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40th birthday decorations

70+ Happy 40th Birthday Decorations For Him and Her

14 Jan 2024
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Step into the world of personalized celebration at Personal House. Elevate your 40th birthday decorations with our carefully curated guide. Transform this milestone into an unforgettable journey of joy and nostalgia. 

What Is 40th Birthday Called?

The 40th birthday is commonly referred to as the "Over the Hill" milestone, symbolizing the journey beyond the metaphorical hill of life. It humorously signifies reaching the summit and beginning the descent, embracing the wisdom and experiences gained over the years. This lighthearted term is often used in a playful manner to acknowledge the passage of time and celebrate the individual's journey to this significant age.

What Is 40th Birthday Called?

Ideas for 40th Birthday Cake

70+ Happy 40th Birthday Decorations For Him and Her

Embarking on the journey to the fabulous 40s deserves a celebration as unique as every custom gift collection at Personal House. Discover over 70 happy 40th birthday party decorations designed to captivate both him and her, turning this special day into a symphony of joy and memories.

Unique 40th Birthday Party Decorations For Her

Step into a world of whimsy and elegance beside 40th birthday presents as we explore unique 40th birthday party decorations tailored exclusively for her. These ideas promise to make her celebration a masterpiece of individuality and charm.

  • Matching T-shirts Party:

Create a sense of unity and celebration with matching custom apparel like t-shirts as a unique 40th birthday party decoration for her. Craft personalized designs that showcase witty slogans, inside jokes, or nostalgic memories to commemorate the special milestone together.

Matching T-shirts Party For 40th Birthday

Personalized Happy 40th Birthday From Your Sleep Thief T-Shirt

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  • Floral Elegance:

Transform the venue with 40th birthday decorations for her like a floral wonderland, using a mix of vibrant blooms and lush greenery. This must be one of the best unique gifts for her birthday as decor. Personalize flower arrangements with pictures from her life, creating a unique and sentimental touch.

  • Vintage Vanity Display:

Set up a vintage vanity display with mirrors, pearls, and antique frames showcasing her journey through the years. It adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the celebration.

  • Boho Chic Lounge Area:

Create a cozy bohemian lounge area with eclectic cushions, fairy lights, and unique mugs which are crafted from high quality ceramic at Personal House for a special point to wow your guests. It provides a relaxed space for guests to unwind and adds a touch of boho charm to the celebration.

Boho Chic Lounge Area For 40th Celebration

Personalized What A Lovely 40th Birthday Morning Mug

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  • Glamorous Photo Wall:

Consider these 40th birthday decorations for her as wonderful gift ideas for 40th birthday by crafting a glamorous photo wall featuring her most cherished memories. Use gold and silver accents for a touch of sophistication, making it a visually stunning focal point for the celebration.

  • Chic Dessert Bar:

Design a chic dessert bar with a variety of sweet treats displayed on stylish tiered stands. Incorporate personalized dessert toppers with witty messages or inside jokes for a sweet and memorable touch.

  • Garden Tea Party Setting:

Remember to master how to plan a birthday party for a perfect celebration. For example, creating an enchanting garden tea party needs pastel-colored tablecloths, floral centerpieces, and delicate tea sets. It adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication to the celebration.

Garden Tea Party Setting For Her 40th Birthday

Garden Tea Party Setting

Crafting an enchanting atmosphere with these unique birthday decorations for her. Each idea promises to transform her milestone celebration into a distinctive and memorable experience, celebrating her in a way as extraordinary as she is.

Classy 40th Birthday Decorations For Him

Elevate his 40th celebration with a touch of sophistication as we always give you the earliest news of trending classy birthday decorations. These 40th birthday party decorations for him are designed to honor his milestone with a blend of refinement and celebration.

  • Whiskey Tasting Corner:

Craft a refined whiskey tasting corner with 40th birthday decor for him like personalized glasses and a selection of fine spirits. This sophisticated setup caters to the discerning palate, creating a space for guests to savor the celebration.

