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best ideas for 32 year anniversary gift
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40+ Best 32 Year Anniversary Gift for Him & Her 2024

11 May 2024
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We don't know of a better way than finding a significant 32 year anniversary gift to celebrate, since a 32-year marriage is truly amazing. We've put together a list of symbolic and non-traditional 32nd anniversary gifts that are sure to make the special someone in your life smile. To learn more about the various themes connected to the 32nd wedding anniversary, continue reading below.

Modern Unique 32 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Since marriage is the unique gift that God brings to tie two hearts, celebrating a 32-year anniversary calls for equally distinctive 32nd wedding anniversary gifts that reflect the enduring bond and shared adventures of the couple's remarkable journey together.

32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

You want to celebrate the amazing woman who has been your partner through thick and thin, so finding the right 32 wedding anniversary gift is a chance to really show how much you cherish her constant love and support over the years.

  • Personalized Anniversary Mug for Wife
  • A personalized anniversary, typically made from durable ceramic clay like porcelain or stoneware, could be the perfect 32nd custom anniversary gift for your wifey. This 32 year anniversary gift is shaped from the clay body, either by pouring into a mold or shaping on a potter's wheel, then fired and glazed.

    Personalization is achieved through techniques such as applying custom decal designs, painting with colored glazes, or embossing text and patterns into the clay body before the final firing.

    Favorite Application Mug - Anniversary Gifts 32 Years

    Favorite Application Mug - 32 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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    You can choose from over 100 fonts, from classic scripts to modern sans-serifs, and a vibrant palette of glazes in every hue imaginable to add a splash of color. Upload your favorite photos or artwork to be permanently fired onto the customized couple mug surface. Inscriptions are limited to 200 characters, so you can include a heartfelt message, memorable date, or inside joke

    Mug - What Do You Get for 32 Year Anniversary

    Custom Mug - 32nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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    One customer's review truly captures the essence of this touching 32 year anniversary gift: "After 32 years of marriage, my husband's eyes welled up with tears when he saw the funny anniversary message on this mug.

    It was the perfect way to reassure him that our love remains as strong and happy as the day we said 'I do'." With its ability to immortalize your vows of eternal commitment, this personalized mug is sure to become a treasured heirloom.

    By Your Side Mug - 32 Wedding Anniversary Gift

    By Your Side Mug - 32 Anniversary Gift

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  • Personalized Together Since Canvas
  • A staggering 80% of our canvas orders last year commemorated major life events like wedding anniversaries, a testament to the enduring power of visual storytelling.

    Imagine capturing the essence of the first anniversary dating idea in a stunning, museum-quality canvas print, adorned with your favorite photographs and a heartfelt message.

    Together Since Canvas - 32 Anniversary Gift

    Together Since Canvas - 32nd Anniversary Gift

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    32 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

    What is a good 32 year anniversary gift for your husband? Picking out the perfect 32nd anniversary gift for your husband can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but don't you fret, we've got your back with ideas that are sure to make his heart flutter!

  • Personalized Anniversary T-shirt for Husband
  • Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk cotton (or 90% cotton/10% polyester for the Sport Grey color), this mid-weight, 5.0 oz garment is built to withstand the test of time, much like your marriage.

    Double-stitched seams at the shoulders, sleeves, collar, and waist ensure durability, allowing your husband to proudly wear this heartfelt testament to your commitment, rain or shine.

    Always Be Mine T-shirt - 32nd Anniversary Gift

    Always Be Mine T-shirt - 32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

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    For your husband's 32 year anniversary gift, we use a heat transfer process to get that custom design on there. We print it onto a special transfer paper, then apply heat to bond the ink right into the fabric fibers for vibrant colors.

    Just keep in mind that heat transfers may not quite match the longevity of screen printing, as the design could fade or crack over time and repeated washings.

    Sleepshirt Couple with Pets T-shirt - 32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

    Sleepshirt Couple with Pets T-shirt - Anniversary 32 Years

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    For the man who wears many hats – devoted husband, loving father, and doting grandfather – a personalized t-shirt that honors his multifaceted roles is the perfect way to mark your 32nd anniversary.

    With a production time of just 3-5 days and shipping within 7-10 days, this thoughtful 32 anniversary present can be on its way to your husband in no time, allowing him to proudly proclaim his status as a true legend in your family's life.

    Husband Dad and Papa T-shirt - Best 32 Year Anniversary Gift

    Husband Dad and Papa T-shirt - What Is A Good 32 Year Anniversary Gift

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  • Personalized Together Since 1970 IPhone X Phone Case
  • Featuring a striking UV printing technique that ensures vibrant colors and crisp details, this protective case will not only shield your husband's device from everyday wear and tear but also enshrine the date you embarked on your journey together.

    Every time he glances at his phone, he'll be reminded of the unbreakable bond you share and the countless memories you've created since 1970.

    Since 1970 Phone Case - Anniversary 32 Years

    Since 1970 Phone Case - 32 Anniversary Present

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    32 Year Anniversary Present for Couple

    If you're searching for the perfect 32 year anniversary gift to celebrate that inseparable duo, why not surprise them with a delightfully thoughtful one just for two lovebirds who have spent over three decades side-by-side?

  • Personalized Love Forever T-Shirts
  • Crafted with superior quality materials, these "Love Forever" t-shirts serve as a lasting commemoration of your parents' or grandparents' 32 years of everlasting love. An incredible 5,000+ satisfied customers have given our custom product perfect 5-star reviews on our website - a testament to their excellence.

