support.
  • Our bond has been honed and polished to perfection, like a valuable jewel, until its inherent brilliance has shown through. My incredible partner, may this third anniversary serve as a constant reminder of the priceless gem we have discovered in one another's hearts.
  • For three years, I have been completely enchanted by your generosity, bravery, and magical touch. Our love is like a storybook, and I can't wait to flip the page on many more chapters filled with enchantment and wonder because of you, my amazing girlfriend.
  • Beautiful, graceful, and scented with an entrancing aroma that makes my heart sing, you are the most lovely rose in the garden of life. My sweetheart, happy anniversary! May the blossoms of our love never fade, filling our future with the vivid colors of everlasting joy.
3 years anniversary quotes

3rd anniversary sayings for her

  • In the face of adversity, our love has shone like a pair of stars, casting a warm light on our journey and inspiring us to keep going. I wish my incredible girlfriend a joyous celebration of our third anniversary, a testament to the cosmic power that united us, and a vow to continue shining as one forever.
  • For three years, I have been completely enchanted by your boundless affection, your comforting hug, and the way you turn each day into an extraordinary occasion. Your presence in my life is like a breath of fresh air; I long to spend the rest of my days dancing to the beat of our love, my darling partner.
  • As time has progressed, our love has grown, painting our lives with more nuance, vibrancy, and emotion. My amazing girlfriend, happy anniversary! May the third year of our union be a symbol of the wonder we've brought into the world and a vow to keep painting the picture of our love story with fiery emotion and steadfast commitment.
  • Even after three years of being your girlfriend, I still feel the same butterflies in my stomach as the moment our eyes met. Your love is like a bright sunbeam that illuminates my entire being; my heart longs to soak up your warmth forever and ever, my love. Wishing you a lifetime of making memories that will fill you with pure enjoyment.

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Funny Quotes For 3rd Year Anniversary for Couple

As you celebrate three years together as a couple, why not inject some laughter into the mix? Here are some funny quotes to lighten the mood and bring a smile to both of your faces on this special day.

  • "Three years down, and we've already mastered the art of binge-watching shows together in our pajamas. Who says romance is dead? Happy anniversary, my couch potato partner in crime!"
  • "After three years together, we've hit that sweet spot where we can simultaneously annoy each other to no end, yet still be utterly smitten. Here's to being weirdly compatible lovebirds!"
  • "They say the third year of marriage is when the real fun begins. Well, we've proven that theory without even needing to tie the knot! Happy anniversary to us, you brilliant partner in chaos."
Funny 3 year anniversary quotes for couples

3 year anniversary post

  • "Three years of loving you, and I've finally accepted that your snoring sounds like a freight train. But hey, at least it drowns out my incessant night giggles over silly memes. We're a perfect match!"
  • "Congratulations, my dear! We've officially spent three years bickering over whose turn it is to do the dishes, take out the trash, and act like a responsible adult. Here's to many more years of delightful domesticity!"
  • "After three years together, we've reached that blissful stage where we can communicate entire conversations through grunts and eye rolls. True love knows no words, just exasperated sighs!"
  • "Three years ago, I promised to love you through thick and thin, better or worse. Little did I know 'worse' meant enduring your obsession with putting pineapple on pizza! But hey, if that's the biggest complaint after 3 blissful years, I'd say we're doing pretty darn well. Happy anniversary, my quirky partner in crime!"
  • "They say the third year is when the 'dead bedrooms' start creeping in. Well, my love, I'd say we've proven that theory laughably wrong - but only because we're too exhausted from bickering over whose turn it is to sleep on the couch! Here's to many more years of deliriously sleep-deprived marital bliss."
  • "Ah, the third year of marriage - the pivotal moment when we bid farewell to the honeymoon phase and embrace the 'if you loved me, you'd know exactly what I want for dinner without asking' phase. Happy anniversary, my telepathically challenged soulmate! Here's to a lifetime of mind-reading misadventures."
  • "Three years ago, I foolishly thought love was all about roses and candlelight dinners. But you've taught me that true romance means leaving the toilet seat up, squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle, and stealing the covers in the dead of night. Thank you for redefining passion, my delightfully infuriating partner!"
funny quotes for 3rd year anniversary
funny quotes for 3rd year anniversary
  • "They warned me the third year would be the make-or-break moment for our relationship. Well, we've officially made it through three glorious years of me making sarcastic remarks and you pretending not to hear them. Cheers to a lifetime of selective hearing and perfectly imperfect love!"
  • "After three years, I've realized that our relationship is a lot like a classic sitcom - filled with misunderstandings, hijinks, and a seemingly endless supply of comedic material. Thank you for being my real-life laugh track, setting the scene for many more hilarious years to come. I love you and your impeccable sense of humor!"

Best 3 Year Anniversary Gifts For A Heartfelt Day

In addition to these touching three year anniversary quotes, consider the following considerate personalized anniversary gifts for that important someone in your life:

A personalized Love Forever t-shirt is a thoughtful and entertaining present for couples in love. These bespoke shirts have a classic fit and are made from superior cotton. The print designs are brilliant and permanent, and 89% of customers say they look great even after washing them. Personalize using both of your names and let your imagination run wild to make one-of-a-kind characters.

Personalized T-shirt with 3 year anniversary quotes printed
Personalized Anniversary t shirt for couples

Personal House’ acrylic plague is the perfect way to celebrate anniversaries or surprise a loved one with a custom gift of classic beauty. Its artisan-finished, strong metal construction evokes the timeless elegance of a blooming rose, a lovely symbol of a love that only gets better with age. 

Personalized Acrylic Plague with 3rd anniversary sayings
Personalized Acrylic Plague with happy 3rd anniversary quotes
Personalized Annoying Each Other Since And Still Going Strong Acrylic Plaque
Personalized Annoying Each Other Since And Still Going Strong Acrylic Plaque

Ceramic with a high temperature resistance and a sturdy construction, these custom mugs are ideal for a morning pick-me-up thanks to the colorful print designs. Your clever saying or inside joke will remain intact through several washes thanks to the permanent printing.

Personalized Mugs for Couple with funny 3 year anniversary quotes
Personalized Mugs for Couple with funny three year anniversary quotes

Lastly, with Personal House’ humorous boxer briefs include an elastic waistband and a cotton mix that is both soft and breathable. A whimsical touch is added to this everyday staple by the delightful all-over designs. If you want to make your lover laugh, surprise them with a unique pattern or a clever statement.

Personalized Boxers for Him
Funny Personalized Boxers for Him

As you prepare to celebrate your special day, remember the power of heartfelt words to convey your love and appreciation. Take the time to personalize your 3 year anniversary quotes and express your feelings in a way that resonates with your partner.

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