Whiskey Tasting Corner At The Birthday Party

Whiskey Tasting Corner

  • Golf-Themed Decor:

Design theme for 40th birthday party decorations for him centered around golf, featuring personalized golf balls, tees, and elegant greenery. This tasteful nod to his interests maintains a classy and sporty atmosphere.

  • Tech-Inspired Centerpieces:

Integrate sleek and modern tech-inspired centerpieces with classy 40th birthday decorations for him like metallic finishes and LED lights. These contemporary elements add a touch of sophistication, catering to the tech-savvy celebrant.

  • Canvas and Wood Accents:

If you already know what to write in a birthday card, you can make it more unique by printing it on canvas or engraving it on leather and wood elements into the decor. Incorporate leather coasters, wooden signs, and rustic accents to elevate the celebration's overall sophistication.

Classy 40th Birthday Decorations For Him

Personalized Happy Birthday Around You All Who Love You Canvas

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  • Cigar Lounge Setup:

Establish a dedicated cigar lounge with 40th birthday man decorations like comfortable seating, personalized cigar boxes, and a selection of premium cigars. This refined space provides guests with a sophisticated retreat to enjoy premium cigars.

  • Masculine Whiskey Barrel Decor:

Integrate whiskey barrels into the decor, serving as unique tables or decorative elements. This rugged yet classy addition enhances the celebration's ambiance.

  • Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins:

Elevate the bar area with classy 40th birthday decorations like monogrammed cocktail napkins and personalized drink stirrers. These small details contribute to an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication.

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins For An Elegant Birthday Party

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins

  • Vintage Car Showcase:

If feasible, showcase a vintage car or a collection of classic cars as a captivating focal point. These 40th birthday man decorations not only add an air of elegance but also pay homage to his appreciation for timeless vehicles.

These men’s 40th birthday party decorations embrace timeless elegance, incorporating whiskey-themed sophistication and masculine accents. Each idea aspires to infuse a sense of class into his 40th birthday celebration, creating a refined and memorable experience.

40th Birthday Table Decorations

Elevate the dining experience with a touch of elegance as we explore decorations for 40th birthday ideas for table. These ideas promise to turn each table into a visual delight, blending style, sentimentality, and personalized charm.

  • Luxurious Floral Table Centerpieces:

Craft opulent table centerpieces featuring a variety of vibrant flowers and lush greenery. The luxurious floral 40th birthday decorations for her or him become a captivating focal point, infusing the table with natural beauty and sophistication. 

  • Vintage Vinyl Record Placemats:

Infuse a retro vibe into the table 40th birthday decor by using vintage vinyl records as unique placemats. The records add a touch of nostalgia and music-themed charm, creating a visually appealing and conversation-worthy setting. 

Luxurious Floral Table Centerpieces For Birthday Party

Luxurious Floral Table Centerpieces

  • Elegant Candlelit Atmosphere:

Create an intimate and elegant atmosphere with table decorations for 40th birthday focused on candlelight. Incorporate elegant candle holders, votives, or candelabras to add a soft and warm glow. 

  • Chalkboard Table Numbers:

Use chalkboard table numbers for a charming and versatile table decoration. The chalkboard theme allows for customization and adds a rustic touch to the tables. Guests can enjoy quirky doodles or personalized messages, adding an interactive element to the celebration.

Chalkboard Table Numbers For 40th Birthday Party

Chalkboard Table Numbers

  • Personalized Table Centerpieces:

Craft personalized table centerpieces showcasing a curated collection of photos, milestones, and memorable quotes from the celebrant's life. You may choose purple 40th birthday decorations to become focal points that engage guests and encourage conversations. 

  • Elegant Vintage China Place Settings:

Set the tables with 40th birthday party decorations like elegant vintage china place settings, creating a timeless and sophisticated dining experience. The delicate patterns and antique details add a touch of refinement, making each place setting a visual delight. 

