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mothers day gift ideas for daughter
Gift Ideas

30+ Best Mothers Day Gifts for Daughters from Mother & Father

24 Apr 2024
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Mother's Day is a wonderful time to reflect on motherhood, especially for girls who have become mothers. Personal House provides over 30 thoughtful Mothers Day gifts for daughters, so you can find the right gift to show your appreciation for your daughter's great mother.

30 Best Mothers Day Gifts for Daughters

Wondering how to show love & celebrate your daughter on Mother's Day? Personal House has combined various thoughtful gift ideas for daughter on Mothers Day to make her motherhood truly special.

Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Daughter

From personalized gifts to whimsical tokens, discover heartfelt ways to celebrate your daughter's motherhood journey.

  • Personalized Mug for Daughter on Mother's Day
  • Personalized mugs accounted for over 40% of our personalized gift sales during peak seasons like Mother's Day. With 1000+ designs for custom mugs, you can create characters that resemble your daughters and granddaughters, with up to 10 customizable features including hair, face, clothing, and more. 

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Daughter - mug
    Mother’s Day Mugs for Daughter with Her Kids

    You can personalize these mothers day gifts for daughters with a range of text options, such as the daughter's name, birthdate, or a special message like "Mommy's Little Monsters." You can choose from various fonts, including script, block, or playful styles. For a daughter who is pregnant, there are many meaningful & funny designs available, this one is an example:

    mothers day gifts for daughters - custom cup

    Mother's Day gifts for pregnant daughters - Photo Mug

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    Before each unique mug is shipped, it goes through a series of quality checks to ensure the design is accurate and the colors are vibrant. These checks often involve visual inspections and automated tests for defects. This process will ensure that your mother day gift for daughter arrive in perfect condition.
    Mothers Day Gifts For Daughters - Mug Gift
    Mothers day gift ideas for daughter who loves pet
  • Cute Personalized Mommy Shirt for Daughter
  • A recent study by RedBubble revealed that 71% of people who received a personalized t-shirt as a gift felt that it left a lasting positive impression of the giver. So, for mothers day gift for daughters, consider this custom gift. If your daughter is a mother, add the kids names, custom their illustrations and add a funny quote about being a mom. 

    Mother's Day Gift for Daughter - Shirt

    Mothers day gifts for daughters - Mommy Shirt

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    Our unique shirts have received over 1000+ 5 star reviews on the website. Made from 100% cotton, this mothers day t shirt is crafted using a special dyeing process and boasts a unique appearance with a faded effect that only gets better over time.

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Daughters - custom shirt
    Mothers Day ideas for daughter: Personalized T-shirt

    These customizable items often come with pre-designed templates that you can modify with your chosen text and images. These templates can include themes like hearts, flowers, or mother-daughter silhouettes, allowing you to create a shirt that reflects the relationship's spirit. This is a design for a daughter who is a dog mom:

    mothers day gift for daughter - tee shirt

    Personalized T-shirts for Daughter on Mother's Day

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    • Personalized Pillow for Daughter

    This beautiful pillow offers an elegant matte texture and a stunning photographic design, making it the ideal present for this Mother's Day. The design is carefully transferred onto the pillow's fabric, ensuring it stays put even with regular use and washing. Create mothers day gifts for daughters that perfectly reflect your daughter's personality and style by adding a colorful mom-daughter photo or a sleek black-and-white image, the choice is yours.

    mothers day gifts for daughter - pillow

    Mother day Gift for Daughter - Custom Pillow

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    Special Gifts for Daughters First Mothers Day

    For a daughter who celebrates her very first Mother's Day, here are some unique & meaningful gift ideas that you can consider for her:

    • Personalized Sweatshirt for Daughter Who is a New mom

    This personalized sweatshirt for new moms is a great way to celebrate your daughter's new role in life. You can add your grandchild's name, a heartfelt message, a motivational quote, or a funny saying to the sweatshirt that represents the new mom's journey. , making it a constant reminder of the new joy in her life.

    mothers day gifts for daughter - unique sweatshirt
    Gifts for daughters Mothers Day - Sweatshirt

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    The fabric weight of 7.75 oz ensures it's not too heavy, making it ideal for year-round wear. The sweatshirt is treated to prevent pilling, ensuring it maintains its smooth texture even after multiple washes. This feature enhances the garment's longevity and keeps it looking new longer.

    mother's day gifts for my daughter - Printed Sweater

    Mother's Day gift for my daughter - Apparel

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    • Personalized Mother's Day Artwork for Daughter & Grandchild

    Delve into the celestial wonders with our artwork including poster & canvas, a standout among first mothers day gifts for daughters. Add a touch of magic by personalizing it with her kid name, the birth locations, and birth dates to pinpoint the corresponding stars in the sky.

