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when is mothers day this year

When Is Mother's Day This Year and Why We Celebrate Mother's Day ?

24 Apr 2024
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When Is Mother's Day This Year? Mother’s Day in the U.S. is Sunday, May 12. The holiday falls on the second Sunday of May every year. This cherished holiday calls for moments of appreciation and affection towards not only Mom but also Grandma, Mother-in-law, or perhaps even commemorating your Daughter's First Mother’s Day.

When Is Mother’s Day This Year? 

This year, Mother’s Day in the US is on Sunday, May 12th. Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May; therefore, the date changes yearly. Although Mother’s Day is a national holiday widely observed in the U.S., it is not a federal or public holiday (when businesses are closed).


Mother's Day

2024 Sunday, May 12
2025 Sunday, May 11
2026 Sunday, May 10
2027 Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day Date in the US

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Knowing about when is mother’s day this year already but why do we have Mother’s Day? The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. Despite this, the holiday continues to be celebrated by presenting mothers with gifts and flowers, and it has become one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending.

When Is Mother's Day This Year?
Why Do We Have Mother’s Day?

Indeed, honoring moms is not new. Ancient Greeks and Romans adored mother goddesses. The UK and Europe also honored ‘Mothering Sunday’ an early Christian practice. This day honored moms in society. Thus, while Mother's Day was popularized in the 20th century, its roots are profound.

Things to Do for Mother's Day: Activities for Kids & Adults

After knowing about “when is mother’s day this year?” Let’s dive into  delightful Mother's Day activities that are sure to create lasting memories and prepare for a meaningful party for your mom.

Sending Mother’s Day Gifts to Your Beloved Mom, Wife & Grandma

The most important tradition on Mother's Day is to give your mom, grandma, wife, or any special women in your life, and here are some of the best collections for Mother's Day gift ideas.

  • Unique Personalized T Shirts for Mom 
  • One of the best-selling items to customers, with over 57,000 sold last year and an average rating of 4.9 stars, accounting for 40% of monthly purchases. To celebrate the close bond between a mother and her daughter, Personal House’s personalized shirts make ideal Mother's Day gifts. 

    When Is Mother's Day This Year? - Personalized Legend Wife Mom Grandma Shirt Gift
    Funny Mother's Day Gifts - Legend Mom Forever Shirts

    These personalized shirt for mom is made of 100% cotton and features premium printing for comfort that remains. With easy features like peel-off labels and machine-washable personalized shirt designs, your mama, grandma or wife can be comfy all day.

    what date is mother's day this year - Personalized Cat Mom Sleeping
    Suggested Mother's Day Gifts - Cat Mom Shirts

    Besides these basic tees, you can opt for sleep shirts from Personal House that can be personalized with your pet's unique facial expressions, amusing actions, and even their most cherished attire. Upload a photo of you and your pet that captures the essence of your unique bond in rich clarity for a genuinely unique product.

    When Is Mother's Day This Year? - Personalized Dog Mom Shirts
    Personalized Mother's Day Gifts with Dogs
    Customer Feedback
    Customer Feedback about Personal House

    Personalize these custom t-shirts for mom by adding images of her kids against vibrant backgrounds or browse around pre-made mother's day decoration ideas. Alternatively, you can include more personal elements like names or inspirational messages and quotes. Either way, these personalized t-shirts represent the close relationship that the dynamic pair shares. Her most valuable role as a loving mother will be prominently displayed on this bespoke t-shirt.

    how many days until mother's day - Personalized Shirts for Mother with kids
    Personalized T Shirts for Mothers and Grandmothers
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs for Mother's Day
  • This personalized mug for mom has been adorned with unique personalized characters and can be customized with her portrait, favorite filter, and inspirational sayings. made from durable ceramic material and printed with high-quality 4D technology to guarantee vibrant color. Thanks to its strong ceramic construction and 11-ounce capacity, this custom ceramic mug is not only practical but also stylish, since it won't shatter from chipping or slipping.

    Personalized Mugs for Mommy and Granny - how many days until mother's day
    Personalized Mugs for Mommy and Granny
  • Personalized Phone Case for Mom
  • Let’s look for a more practical gift - personalized mom phone cases. This case is an environmentally conscientious option that combines excellent protection with sustainability. With a 50% recycled content and packaging made entirely of recyclable materials, it lessens its impact on the environment without sacrificing quality. 

    Personalized Phone Case for Mom - what date is mother's day this year
    Personalized Phone Case for Mom

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    Making Cute & Easy Homemade Mother's Day Cards

    In addition to giving gifts, mother's day cards serve as heartfelt expressions of love and gratitude. This personal touch will undoubtedly fill your mom's heart with warmth and joy, knowing that her child took the time to create something truly special. (viết lại made by kids and toddlers)

  • Floral Mother’s Day Card
  • Let your creativity blossom as you craft a beautiful Mother’s Day card filled with vibrant flowers. With colorful markers and stickers, toddlers can create a masterpiece that expresses their love for Mom in a fun and artistic way. It's a perfect activity for siblings to enjoy together, learning about Mother's Day in a creative manner.