  • Rustic Burlap and Lace Table Runners:

Enhance the table decor with decorations for a 40th birthday like rustic burlap and lace table runners, creating a charming and textured setting. The combination of burlap and lace adds a touch of rustic elegance, transforming the tables into visually appealing surfaces. 

Rustic Burlap and Lace Table Runners For Birthday Party's Table

Rustic Burlap and Lace Table Runners

  • Time Capsule Centerpiece:

Designate a time capsule centerpiece filled with notes, wishes, and small mementos from guests. This interactive and sentimental decoration not only serves as a visual focal point but also encourages guest participation. 

Dive into a world of tablescapes where each decoration tells a unique story. These happy 40th birthday decorations for table aim to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere, where every detail contributes to a celebration that reflects the celebrant's journey through the decades.

Happy 40th Birthday Cake Decorations

The centerpiece of joy, the 40th birthday cake, deserves a delightful makeover. Explore a world of happy birthday 40th decorations for cakes, from opulent gold leaf embellishments to playful drip cake extravaganzas, ensuring the cake becomes not just a treat but a visual masterpiece.

  • Opulent Gold Leaf Adornments:

Embellish the cake with 40th birthday decoration like delicate gold leaf accents, infusing a touch of opulence and sophistication. The shimmering gold creates an air of luxury, turning the cake into a visually stunning centerpiece that radiates celebration and elegance.

Opulent Gold Leaf Adornments For Birthday Cake

Opulent Gold Leaf Adornments

  • Trendy Ombre Watercolor Effect:

Achieve a modern ombre watercolor effect on the cake’s 40th birthday decoration ideas using edible food coloring. This artistic decoration blends different hues seamlessly, adding a contemporary and visually captivating element to the birthday treat. 

  • Personalized Memory Lane Topper:

Elevate the cake with 40th birthday decorations like a customized topper featuring snapshots capturing various stages of the celebrant's life. This heartwarming addition serves as a tangible reminder of cherished moments throughout the years.

  • Playful Drip Cake Extravaganza:

Opt for a contemporary drip cake design featuring vibrant, contrasting colors. The playful drips cascade down the sides, creating a visually dynamic and indulgent appearance. This trendy decoration adds a touch of excitement, making the cake a focal point of celebration.

Playful Drip Cake Extravaganza

 Playful Drip Cake Extravaganza For Birthday Party

  • Luscious Chocolate Ganache Cascade:

Decorate the cake with 40th birthday party decor like a decadent chocolate ganache cascade, creating a rich and indulgent look. The velvety chocolate flow not only tantalizes the taste buds but also adds a luxurious visual element. 

  • Whimsical Balloon Cake Topper:

Crown the cake with a whimsical balloon cake topper featuring the number 40. This playful addition adds a touch of celebration and joy to the delicious centerpiece. The colorful balloons create a festive atmosphere, embodying the spirit of the milestone.

  • Edible Flower Garden Masterpiece:

Transform the cake into an edible flower garden with 40th birthday decorations like delicately crafted fondant flowers. This delectable decoration introduces a natural and charming element to the birthday dessert. Each edible bloom symbolizes the blossoming of life at 40.

Edible Flower Birthday Cake

Edible Flower Birthday Cake

  • Glamorous Metallic Fondant Accents:

Enhance the cake with glamorous metallic fondant accents, creating a sleek and modern appearance. The metallic touches add a touch of glamor and sophistication, making the cake a dazzling focal point for the celebration. 

In this sweet journey, discover creative 40th birthday cake decorations that go beyond taste, adding visual delight to the celebration. Each idea transforms the birthday cake into a symbol of joy, making the 40th celebration a feast for the eyes and the palate.

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Funny 40th Birthday Yard Decorations

Inject laughter into the great outdoors as we unveil a collection of funny 40th birthday yard decorations. These amusing additions turn the yard into a whimsical canvas, setting the stage for a celebration filled with laughter and light-heartedness.

