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when is father's day

When is Father's Day 2024 in the US? Date & Celebration Ideas

16 May 2024
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When is Father's Day 2024? Father's Day in the U.S. is on Sunday, June 16, 2024. This particular day is celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of June; the exact day changes from year to year, but it always occurs within the same month. On this special day, we remember and give thanks to all fathers—grandfathers, fathers in law, and even the first Father's Day celebrated by a son.

When Is Father’s Day 2024?

Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16th this year. It is a flexible holiday date-wise but always retains its significance. Here are the dates for the next few years:




Sunday, June 16


Sunday, June 15


Sunday, June 21

Father's Day Date in the US for the Coming Year

Since Father's Day 2024 is not a federal holiday, most places of commerce and worship will be open and operating as normal on Sunday. Like most forms of public transit, it operates on a regular Sunday schedule. Families typically prefer to treat their dads to a special supper out, so restaurants can be busier than normal.

Why Celebrate Father’s Day?

The idea of a father's day celebration has been around since the early 1900s. Sonora Smart Dodd was one of six children raised by her father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran, after their mother died during giving birth. In a newspaper article from 1910, Dodd highlighted her desire to "instill the same love and reverence for the father as is the mother's portion," and in recognition of his selflessness and sacrifice, she proposed a day to honor fathers.

when is fathers day 2024

Father's day 2024 us

Now when people already know when is father's day 2024, preparations are already underway as people eagerly seek out gifts, plan activities, and brainstorm ideas to honor the dads in their lives.

Things to Do for Father's Day: Activities for Kids & Adults

After knowing when is father's day 2024, let's explore a plethora of engaging activities tailored for both kids and adults, ensuring a memorable celebration for every dad. 

Sending Father’s Day Gifts to Your Beloved Dad, Husband & Grandpa

Now when you know the 2024 Father’s Day date, the most important tradition on this day is to give your dad, grandpa, husband, or any special men in your life a gift that truly resonates with them. And here are some of the best collections for Father's Day gift ideas.

  • Personalized T-shirt for Dad
  • Did you know that dads typically choose practical gifts? However, a personalized t-shirt offers a unique opportunity to showcase the unique link between dads and their children through charming and humorous designs. With these personalized shirts, you can make a one-of-a-kind personalized present that honors your bond with your dad.

    Personalized Legend Father Shirt
    Personalized Shirt Printed - Father’s Day Ideas 

    Consider the "Personalized Legend Husband Dad” t-shirt available at, where you have the opportunity to print a significant date or year, transforming it into a cherished keepsake. Crafted meticulously from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, these custom shirts boast a comfortable mid-weight fabric of 5.0 oz, ensuring Dad's utmost comfort, durability, and breathability throughout wear.

    Personalized Papa Bear T-shirt - when is father's day 2024
    Best Personalized Shirt for Dad/Grandpa

    At Personal House, you'll discover an extensive array of personalization options tailored to suit every preference and celebrate the unique bond between fathers and their children. From adding names, heartfelt messages, and quotes, to creating imaginative designs featuring animals or characters mirroring the traits of both father and child, including hairstyles, gestures, and clothing styles, there's something to resonate with every dad.

    Personalized Shirt for Father and his kids - when is father's day in 2024
    Personalized Shirt for father's day USA

    If you're considering personalized t-shirts featuring photos, explore the collection of over 100 filters, photo frames, and innovative 4D technology printing techniques. This ensures that Dad's face will shine vibrantly on his special day, creating a truly unforgettable gift.

  • Personalized Dad Mug
  • A customized mug is the perfect present for individuals who want to begin their day with a hot beverage. Our custom mugs are designed with a wide handle for a comfortable grip and are safe to use in both the microwave and dishwasher, making them ideal for everyday usage.

    Personalized Dad Mug - when is father's day
    Personalized Dad Mug for father's day

    What sets our custom ceramic mugs apart is the option to add a QR code to the opposite side, allowing fathers to scan it and access a growing collection of pictures featuring precious memories with their children, making each sip even more special.

    Personalized Hero Mug for fathers day
    Personalized Mug for 2024 fathers day

    Knowing when is father's day 2024 and understanding the rush of the season, Personal House has pushed its delivery system to ensure that all orders are processed promptly and efficiently. So, rest assured that your personalized gifts for dad on father’s day will arrive on time, allowing you to celebrate this special day without any worries.

    Making & Writing Cute Father’s Day Card

    Making a homemade card for that one special dad, grandfather, or father figure in your life is a simple and touching way to show your appreciation and love as Father's Day 2024 approaches. Five card activities that both youngsters and adults can enjoy:

  • Handprint Hero Card
  • Make a handprint hero card by cutting out a picture of your dad's hand after tracing it on colored paper. Put it on the front of a card and embellish it with pictures of dad's favorite things—golf clubs, fishing rods, or superhero symbols—so he can feel like a superhero.

    when is father's day 2024 - Handprint Hero Card

    Handprint Hero Card for fathers day 2024

  • Pop-Up Trophy Card
  • To make a pop-up trophy card, first fold a piece of cardstock in half and cut out a trophy shape. Insert a piece of paper that reads "You're a Winner!" or "World's Best Dad" after cutting two slits on the folded edge. A delightful surprise awaits dad as he opens the card: the trophy will magically appear.

