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50+ Simple Easter Crafts for Kids 2024

50+ Simple Easter Crafts for Kids 2024

06 Mar 2024
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In today's fast-paced world, pulling kids away from screens and giving them a chance to spend quality time together is a rare gem. That's where the magic of 50+ simple Easter crafts for kids in 2024 comes in. Dive into these easy and delightful crafting ideas, creating not just fun projects but also moments of connection during this joyous Easter season.

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Navigating the diverse landscape of kids' creativity requires understanding that each age brings its own unique flair. With this in mind, we've handpicked a range of Easter crafts tailored to the distinct preferences and skill levels of children. 

Quick & Simple Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Get your little ones into the Easter crafting groove for custom gifts with these quick and easy Easter craft ideas for kids specially designed for toddlers. Spark their creativity and create lasting memories with these Easter craft kids:

  • Paper Plate Bunny Masks: Transform ordinary paper plates into adorable bunny masks with just a few simple supplies.
  • Cotton Ball Chicks: Craft cute and fluffy chicks using cotton balls for a touch of sweetness into Easter kid crafts.
Cotton Ball Chicks - Easter Craft Ideas for Kids
Cotton Ball Chicks - Easter Craft for Kids
  • Handprint Easter Eggs: Capture your toddler's handprint on paper eggs, adding a personal touch to the festivities.
  • Easter Egg Collage: Let their tiny hands explore textures with a delightful Easter egg collage using various materials.
  • Bunny Ears Headband: Fashion easy bunny ears for a festive accessory, perfect for little ones.
  • Tissue Paper Eggs: Stick colorful tissue paper on egg cutouts, creating a mess-free and vibrant Easter crafts for kids.
  • Sock Bunnies: Transform old socks into charming bunny characters with some basic sewing skills.
  • Egg Carton Caterpillars: Turn recycled egg cartons into adorable caterpillars, combining creativity and sustainability.
  • Feathered Chicks: Add feathers to create cute chicks, bringing a tactile element to their artwork.
  • Easter Egg Stamping: Explore the world of painting with Easter egg stamps, offering a mess-free creative venture.
Easter Egg Stamping - Easter Craft for Kids
Easter Egg Stamping - DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Fun Easter Crafts for Older Kids

Keep the older kids entertained with Easter crafting projects that challenge their creativity and result in impressive seasonal decorations, as much as Easter crafts for adults. Here are ten ideas to captivate their interest:

  • Decorative Easter Wreath: Craft a vibrant wreath using plastic eggs, ribbons, and faux flowers for a stunning door decoration as Easter crafts for kids.
  • DIY Easter Egg Garland: Create a festive garland with painted or decorated Easter eggs to add a touch of whimsy to any space.
  • Sock Easter Bunny: Make charming sock bunnies using basic sewing techniques, a delightful craft with a cute result.
  • Marbled Easter Eggs: Experiment with nail polish and water to achieve beautiful marbled effects on eggs.
  • Easter Bunny Corner Bookmarks: Combine the love of reading with an Easter craft for kids by making adorable bunny corner bookmarks.
  • Pom-Pom Easter Chicks: Craft fluffy chicks using pom-poms for a tactile and cute addition to kids Easter craft.
Pom-Pom Easter Chicks - DIY Easter Crafts for Kids
Pom-Pom Easter Chicks - Kids Crafts for Easter
  • Tie-Dye Easter Eggs: Create vibrant tie-dyed Easter eggs using a simple coloring technique.
  • Easter Egg Tree: Decorate branches with colorful eggs to create a beautiful Easter egg tree centerpiece.
  • Tie-Dye Easter Eggs: Create vibrant and tie-dyed Easter eggs with a simple coloring technique.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Map: For unique Easter crafts for kids, design and illustrate a personalized Easter egg hunt map for added adventure during the holiday festivities.

Different Types of Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Embark on a creative Easter journey with a variety of craft Easter gifts for kids, ensuring a season filled with artistic expression and joy. From paper wonders to egg-centric delights, discover the perfect activities to make this holiday truly unforgettable.

Paper Easter Kids Crafts

Unleash the creative spirit in your little ones with these charming paper-based Easter crafts:

  • Easter Bunny Masks: Craft adorable bunny masks using colored paper and stretchy bands.
Easter Bunny Masks - Kids Crafts for Easter
Easter Bunny Masks - Easter Craft Kids
  • Paper Plate Chickens: Turn plain paper plates into cute Easter chickens adorned with colorful feathers.
  • Easter Egg Collage: Create a vibrant collage using cut-out paper eggs and an assortment of decorative materials.
  • Origami Easter Baskets: Introduce the art of origami with cute Easter-themed baskets.
  • Paper Carrot Garland: String together a playful garland by crafting paper carrots and adding a touch of string.
  • Easter Bonnet Hats: Design festive bonnet hats for Easter crafts for kids using construction paper and ribbons.
  • Pop-up Easter Cards: Surprise friends and family with homemade pop-up cards featuring delightful Easter scenes.
  • Easter Egg Mosaics: Develop fine motor skills by crafting mosaics with cut-out paper eggs.