  • Witty Yard Signs Galore:

Scatter the yard with fun 40th birthday decorations like an array of humorous signs featuring witty quotes about turning 40. Each sign contributes to the overall lighthearted atmosphere, generating laughter and setting the tone for an entertaining celebration. 

Funny 40th Birthday Yard Decorations

Witty Yard Signs For 40th Birthday Party

  • Life-Size Younger Self Cutout:

Place a life-size cutout of the birthday person's younger self in the yard, creating a hilarious and nostalgic focal point. This larger-than-life element becomes a source of amusement and fond memories, encouraging guests to reminisce and share laughter. 

  • Funny "Over the Hill" Tombstone:

Playfully place an "Over the Hill" tombstone in the yard, injecting humor into the outdoor decor. This lighthearted touch sets the tone for a celebration filled with laughter. The tombstone becomes a witty and entertaining element that embraces the concept of aging with humor.

  • Giant Inflatable Birthday Cake:

Inflate a giant birthday cake in the yard for your funny 40th birthday decorations, humorously exaggerating the celebration. This whimsical addition adds a touch of playfulness to the outdoor space, serving as a light-hearted focal point that captures attention.

Giant Inflatable Birthday Cake For Yard Decor

 Giant Inflatable Birthday Cake

  • Giant "40 Sucks" Balloon Banner:

Hang a giant balloon banner humorously declaring "40 Sucks" in the yard, infusing the outdoor space with cheeky fun. This playful element adds a light-hearted touch to the celebration. 

  • Inflatable Walker Display:

Inflate a humorous walker and position it prominently in the yard, adding a touch of comedic exaggeration to the outdoor space. This inflatable prop becomes a whimsical focal point, highlighting the playful aspect of reaching this milestone age. 

  • Personalized "Caution: 40 Zone" Zone Sign:

Create a personalized "Caution: 40 Zone" sign for the yard, humorously turning the outdoor space into a playful danger zone. This amusing addition adds a touch of whimsy and invites guests to enter the celebration with a sense of fun. 

Custom Sign For 40th Birthday Party

Custom Sign For 40th Birthday Party

  • Giant Inflatable Oversized Glasses:

Adding a humorous and whimsical touch to the outdoor space for fun 40th birthday decorations. These inflatable glasses become a playful and eye-catching decoration, symbolizing the fun and carefree spirit of celebrating the 40th milestone. 

Transforming the outdoor space into a playground of humor, these yard decorations offer a delightful spin on reaching the 40th milestone. Each funny element contributes to a celebration that embraces aging with a hearty dose of laughter and playfulness.

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Ideal Timeline for Planning a 40th Birthday Celebration

Embarking on the journey to plan a remarkable 40th birthday celebration requires meticulous timing and thoughtful organization. Explore the ideal timeline for planning this milestone event, ensuring every detail.

Ideal Timeline for Planning a 40th Birthday Celebration

 Planning a 40th Birthday Celebration

  • Step 1: Early Visioning (3-4 months before)

Decide on the theme that resonates with the celebrant, envision the overall vibe, and make initial choices regarding color schemes and potential venues to set the tone for the celebration.

  • Step 2: Concrete Plans (1-2 months before)

Secure the chosen venue for the celebration, lock in any surprise entertainment or special guests, and initiate the process of ordering or creating personalized or DIY 40th birthday decorations to ensure a cohesive and personalized atmosphere.

  • Step 3: Invitation and Menu Finalization (1 month before)

Send out invitations, building anticipation among guests, and finalize the menu, ensuring it not only complements the theme but also caters to the preferences of the birthday person.

Planning a 40th Birthday Celebration
Invitation For 40th Birthday Celebration
  • Step 4: Preparations Intensify (2 weeks before)

Confirm all arrangements, double-check venue logistics, and begin assembling any DIY elements and personalized touches. Address any last-minute adjustments or unforeseen challenges for a smoother celebration.