  • Tool Belt Card
  • Firstly, take a piece of brown paper and glue it onto the front of a card. Next, use colored paper to cut out little tool forms such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. Glue them onto the belt. Finish up the card with a heartfelt remark, such as "You're the Handyman.

    when is father's day - Tool Belt Card

    Tool Belt Card for Father's Day

  • Daddy and Me Handprint Card
  • Make a "Daddy and Me" handprint card by tracing and cutting out the child's and dad's hands from different sheets of paper. Adhere their hands to the front of a card, overlapping so the child's and dad's can be seen as a symbol of their bond. Put a heartfelt message inside the card and embellish it with stars, hearts, or anything else that represents love.

  • Grillin' and Chillin' Card
  • Use gray paper to cut out a grill shape and glue it onto the front of a card. After that, use colored paper to cut out little food shapes like corn on the cob, burgers, and hot dogs, and then put them on the grill. Finish off the card with a statement like "Thanks for Grillin' up Fun Memories!" that fits the occasion.

    Throwing Party for Father’s Day

    Now it’s time to gather with loved ones to honor the incredible fathers, husbands, and grandfathers who have impacted our lives couldn't be more fitting than on Father's Day. These are five choices for a joyous occasion:

  • Father's Fiesta Bash
  • Celebrate Father's Day in style by planning a unique gathering that pays tribute to dad's interests. Every little thing will show how much you care about dad, from a handmade paper banner that reads "Happy Father's Day 2024" to unique beer bottles decorated with twine. 

  • Beard-tastic Photo Booth
  • Fill the booth with DIY paper accessories to create a themed photo booth that will capture all the great moments of the party. A whimsical element to the celebrations can be achieved by having guests embrace their inner child and pose with colorful scrapbook paper beard props.

  • BBQ Party Playlist Creation
  • Make the perfect soundtrack for your Father's Day barbecue celebration by compiling a set of songs that will capture the spirit of the occasion and keep it going all day long. Choose an eclectic selection of songs that will get the party started and make sure the soundtrack is just as unforgettable as the party itself.

    BBQ Party Playlist Creation

    Funny Activities for father's day 2024 us

  • Dad Joke Olympics
  • Throw a funny Dad Joke Olympics competition to inject some amusement into the gathering. The goal is to maintain a straight face as each participant delivers their best (or worst) dad joke. The ultimate prize? Whoever can make the most people laugh without smiling gets to keep the prized "Dad Joke Champion" trophy.

  • Dad Trivia Night Extravaganza
  • Put your dad trivia expertise to the test with this exciting event. In this unique twist on a traditional quiz, teams can test their knowledge of well-known and lesser-known dads in an effort to win unique prizes such as a golden remote control or the esteemed "Dad of the Year" cup. 

    Lovely Dad Trivia Night Extravaganza

    Lovely Dad Trivia Night Extravaganza for 2024 fathers day

    Engaging in Outdoor Activities on Father’s Day

    The beautiful summer weather on Father's Day is perfect for organizing thrilling outdoor activities with the cherished dads, grandfathers, and other figures of fatherhood in your life.

  • Family Fun Obstacle Course
  • Create a thrilling obstacle course that the whole family can enjoy, complete with spoon-balancing obstacles and a kiddie pool labyrinth, that dad and the kids can tackle together. Make sure to record all the joy and excitement so you may enjoy the moments again and again.

  • Campout Comedy Night
  • Gather the family and embark on a whimsical camping experience in the backyard. Gather your friends for a "scary" story contest where the goal is to share the funniest, most dad-joking stories ever, and a s'mores making contest where originality and wit take precedence over taste.

    Campout Comedy Night

    Campout Comedy Night

  • Lumberjack Challenge
  • If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, try axe throwing at one of the local venues. Unleash your inner lumberjack as Dad and the kids enjoy a fun competition to see who can aim the best, making memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Brewery Exploration
  • Indulge dad with a brewery tour and tasting session so he can learn all about beer-making. Give him a personalized beer mug or a growler filled with his favorite brew as a gift to make the experience even better.

    Brewery Exploration - father's day activities

    Brewery Exploration

  • Exclusive Dining Delight
  • Make reservations for the Chef's Table at a world-class restaurant to take Father's Day celebrations to the next level. An unforgettable and opulent experience awaits Dad at this bespoke restaurant, where he will have a front-row seat as the chef prepares a delectable three-course meal just for him.

    Wrapping Up

    Now that you know when is father's day 2024, take advantage of the chance to celebrate the remarkable men in your life who have played a paternal or maternal role. On this important day, we can remember to show our eternal thanks for their steadfast love and wisdom through meaningful acts, joyful festivities, or treasured moments spent together.

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