    When Is Mother's Day This Year?
    Mother's Day Cards
  • Fruitful Mother's Day Card
  • Make Mom smile with a sweet and juicy Mother's Day card adorned with cheerful fruits. Using finger paints or crayons, kids can create colorful fruit designs that capture the essence of the holiday. It's a fun and easy project for toddlers to get involved in, teaching them about the joy of giving and celebrating Mom's special day.

    mother's day card ideas
    Mother's Day Card Messages

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  • Minimal Mother's Day card
  • Craft a charming Mother's Day card with just a few supplies and a lot of love. Using construction paper and markers, kids can create a heartfelt message that expresses their appreciation for Mom. It's a simple yet meaningful DIY project that children can proudly make on their own, showcasing their creativity and affection for their mom.

    When Is Mother's Day This Year?
    What to Write in A Mother's Day Card
  • Paper Flower Card
  • Create a stunning paper flower card using soft pink crepe paper and watercolor accents. With guidance from a teacher or parent, children can learn how to shape and assemble the flowers, adding a personal touch to their card. It's a beautiful and creative project that allows kids to showcase their artistic skills while celebrating Mom's special day.

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    Throw Party for Mother’s Day

    Alternatively, you could plan a festive celebration to honor the matriarch of your family. Gather loved ones and throw a party dedicated to your mom, complete with her favorite dishes, decorations, and entertainment.

  • Throw A Brunch And Serve All Of Her Luscious Dessert Favorites.
  • Rather than serving breakfast on mom's special day, serve brunch to allow her to sleep in. Enough chairs and an excellent menu featuring her all-time favorite breakfast foods will suffice. Serve Bloody Marys with a variety of Mimosa varieties (grapefruit, orange, mango, pineapple, and pineapple). Serve light breakfast fare such as croissants, quiches, yogurt parfaits, small muffins, scones, and doughnut holes. 

  • Host A Sophisticated Tea Party
  • An antique mother's day tea party is among the most memorable ideas for a Mother's Day celebration. If your mom loves dressing elegantly and prefers tea over coffee, you might want to explore online options for table decor for mother's day that suits her taste without overspending. Finding a nearby tea establishment that accepts parties can make preparations a snap. Do not worry if not. If you have enough tables, seats, cups, saucers, and teapots, you can do it yourself.

    When Is Mother's Day This Year?
    Party for Mother’s Day
  • Give Her A Day At The Spa
  • Give your mother a manicure or pedicure if she enjoys being spoiled. You have three options: make an appointment at a salon, rent equipment, or hire a mobile spa service. See what Peerspace has available in your area if you want to treat her to a unique spa experience.

  • Singing karaoke and eating cake!
  • Does Mom have a sweet tooth? Does Mom enjoy hearing you sing, or does she enjoy singing herself? Then you should think about taking her to Cakes & Karaoke for a Mother's Day celebration that honors two of life's greatest pleasures. Mom will also be impressed by this venue's trendy yet intimate design.

    Mother’s Day Art and Craft Workshop

    For a unique and creative experience, consider signing up for a Mother's Day art and craft workshop. Together, you and your mom can explore various artistic mediums, unleashing your creativity while bonding over shared passions.

  • Fragrance Making Workshop
  • A fragrance-making session is the perfect way to pamper mom and let her express her unique sense of style. With the help of professional perfumers, she will be able to create a one-of-a-kind scent that reflects her personality and tastes by combining different essential oils, floral notes, and enticing scents.

  • Artechouse Immersive Experience
  • Take mom on an adventure of creative awe with an interactive encounter at Artechouse. In this state-of-the-art gallery, you can see captivating exhibits made by forward-thinking artists who are influenced by technology. Prepare to be amazed by a world of sensory delights, interactive installations, and mesmerizing visuals.

    When Is Mother's Day This Year?
    Best Mother’s Day Art and Craft Workshop
  • Painting Lounge
  • For fifty dollars, you can attend a painting class and then take your finished product home to use as décor. Except for alcohol, the price includes everything you'll need. You can and should bring your own beverage to class.

    Wrapping Up

    As we conclude our discussion on Mother’s Day, let's take a moment to reflect on the love and appreciation we have for our moms. When is Mother's Day this year? It falls on Sunday, May 12th, a date we eagerly anticipate each year to express our gratitude and shower them with love. Whether you're celebrating with a grand gesture or a simple heartfelt gesture, may this Mother’s Day be filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments shared with your beloved mom.

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