  • Step 5: Countdown and Final Details (Final weeks)

Double-check that all decorations are in place, confirm venue logistics, and ensure RSVPs are accurate. Maintain the element of surprise by keeping any surprises under wraps until the grand reveal for a truly memorable 40th birthday celebration.

This ideal timeline serves as a guide, ensuring that each step is thoughtfully approached, allowing for a stress-free and well-executed event that leaves lasting memories for the celebrant and guests alike.

Unique Gifts for a 40th Birthday Celebration from Personal House

Reaching the milestone of a 40th birthday is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in a special and memorable way. One of the best ways to make the celebration unforgettable is by giving unique and personalized birthday gifts that are perfect match for all amazing 40th birthday decorations ideas.

  • Personalized It Took Me Years To Look Good Mug

The centerpiece of this collection, the "It Took Me Years To Look Good" mug, is more than just a vessel for your favorite beverage; it's a declaration of self-love and confidence. The personalized touch adds an extra layer of charm, making it a standout gift for anyone approaching the fabulous 40s.

Unique Mug As Gift For 40th Birthday

Unique Mug As Gift For 40th Birthday

  • Personalized Happy 40th Birthday From Your Sleep Thief Sweatshirt

Embrace the comfort and warmth of a personalized sweatshirt that not only keeps you cozy but also celebrates the journey of 40 years. The "Happy 40th Birthday From Your Sleep Thief" sweatshirt is a playful and heartfelt gift that combines comfort with a touch of humor, making it perfect for lounging or casual outings.

Personal Sweatshirt For 40th Birthday Celebration
Personal Sweatshirt For 40th Birthday Celebration
  • Personalized Born In Pillow

Give the gift of comfort and style with the "Born In" Pillow from Personal House. This personalized pillow not only adds a unique touch to any living space but also commemorates the year of birth in a chic and trendy way. It's a perfect addition to any home decor, providing a constant reminder of the special 40th milestone. If you're looking for some decoration item for 40th birthday party, this is also the perfect match.

Custom Pillow As Birthday Gift For Her On 40th
Custom Pillow As Birthday Gift For Her On 40th
  • Personalized Awesome Since 1984 iPhone X Phone Case

Keep the memories close with the "Awesome Since 1984" iPhone X Phone Case. This sleek and stylish case not only protects the phone but also serves as a constant reminder of the awesomeness that comes with four decades of life. The personalized touch adds a unique flair to the everyday accessory.

Phone Case: Personal 40th Birthday Present
Phone Case: Personal 40th Birthday Present 
  • Personalized Happy 40th Birthday Bestie Canvas

Celebrate the bond of friendship with the "Happy 40th Birthday Bestie" canvas which can also be chosen as one of unique decorations for 40th birthday. The birthday gift ideas like this personalized canvas is a touching tribute to the cherished moments shared with a best friend over the years. It's a perfect gift to express gratitude and love on this special day.

Bestie Canvas: Custom-made Gift For 40th Birthday
Bestie Canvas: Custom-made Gift For 40th Birthday
  • Personalized Happy 40th Birthday, You Deserve A Beer Hoodie

Raise a toast to the 40th year with the "Happy 40th Birthday, You Deserve A Beer" Hoodie. This cozy and stylish hoodie is not only a fashion statement but also a declaration of deserving some well-earned relaxation and celebration. The personalized touch adds a special flair to this comfortable garment.

Customized Hoodie For 40th Birthday Celebration
Customized Hoodie For 40th Birthday Celebration
Personal House offers a delightful collection of personalized gifts that go beyond the ordinary, making the 40th birthday celebration truly extraordinary. From mugs to canvases, each item is crafted with care to add a personal touch to the festivities. These unique gifts not only celebrate the milestone but also create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.


In conclusion, celebrating this milestone with our 40th birthday decorations. With personalized decorations ranging from nostalgic corners to dance floor delights, each element contributes to an unforgettable experience. These carefully curated details create a celebration filled with joy, nostalgia, and the warmth of shared memories, making the journey to 40 truly exceptional.

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