    Gift Ideas For Daughter On Mother'S Day
    Unique Custom Canvas - 1st Mother's Day Gifts for Daughter

    Our personalized canvas, spanning from a standard size of 8x12 to 32x48, serves as a timeless reminder of togetherness. Whether adorning the living room wall or gracing the hallway, this custom canvas, bearing your family's name, encapsulates the essence of unity and love.

  • Custom Ornament for Mother's Day
  • Add our customized moon ornament to your list of thoughtful mothers day gift ideas for daughters to strengthen the bond between generations. You can make an emotional keepsake that shows the love and warmth between a grandfather and a grandchild by adding the names of grandma and her cherished grandchildren.

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Daughter- ornament
    Personalized Ornaments - Mother's Day gift for my daughter

    Best Mother’s Day Gift for Daughter from Mom

    On this special day, you can show your daughter how much you love her with these gifts. These creative gift ideas mothers day from mom to daughter can strengthen the bond between generations:

  • Personalized Coolest Like Mother Like Daughter T-shirt
  • Looking for standout mothers day gifts for daughters? Embrace the bond between mothers and daughters with our personalized tee, a perfect choice. Celebrating the matching spirit, this tee allows you to personalize it with text and even create characters resembling you and your daughters. 

    Mothers Day Gifts From Mother To Daughter
    Mother’s Day T-shirt Personalized for Mom & Daughter

    Make a statement with our personalized tee, a perfect addition to your daughter mothers day gifts list. Personalize it with up to 10 pictures against a lively, colorful background, crafted from comfortable and durable cotton material. Whether celebrating cherished memories or showcasing family milestones, this tee becomes a wearable tribute to the legendary bond between mother and daughter.

    mother day gifts for daughters - Custom Tee
    Mothers day gifts for daughters - Personalized Tshirt  
  • Personalized Mother Daughters Canvas
  • Presenting our Personalized Mother Daughters Canvas! Crafted from odor-free high-quality Cedar wood, this canvas exudes both elegance and durability. The vibrant, fade-resistant printing ensures that your cherished memories will last a lifetime. Personalize it with a meaningful message about mother-daughter bond and your animated illustrations.


    Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Daughter

    Perfect mother's day gifts for daughter - Canvas
  • Personalized Night Light for Mother's Day
  •  Our 3D night lights offer a unique canvas for customization, allowing for personalized text or images or create your own illustrations from people, pets and more to adorn its enchanting glow. From whimsical shapes to 100+ elegant designs for Mother's Day, these custom night lights will add a personalized touch to her bedrooms.

    mothers day gifts for my daughter - night light
    Custom Night Light - Good Mother Daughter Mothers Day Gifts
  • Personalized Tumbler
  • Sip in style with our personalized tumbler, a whimsical addition to your daily routine and a standout among mothers day gifts for daughters. This steel custom drinkware is crafted for both functionality and flair, it's the perfect companion for staying refreshed on the go.  This tumbler can hold 20oz of liquid and retains beverage temperature for extended periods, ideal for travelers.

    Mother's Day Gift For My Daughter-tumbler
    Personalized Drinkware -  Mother Day Gifts for Daughters
  • Personalized Lovely Garden Metal Sign
  • For the green-thumbed daughters, our personalized garden metal sign stands as a delightful addition to your gift ideas for daughter list. Crafted from high-quality steel with vivid colors, it adds a pop of personality to any garden space. Enjoy the freedom of custom sizing without any additional cost, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any garden oasis.

    mothers day gift ideas for daughters - metal sign

    Unique Custom Metal Sign - Mothers Day Gifts for My Daughters

    DIY Daughter Mothers Day Gifts

    Get inspired to create heartfelt Mother Day gifts for daughters with these DIY ideas, ensuring your love shines through every handmade gesture.

  • Donut Soap for Women
  • Make homemade donut soap as a fun addition to your list of mother's day gift ideas for daughter in law and surprise your daughter with a lovely gift. These soap bars are made from glycerin soap base and plastic donut shapes, even though they look like sweets.

