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Top 40 Best Easter Baskets for Kids
Gift Ideas

Top 40 Best Easter Baskets for Kids to Create Festive Joy

14 Mar 2024
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Dive into the world of Personal House with the guide to the best Easter baskets for kids, curated to bring forth the essence of festive joy! This comprehensive list ensures you'll find the perfect gift basket to make this Easter a truly memorable occasion for your little ones.

Why Do People Give Kids Easter Baskets?

People give Easter baskets for kids as a cherished tradition symbolizing the joy and renewal of the Easter season. These children's Easter baskets, often filled with colorful eggs, chocolates, toys, and other treats, serve as tokens of love and celebration for children. 

The tradition of giving Easter present ideas is rooted in various cultural and religious practices, including the Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the pagan celebration of spring and fertility. 

Beyond religious significance, Easter baskets are a way for families to come together, share in the excitement of Easter egg hunts, and create lasting memories. Overall, gifting Easter baskets to kids is a time-honored gesture that brings joy and happiness to households around the world.

40 Best Easter Baskets for Kids

Embark on an Easter journey with our exclusive selection of the best Easter basket ideas for kids which promise to make this holiday unforgettable. Delight your children and ignite their imagination with our carefully curated baskets. Let the Easter festivities unfold!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kid Boys

Explore the realm of Easter gift baskets for kids tailored by Personal House exclusively for adventurous young lads! Our collection promises a journey filled with discovery and thrills, let’s embark on an adventure that sparks imagination and joy, making this Easter truly unforgettable

  • Easter Beach Basket

This basket is a perfect personalized Easter gift for a day of fun in the sun! Packed with beach toys like sand molds, a frisbee, sunglasses and a beach-themed T-shirt, this is one of the ideal Easter baskets for kids who love spending time by the water, making it an exciting Easter treat for outdoor play.

Kid Easter Basket
Personalized Kids On Beach T-Shirts for Childrens Easter Basket
  • Pet-themed Gift Basket

Tailored for animal lovers, this kids easter basket features adorable pet-themed items like plush toys and pet-themed clothes like personalized tee shirts with dog and cat photo printed. It's a delightful choice for boys who adore pets and can ignite their imagination with thoughts of caring for their own furry friends.

Easter Baskets For Kids
Personalized Protected By Dogs T-shirt for Pet-themed Easter Basket Kids
  • Easter Gags and Games Basket

Full of laughter and entertainment, this basket is brimming with funny gag gifts, jokes, and small games. These gift ideas for sons designed to keep boys entertained and laughing throughout the Easter festivities, adding a playful twist to the holiday celebration.

  • Surprise Gift Egg Basket

These Easter baskets for kids add an element of surprise and anticipation to Easter morning with large plastic Easter eggs filled with small toys or treats. It's sure to bring excitement and joy to boys as they eagerly open each egg to discover what's inside, making Easter morning even more memorable.

  • Peanuts Easter Mache Egg Box

Inspired by the beloved Peanuts characters, this Easter gift basket features an egg-shaped box filled with Peanuts-themed goodies like stickers, coloring books, and toys. It's a delightful choice for fans of Charlie Brown and his friends, offering a unique and nostalgic Easter experience.

Easter Baskets Ideas For 10 Year Olds
Peanuts Easter Mache Egg Box
  • Stuffed Rabbit Easter Basket

A cuddly twist on the traditional Easter basket stuffers for kids, this option features a plush rabbit surrounded by Easter treats and goodies. It's perfect for boys who appreciate soft and snuggly companions, adding an extra dose of warmth and comfort to their Easter celebration.

  • Squishmallows Easter Basket

Overflowing with adorable Squishmallows plush toys, these filled Easter baskets for kids is a squishy delight for boys. Each cuddly friend brings Easter cheer and comfort, making it the perfect gift for snuggles and smiles this holiday season.

  • Easter LEGO Collection Basket

Designed for budding builders and creative minds, this basket is filled with LEGO sets and building blocks. These are ideal Easter basket ideas for older kids who enjoy constructing and creating, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play and exploration during Easter and beyond.

Childrens Easter Baskets
LEGO Filled Easter Baskets For Kids
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt Basket

Ahoy, matey! These preschool Easter baskets set the stage for an exciting treasure hunt adventure with pirate-themed treasures like gold coins, eye patches, and treasure maps. It's a thrilling choice for boys who love to embark on imaginative quests and seek out hidden treasures.

Ideas for Easter Basket for Kid Girls

Step into a world of enchantment with our Easter baskets for girl kids. Delight in the magic of the season with our curated selection of Easter baskets for kids designed to charm and captivate every young princess and adventurer.

  • Cat Paw Gift Basket

Perfect for cat lovers, this Easter basket for kids includes items like a plush cat toy, customized phone cases, cat ear headband, cat paw T-shirt, cat-themed chocolates, and a cat-themed notebook. It's sure to delight girls who adore feline friends and add a touch of whimsy to their Easter celebration.