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Dive into the egg-citing world of Easter with these imaginative egg-centric Easter crafts with kids:

  • Decorative Egg Painting: Let kids express their creativity by painting and decorating Easter eggs.
Decorative Egg Painting - Easter Craft Kids
Decorative Egg Painting - Easter Craft Kids
  • Tie-Dye Easter Eggs: Create vibrant tie-dye effects on eggs using an array of food colors.
  • Decoupage Easter Eggs: Decorate egg Easter crafts for kids with colorful tissue paper cutouts using the decoupage technique.
  • Emoji Easter Eggs: Add a modern twist by turning plain eggs into expressive emoji characters.
  • Easter Egg Dioramas: Craft mini dioramas inside hollowed-out eggshells for a 3D art project.
  • Felt Easter Egg Puppets: Make adorable puppets by attaching felt cutouts to decorated eggs.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Map: Combine crafting and adventure by creating personalized maps for egg hunts.
  • Egg Carton Flowers: Transform egg cartons into blossoming flowers with paint and decorations.

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kid

Hop into the Easter spirit with these delightful bunny-themed DIY Easter crafts for kids:

  • Sock Bunnies: Repurpose old socks into cuddly Easter bunnies with simple sewing.
  • Bunny Ear Headbands: Create festive headbands with floppy bunny ears using felt and stretchy bands.
Bunny Ear Headbands - Easter Kids Crafts
Bunny Ear Headbands - Easter Crafts with Kids
  • Pom-Pom Tail Bunnies: Craft fluffy bunnies with pom-pom tails for a tactile and cute experience.
  • Footprint Bunny Art: Preserve little footprints by turning Easter crafts for kids into charming bunny artwork.
  • Easter Bunny Masks: Let kids become Easter bunnies with masks made from paper plates.
  • Bunny Handprint Cards: Personalize cards with cute bunny faces created from handprints.
  • Easter Bunny Paper Chains: String together paper bunnies to create adorable Easter decorations.
  • Clay Pot Bunnies: Paint and decorate clay pots to resemble charming bunny characters.

Easter Food Craft for Kids

Combine creativity and deliciousness with these food Easter arts and crafts for kids:

  • Bunny Pancakes: Shape pancake batter into bunny faces for a tasty breakfast treat.
  • Carrot-Shaped Veggie Snacks: Arrange carrot sticks to form edible carrot shapes for a healthy snack.
  • Easter Chick Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with cute chick faces using icing and colorful candies.
Easter Chick Cupcakes - Easter Crafts with Kids
Easter Chick Cupcakes - Kids Easter Craft
  • Chocolate-covered Pretzel Nests: Create edible nests using chocolate-covered pretzels and candy eggs.
  • Fruit Kabob Bunnies: Thread fruit pieces onto skewers to make adorable bunny-shaped fruit kabobs.
  • Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats: Mold rice krispie treats into egg shapes and decorate these Easter crafts for kids with colorful icing.
  • Bunny-shaped Sandwiches: Use bunny-shaped cookie cutters to create cute sandwiches for lunch.
  • Easter Cookie Decorating: Let kids unleash their creativity by decorating Easter-themed cookies with icing and sprinkles.

Christian Easter Crafts for Kids

Engage your little ones in meaningful kids crafts for Easter that celebrate the Christian significance of the season. These crafts not only encourage creativity but also offer an opportunity to share the story of Easter with your children.

  • Resurrection Garden: Create a miniature garden to symbolize the empty tomb, using soil, small plants, and a small rock to represent the rolled-away stone.
  • Cross Collage: Craft a cross collage using colored paper, fabric scraps, or natural materials to represent the central symbol of the Christian faith.
Cross Collage - Kids Easter Craft
Cross Collage - Easter Arts and Crafts for Kids
  • Easter Story Bracelets: Design bracelets featuring beads or charms representing key elements of the Easter story, such as a cross, a lamb, or an empty tomb.
  • Stained Glass Cross: Make a stained glass cross using colored tissue paper and contact paper to teach kids about the beauty and significance of the cross.
  • Empty Tomb Craft: Create diorama or simple Easter crafts for kids to depict the empty tomb on Easter morning, emphasizing the resurrection story.
  • Easter Story Eggs: Decorate plastic or wooden eggs with symbols or drawings representing different parts of the Easter story, allowing children to retell the narrative in order.
  • Crown of Thorns: Construct a symbolic crown of thorns using twigs or playdough, illustrating the crown placed on Jesus' head during the Passion.
  • Easter Scripture Art: Encourage kids to create art inspired by Easter Bible verses, helping them connect visually with the scripture.
Easter Scripture Art - Easter Arts and Crafts for Kids
Easter Scripture Art - Easter Kid Crafts
  • Easter Story Stones: Paint or decorate stones with symbols representing different parts of the Easter story. Children can use these Easter crafts for kids to retell the narrative in their own creative way.
  • Crown of Glory Craft: Instead of focusing on the crown of thorns, create a "Crown of Glory" Easter kids crafts using shiny materials and jewels to represent the triumph and glory of Jesus' resurrection.
  • He Is Risen Banner: Craft a colorful "He Is Risen" banner using paper, paint, or fabric, displaying this joyful message as a reminder of the resurrection.
  • Holy Week Prayer Chain: Create a paper chain with each link representing a day of Holy Week. Write a prayer or reflection on each link, helping kids understand the significance of each day leading up to Easter.
  • Easter Bookmarks with Verses: Design Easter-themed bookmarks featuring Bible verses related to resurrection and new life. 
Easter Bookmarks with Verses - Easter Craft Ideas for Kids
Easter Bookmarks with Verses - Easter Craft for Kids


In wrapping up our Easter crafts for kids, do you feel ready to dive into these creative activities with your little ones? With a variety of options from playful bunnies to meaningful Christian crafts, the stage is set for shared moments of joy and creativity. Ready to make some unforgettable memories this Easter. Let the crafting begin!

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