    • Paper Flowers for Adult Daughter

    Add a creative twist to traditional floral arrangements with a stunning bouquet of paper flowers, perfect for your mothers day gifts for daughters. These handmade beauties not only showcase your crafting skills but also provide a lasting alternative to fresh blooms. Get creative by using them to adorn your home for Mother's Day, whether hanging them with string or using them as charming table centerpieces.

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  • Egg-Shaped Coasters for Daughter House
  • Beautiful coasters are a thoughtful addition to your mother's day gift for my daughter list. They will make her home look better. They're stylish and useful because they're made from cloth, Mod Podge, and plastic plexiglass. Cut the cloth just a bit bigger than the glass, use Mod Podge to stick it on, and then trim the edges when they are dry. These mother's day gifts for daughter show off your creativity and love and add a bit of class to any coffee table or eating area.

    mothers day gifts for daughters - coasters

    Egg-shaped Coaster - Mother's Day gifts for my daughter

  • Mother’s Day Photo Book
  • Adding a personalized picture book to your list of gift ideas for daughter on mother's day is a heartfelt way to show off special moments and honor the bond between mother and daughter. Put together your daughter's story through a beautiful storybook made of your best family photos. From sweet childhood memories to fun trips you both took together, this photo book will be a timeless gift that she'll love for years to come.

    • Bath Bomb

    This is a thoughtful idea for a mother's day gift ideas for daughter: make your daughter homemade bath bombs and treat her to a spa day. You can make this fun bubble bath alternative with just a few simple items. Just make sure it's gentle and good for her skin. These do-it-yourself bath bombs are filled with relaxing scents and bright colors that will make every bath a relaxing retreat for your daughter

  • Oyster Shell Trinket Dish
  • Add a bit of coastal charm to your mothers day gifts for daughters by making a trinket dish out of oyster shells. These one-of-a-kind dishes are painted white on the inside for a clean look that will impress your daughter. Attach printed paper with Mod Podge for a personalized look. 

    Heartfelt Messages on Mother’s Day for Daughter

    As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to send your gifts with a meaningful message. These messages are crafted by Personal House to convey love and appreciation on this special occasion:

    • “On this Mother's Day, my dear daughter, I want to tell you how much I appreciate what a great mother you've become. Seeing how well you take care of and love your own kids makes my heart so proud and happy. I remember how soft your heart was and how compassionate you were as a child. These are qualities that continue to shine through in your role as a mother. Have a day full of the love and warmth that you give our family every day.”
    mothers day gift ideas for daughter

    Heartfelt Messages for Daughter on Mother’s Day

    • “To my sweet daughter, Happy Mother's Day! Today, I want to thank you for all the things you've done for your family and the sacrifices you've made. I saw how strong and tough you were from the moment you became a mother, even when things got hard. I really admire how hard you work to raise your kids, and I'm proud to have raised someone so kind and caring. Enjoy this day and be proud of everything you do and who you are.”
    • “To my dear daughter, It's Mother's Day today! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and care you give your family every day. Your love for your kids and the things you're willing to give up to make them happy show how dedicated you are as a mother. Thinking about the good times we've had together makes me thankful for the special bond we've always had. Happy Mother's Day! May it remind you of how much I love and respect you.”
    • “To my beautiful daughter, It's Mother's Day today! I'm so thankful for the wonderful times we've had together as a family as I think back on the trip we've been on together. Each memory, from bedtime stories to shared laughs and tears, is a gift that I hold close to my heart. I can't describe how happy I am to see you accept motherhood with such grace and love. I'm so happy to be your dad and call you my daughter.”
    • “Happy Mother's Day, my sweet daughter! I want to remind you of what a great woman you've become. I've seen you grow and thrive since the beginning, turning into a loving mother who is full of kindness and care. Your kids are lucky to have you as a parent and guardian, just like I'm lucky to have you as my daughter. Thank you for always making our lives better with your love and happiness. Have a great day.”


    As we come to the end of our look at thoughtful Mothers Day gifts for daughters keep in mind that the choices are endless and the thought is precious. Think about the love that mothers and girls have for each other, and don't be afraid to look around the website to find more ideas. In every kind thing you do, let the joy of being a mom go on. It's Mother's Day today!

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