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40th wedding anniversary ideas

30+ 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Celebration

26 Mar 2024
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A really exceptional occasion, forty years of marriage is one that should be commemorated in style. 40th wedding anniversary ideas might be searched, if you and your significant other—or a couple you know—have accomplished this amazing feat. We've included the top classic anniversary ideas as well as some fantastic concepts for your partner, parents, or friends to help you get started. 

Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for The Loved Ones

It feels like opening a personalized gift of a lifetime to celebrate 40 years of love. It's time to celebrate your loved ones' long relationship and priceless memories when they reach this milestone. These 40th wedding anniversary suggestions will help to create a memorable anniversary for them.

40th Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Couples

Couples should take the effort to make their big milestone, whether it is their 40th or 50th anniversary ideas, genuinely memorable. We'll look at some special ways here to celebrate this incredible accomplishment together.

  • Renew Your Vows

As much as 40th wedding anniversary ideas for parents, reaffirm your vows in a heartfelt ceremony to honour your journey together. Be it a lavish party with friends and family or a quiet moment between the two of you, renewing your vows is a beautiful way to mark 40 years of love.

  • Memory Lane Trip

Go back to important locations in your relationship to reminisce nostalgically. In order to honor the past while making new memories, think back to the places where you first met, went on your first date, or experienced other memorable times.

Wedding Anniversary Idea: Memory Lane Trip
Wedding Anniversary Idea: Memory Lane Trip
  • Personalized Keepsakes

A personalized gift can be the canvas to enhance the love spirit for your 40th anniversary. Personalized keepsakes, such jewelry, engraved photo books, or original artwork, will be treasured keepsakes of your affection.

  • Romantic Getaway

For romantic 40th wedding anniversary ideas, take a trip to a place you've always wanted to see. You can make priceless memories by spending time together in a new location. A bustling city overseas, a quiet beach resort, or a cozy mountain lodge are all the go-to choice.

  • Family Gathering

For your 40th anniversary, have a fun party and invite your closest friends and family. Get your kids, grandkids, and close family members together to effectively arrange this ruby wedding anniversary ideas and create new memories.

  • Dinner Cruise

Cruise a picturesque river or stretch of shoreline while enjoying a romantic dinner. A special and romantic evening together might be perfect when you are indulging in exquisite meals, taking in live music, and taking in the spectacular vistas beneath the stars.

Dinner Cruise As Ideas For 40th Anniversary
Dinner Cruise As Ideas For 40th Anniversary
  • Couples Spa Day

Take a day off and spoil yourselves at an opulent spa for a couples spa day. Indulge in restorative procedures, such as massages and facials, to feel renewed and connected while commemorating forty years of marriage.

  • Make a Memories Book

The material for this can be got from the 40 years you've spent together into a scrapbook or digital photo album. Make a lovely remembrance of your journey together by using pictures, souvenirs, and handwritten notes that bring back special memories.

40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife

You can host your 40th anniversary ideas in a way that shows how much you care and how much you love your partner by using these suggestions.

  • Personalized Jewelry

Every girl loves jewelry, so does your wife. A piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or necklace, that is inscribed with a particular message honors your 40 years of love and commitment or that is embellished with her birthstone.

Personalized Jewelry - 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Parents
Personalized Jewelry - 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Parents
  • Memory Book

Make a gorgeous memory book with pictures, ticket stubs, and other mementos from your most memorable times together. These ideas for 40th wedding anniversary will take readers on a poignant journey through the memories you've shared over the previous forty years.

  • Weekend Getaway

To help you both unwind and reconnect from the stresses of everyday life, plan a romantic weekend vacation to a picturesque location. Your options can include a quaint bed & breakfast by the sea or a cozy cabin in the mountains.

  • Fine Dining Experience

When it comes to 40th wedding anniversary ideas, fine dining is often considered. Plan a special evening at her favorite restaurant or other fine dining facility. Here, you can savor delectable food and raise a glass to the years of love and joy you've spent together.

  • Love Letters

Write her a string of love letters highlighting your appreciation, respect, and fidelity while considering all the ways she has improved your life and made the last forty years very remarkable.

Love Letters - 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Parents
Love Letters - 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Parents
  • Plant a Garden Together

As you commemorate this milestone, spend the day tending to a lovely garden together. Plant flowers or trees in your backyard to represent the development and tenacity of your relationship.

  • Cooking Class

Enroll in a cooking class with your significant other to expand your culinary knowledge or learn a new cuisine while sharing the satisfaction of producing mouthwatering dishes and enduring memories.

40th Wedding Anniversary Idea for Husband

Would you like to plan memorable 40th wedding anniversary ideas for your spouse? The occasion is ideal to express to him how much you value him as you commemorate your 40th wedding anniversary.