    Love Forever T-shirt - 32 Anniversary Present

    Love Forever T-shirt - 32 Year Anniversary Present

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  • Personalized Anniversary Pillow for Couple
  • A heartfelt reminder of their unbreakable bond, this pillow surprises your loved ones with its luxurious 100% polyester satin fabric. Offering a smooth and silky touch that adds elegance, this 32 year anniversary gift’s durable and wrinkle-resistant material ensures years of pristine appearance.

    The Best Gift Pillow - 32 Year Anniversary Present

    The Best Gift Pillow - 32 Marriage Anniversary

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    Vibrant colors celebrate the sparkle of their enduring love with this dazzling sequin pillow. Whether red, pink, silver, champagne gold, purple, blue, sky blue, black, or gold, the reversible sequin design allows mesmerizing patterns with a simple swipe, adding glamor.

    Forever Together Sequin Pillow - 32 Marriage Anniversary

    Forever Together Sequin Pillow - 32nd Anniversary Gifts

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  • Personalized Anniversary Plaque for Couple
  • Expressing heartfelt gratitude for your wife's unwavering love and support is this personalized acrylic plaque, a small 32 year anniversary gift but packs a huge punch.

    As revealed in a recent customer survey, 65% purchased our custom plaques as personalized anniversary gifts for him - a testament to their romantic gesture popularity.

    To My Wife Acrylic Plaque - 32nd Anniversary Gifts

    To My Wife Acrylic Plaque - Anniversary Gifts 32 Years

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    When creating this personalized anniversary plaque, UV printing will be utilized. This involves using UV-cured inks to print designs with high resolution and full color directly onto the plaque surface.

    The UV light instantly cures and bonds the inks, producing a durable, scratch-resistant finish with exceptional detail and clarity - ideal for materials such as acrylic, glass, or metal.

    30 Years Together Acrylic Plaque - Anniversary Gifts 32 Years

    30 Years Together Acrylic Plaque - 32 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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    Our talented artists' 5,000+ unique designs from customer requests ensure a truly personalized and meaningful acrylic plaque gift celebrating the journey of growing old together. If you want to have any memories to custom on this 32 year anniversary gift, feel free to contact us!

    Growing Old Acrylic Plaque - 32nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

    Growing Old Acrylic Plaque - 32 Wedding Anniversary Gift

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  • Personalized Doll Couple And Dogs Door Mats
  • Your loved ones' furry family members join in welcoming guests with this charming doll couple and dogs doormat. Following HGTV's 2024 Home Design Trend Report highlighting such personalized home decor desired by homeowners for special touches, this functional mat doubles as a delightful conversation starter.

    Couple and Dogs Door Mats - 32 Anniversary Gift

    Couple and Dogs Door Mats - 32nd Anniversary Gift

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    Traditional 32 Anniversary Gift Ideas

    You're celebrating 32 amazing years of wedded bliss, so why not surprise your sweetheart with a traditional anniversary gift that perfectly captures the radiant glow and lasting beauty of your enduring love?

  • Lapis Lazuli Necklace
  • Do you want to treat your partner terribly? Worth every cent, this exquisite lapis lazuli pendant is a kind 32 year anniversary gift. This gemstone is set with pavé-set white diamonds and adorned in 18-karat gold, creating an incredibly fashionable piece that they will want to flaunt every day.

    To ensure that your lover can wear it straight away, we advise gifting it to them and taking them out for a special supper.

    Lapis Lazuli Necklace - What Is A Good 32 Year Anniversary Gift

    Lapis Lazuli Necklace - 32 Year Anniversary Present

  • Blue Lapis Earrings
  • These bold earrings are the ideal way to include the 32nd anniversary gemstone in your present without going over your budget. The sophisticated design of these chic accessories is ideal for daytime or evening, thanks to the combination of 14K gold over brass and blue lapis.

    These lovely trinkets will give your significant other's attire a splash of colour, whether they are going out or into the office.

  • Traditional Flower
  • A bouquet that ranges in color from deep terracotta to burnt orange represents the warmth of your 32 marriage anniversary, which has been filled with companionship, growth, and laughter.

    Every flower with a copper hue communicates a little bit about you. It appears as though the natural world is uniting to honor the beauty and tenacity of your enduring love.

    Traditional Flower - Anniversary Gifts 32 Years

    Traditional Flower - 32 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

  • Romantic Cabin Getaway
  • A peaceful cabin vacation is a really romantic and considerate 32 year anniversary gift that is sure to win over your significant other.

    You won't have to spend all day traveling to Getaway because it offers comfortable, private chalets that are only a few hours distant from major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. To reenergize yourself, we advise scheduling a couple nights away in a natural setting with your significant other.

    Traditional 32nd Anniversary Themes

    The 32nd anniversary's contemporary theme of conveyance celebrates the couple's journey navigating life's ups and downs together for over three decades. While lacking traditional gifts, this milestone encourages creative options that capture the spirit of travel and adventure they've embarked on hand in hand.

    Though without assigned colors or flowers, the 32nd year's gemstone is the meaningful lapis lazuli. Its deep blue hue and symbolism of strength, wisdom, and truth make it a fitting 32 year wedding anniversary gift to wish the couple continued blessings as they courageously forge ahead on their path side-by-side.


    "The greatest adventures often start with a simple journey". As a couple celebrates 32 years of marriage, the contemporary "conveyance" theme reminds us that their enduring love has been an extraordinary adventure.

    Whether giving your loved one a 32 year anniversary gift that represents travel's romantic spirit or the lapis lazuli gemstone signifying wisdom gained along the way, the 32nd anniversary honors the remarkable odyssey two lives became one.

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