Delivery & Shipping

Why are my items shipped separately?

Posted 09 May 2023

There are several reasons why your items might be shipped separately, including:

  • Availability: Occasionally, items in your order may be sourced from different warehouses. In such instances, each item may be shipped separately to ensure timely delivery.
  • Shipping method: Various items may necessitate different shipping methods. For instance, some items may require special handling or packaging, while others may need to be shipped separately due to size or weight limitations.
  • Timing: At times, items in your order may be ready to ship at different intervals or may be divided during the manufacturing process, resulting in separate shipments. In such cases, each item may be shipped individually to prevent delays for the entire order.

Nonetheless, during checkout, you will be charged a single combined shipping fee for all items in your order. Each shipment of your order will be accompanied by a shipping notification. If the second package does not arrive within 5-7 business days of the first, please contact us, and we will provide immediate assistance.

By Timind Website