  • Personalized Watch

A stylish watch engraved with a personalized message for your anniversary date will convey to him how much you've loved and committed to him over the course of the last 40 years.

  • Sports Event Tickets

Tickets to his favorite sporting event or game would be a surprise that would let him indulge in his passion and make new memories with you on this particular day.

Sporks Event Tickets - Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Sporks Event Tickets - Ideas for 40th Anniversary
  • Tech Devices

Looking for some 40th wedding anniversary ideas for the tech-savvy? Give him the newest device he's been eyeing to show him that you value his hobbies and preferences, whether it's a new gaming system, smartphone, or smartwatch.

  • Adventure Experience

We recommend planning an exhilarating activity, such as skydiving, hot air ballooning, or zip-lining. They are all good ideas to celebrate your milestone anniversary and create lifelong memories.

  • Personalized Whisky Set

How about a personalized whisky set that includes engraved glasses and a decanter to drink his favorite bourbon or whisky? Such an idea is the perfect canvas to raise a glass to 40 years of love and friendship.

  • Fishing Trip

To allow him to enjoy his hobby in a natural environment, arrange a trip to his favorite fishing spot or rent a boat for a day of deep-sea fishing. There is nothing more ideal than these 40th wedding anniversary ideas!

  • DIY Beer Tasting

Have you considered any unconventional features for a 40th wedding anniversary including alcohol? A home-based beer tasting party is arranged with a selection of craft beers from across the world, some food, and tasting notes for a carefree and entertaining anniversary celebration.

DIY Beer Tasting - Ideas For 40th Wedding Anniversary
DIY Beer Tasting - 40th Wedding Anniversary Suggestions
  • Outdoor Camping Adventure

A romantic camping vacation under the stars can be completed with marshmallows, a cozy campfire, and outdoor activities like stargazing or hiking. These ideas for 40th anniversary will enable you to celebrate your important day by renewing your bond with one another and the natural world.

Interesting 40th Wedding Anniversary Trip Ideas

How about some ideas for an anniversary? Embarking on an incredible journey to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to mark forty years of love, devotion, and shared adventures.

  • European River Cruise

Savor great cuisine and cultural activities as you set off on an opulent river cruise through Europe's picturesque waterways, making stops at historic towns and quaint villages along the route.

  • Tropical Island Escape

You can choose to visit a remote tropical island resort. Here is the ideal spot to relax on immaculate beaches, go snorkeling in glistening waters, and have romantic sunset meals by the sea.

Tropical Island Escape - 40th Wedding Anniversary Suggestions
Tropical Island Escape - 40th Wedding Anniversary Suggestions
  • Safari Adventure

See amazing wildlife in its natural habitat by embarking on an amazing safari vacation across Africa. There are also game drives and opulent safari hotels to choose from. Prepare yourself for an incredible safari adventure and intriguing 40th wedding anniversary ideas.

  • Road Trip through Wine Country

Enjoy wine tastings and gourmet meals while on a picturesque road trip through wine country, such as California's Napa Valley, Italy's Tuscany, or France's Bordeaux.

  • Cultural Exploration in Asia

Famous destinations like the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Kyoto, Japan, and other places let you experience the vibrant history and rich culture of the area while also admiring its breathtaking beauty and long-standing traditions.

  • Hiking Adventure in the Rockies

How about hiking for 40th wedding anniversary ideas? Take a hiking journey in the Rocky Mountains, where you may stay in opulent resorts or cozy mountain lodges while discovering beautiful paths and jaw-dropping views.

Hiking Adventure in the Rockies - Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Hiking Adventure in the Rockies - Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Thoughtful 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Choosing the ideal custom 40th anniversary gift is a heartfelt way to recognise your unwavering love as you approach your 40th year of marriage. Let's investigate some thoughtful choices:

  • Personalized Love Forever Mugs: Custom anniversary mugs engraved with your names or a special message, perfect for daily reminders of your everlasting love.
Custom Mug - Ideas for 40th Wedding Anniversary
  • Personalized "You And Me We Got This Perfectly" Hoodie: Matching hoodies with your names and a heartfelt message, symbolizing your unity and strength as a couple.
Custom Hoodie - 40th Anniversary Ideas
Custom Hoodie - 40th Anniversary Ideas
  • Personalized "Happiness Is" Pillow: A cozy pillow personalized with your names, bringing happiness and warmth to your home as a constant reminder of your joy together.
Custom Pillow - Ideas for 40th Anniversary


It's simple to choose the perfect method to celebrate your wedding anniversary with the abundance of 40th wedding anniversary ideas available. Every suggestion is intended to celebrate the years of love and devotion you have shared. In order for you and your spouse to have the greatest experience possible, we hope you’ve decided how to commemorate this milestone.

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