Easter Basket For Older Child
Personalized Pawjama With Cat T-shirt in Easter Gift Basket for Kids
  • Funny T-shirt Set

This basket features a set of cute graphic Easter outfits with funny quotes along with colorful hair ties or hair clips, offering girls a playful and stylish Easter gift. It's a fun choice that allows them to express their unique personalities with humor and flair.

Easter Basket For Older Kids
Funny Watch Out Kindergarten T-shirt for Kids Easter Basket
  • Creative Bunny Coloring Set

Bursting with creativity, this set features bunny-themed coloring books, crayons, and stickers, inspiring artistic expression and Easter joy in kids. It's one of delightful Easter baskets for kids for those who love to color and imagine, adding a splash of fun and imagination to girls’ Easter festivities.

  • Small Fur Bunny Basket

Adding a soft and cuddly touch to Easter, this basket includes a small fur bunny surrounded by Easter treats and goodies. It's an adorable gift idea for your daughter who appreciates plush companions, offering comfort and companionship during the holiday season.

  • Colorful Chocolate Egg Basket

Brimming with colorful chocolate eggs, this bag is a sweet and vibrant Easter treat for girls. It's a delicious choice that adds a pop of color and flavor to their Easter celebrations, satisfying their sweet tooth with every bite.

Easter Basket Ideas For College Kids
Colorful Chocolate Easter Egg Basket for Kids
  • DIY Easter Craft Kit Basket

Encouraging creativity and Easter crafts, these kinds of Easter baskets for kids include a variety of craft supplies for Easter-themed projects. These Easter baskets for older kids offer girls the opportunity to unleash their artistic talents and create personalized decorations and gifts for the holiday.

  • Magical Unicorn Cookies Box

This enchanting basket features a box filled with magical unicorn-themed cookies, adding a whimsical touch to Easter treats. It's sure to spark the imagination of girls who love unicorns, providing a delicious and delightful Easter surprise.

  • Pastel-colored Accessories & Jewelry Gift Basket

This elegant basket is filled with pastel-colored accessories and jewelry, offering girls a stylish and sophisticated Easter gift. It's perfect for adding a touch of glamor to their holiday outfits and making them feel special and fashionable.

  • Rabbit Garden Basket

Bursting with gardening tools for kids, flower seeds, a gardening hat, gloves, and a bunny-shaped watering can, these premade Easter baskets for kids are perfect for nurturing a love of gardening in girls. It provides an opportunity for them to engage in outdoor activities and connect with nature during Easter and beyond.

Shop Easter Baskets For Kids
Rabbit Garden Easter Gift Basket for Kids
  • Cute Stuffed Doll Gift Basket

Packed with adorable plush dolls, this basket is a cuddly delight for girls. It's the perfect Easter treat for those who love soft companionship and cozy hugs, bringing joy and comfort with every snuggle.

How to Make A Simple Easter Basket for A Kid?

Crafting a homemade Easter basket for a kid is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the holiday celebration. With just a few simple steps, you can create a delightful Easter surprise that will bring joy to any child's heart.

  • Choose a Basket or Container

Select a basket or container appropriate for the child's age and preferences. You can find them at craft stores, dollar stores, or repurpose something you already have at home.

  • Prepare the Base

Line the bottom of the basket with Easter grass or shredded paper. This will serve as the base for arranging the items in the basket.

  • Add Eggs

Place plastic or real decorated eggs in the Easter baskets for kids. You can fill plastic eggs with small treats like chocolates, jelly beans, stickers, or small toys. If using real eggs, make sure they are hard-boiled and decorated beforehand.

  • Include Candy and Treats

Add Easter-themed candy and treats to the basket. Consider including chocolates, marshmallow chicks, candies in the shape of eggs or bunnies, or any other treats the child enjoys.

Easter Baskets For Kids
Easter Baskets For Kids
  • Add Small Toys or Trinkets

Include small toys or trinkets that the child will enjoy. This could be Easter-themed toys, stickers, bubbles, or any other small gifts that fit the child's interests.

  • Decorate the Basket

Use ribbon, bows, Easter-themed stickers, markers, or paint to decorate the basket. You can add a ribbon around the handle or tie bows to the sides for a festive touch.

  • Personalize (Optional)

If you'd like, you can personalize the basket by adding the child's name or initials with stickers or markers.

  • Arrange and Present

Arrange all the items neatly in the basket, making sure everything is visible and accessible. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, present the Easter basket to the child with joy and excitement.

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids
How to Make Easter Baskets for Kids?

Final Thought

In conclusion, creating a personalized child's Easter basket is not just about filling a basket with treats, but about crafting an experience filled with joy, excitement, and cherished memories. 

Whether they’re Easter baskets for kids tailored to their interests or a DIY creation made with love, these Easter surprises are sure to bring smiles and warmth to children's hearts during this special time of the year. So, embrace your creativity, sprinkle in some Easter magic, and watch as your thoughtful gestures light up their faces with delight. Happy Easter!

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